I was unstoppable! Perfect combination of Mountain Dew and mozzarella, with just the right amount of grease on the joystick.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant, but I would like to watch the second half of the Kansas State-Oregon game in peace.  I feel the need…the need for speed.

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1)       I am sitting here watching the Fiesta Bowl.  VERY impressed by Kansas State thus far.  The key to a win?  Slow down the game and keep Oregon off the field.  After a disastrous return to start the game and then one game breaking reception, they were quickly down 15-0 (did you expect Chip Kelly to just kick all extra points-the guy has defensive A.D.D.).  BUT, they kept to their plan, unlike Florida last night against Louisville, and kept playing their game.  Interestingly, they have noticed that Oregon is sending five guys, leaving the middle of the field open.  They are passing a little more than usual.  Basically, they took the first punch and are down 15-10.  Turn the game back on if you already turned it off.  Will Oregon still win?  Probably.  But, at least it looks like they might give them a run.

2)      Bad news for Notre Dame.  Center Barrett Jones will play.  That is one guy who might turn away a couple Te’o sacks.

3)      Chip Kelly just called a fake punt, and Kansas State was all over it.  Chance to take the lead now.  Take THAT, Chip.  This ain’t a Pac-12 team, guy.

4)      In the category of records no one really cares about, Peyton Manning just tied the record for player of the month awards.  Good job, and I am sure THAT trophy will go to the top of the heap at the Manning household.

5)      My gym is busier, but not crazy.  I will let the 10-20 new faces get their two weeks out of the way, pat them on the back, and say see you next year.  Nice try.

6)      Here is another useless record to tell your friends.  Ravens Joe Flacco is the FIRST QB in HISTORY to take his NFL team to the playoffs in his first 5 years.  Book it.

6a)  Oregon just scored in 40 seconds or so to end the half.  Maybe we ARE close to turning off this game.  We will see.

7)      Hey, Kevin Durant.  I am SURE you just said “bad call” in getting kicked out of a game for the first time in your career the other night.

8)      Where’s Waldo and where is Rex Ryan?  Breaking the media rule of speaking to the media within the first seven days after a season, it was found out that he was in the Bahamas.  Yeah, he cares about the season he just had.

9)      Andy Reid apparently will be the head coach for the Chiefs it is rumored.  Kind of a quick trigger finger, Andy.  Of ALL of the out of work coaches, I thought you would get the pick of the litter.  I would have held out a bit.  But, I am just sitting here on my couch taking a 12 hour break from selling software.  Do what you have to do.

10)  The NHLPA DOESN’T file a disclaimer.  I don’t know what that means, and don’t really care.  You are on your own.

11)  I don’t understand why good college football teams can’t save ONE freaking roster spot for a badass kicker.  Seriously?  How come all of these top recruiting classes teams have crappy kickers?  Confused.

12)  Thanks to my buddy, Scott.  Since I am in overload actually OWNING all of the Seinfelds, and I am trying to catch Lindsey up somewhat against her will, he texted me he watched the Frogger episode last night, and therefore I went with that one.  Get well, get well soon (sung).  If you never have seen it, George finds out his record still stands from high school in a closing pizza place, buys the game to keep his glory, and then must figure out how to transport it without unplugging it.

13)  Does anyone else read magazines backwards?  I read ALL magazines backwards and love it.

14)  Speaking of backwards, there is a great article in the Mag this month (on the last page) about the #1 prep QB coming out of HS and committing to Penn State BEFORE the sanctions came down.  He is still going there.  That is awesome.  Great story (and another example how UVA can’t even get kids literally right down the road from them anymore).  Of course, Bill O’Brien swung him that way, and 10 to 1 says that if O’Brien goes to the NFL, NO ONE should belittle the kid for changing his mind.  http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/8767265/prep-star-quarterback-christian-hackenberg-backing-committment-penn-state-espn-magazine

15)  Read the whole Mag, by the way, if you would like to know what big names are coming down the pike.  The “NEXT” issue.  This is the same issue that has had kids like OJ Mayo, Michelle Wie, LeBron James, etc. in it way back when.

16)  Go get those Glade non plug in scent things.  My apartment suddenly doesn’t smell like my size 14 feet.

17)  If I told you that Jose Canseco’s New Year’s resolutions were listed somewhere, would you read it?  Of COURSE you would.  http://www.buzzfeed.com/jpmoore/jos-cansecos-insane-new-years-resolutions

18)  Ray Lewis will retire after the season.  It really doesn’t matter how you dice it.  He is one of the best to EVER put on pads.  AND, he has singlehandedly allowed Trent Dilfer to be a little cocky as an analyst over the years since he has a ring all DUE to Ray.

19)  Airport “fees” crack me up.  My client switched the day of our presentation next week.  I had to change simply a flight from Denver to Kansas City.  Not a big deal, right?  Frontier let me just find another flight.  No fees.  United?  For a $54 flight, I could switch it, but I would have two independent penalty fees totaling $261.  So, I asked if I could just book the new flight and go absentee on the other one, totaling $54.  The guy was like, “umm.  Yeah.  I guess you could.”  Fix your system, United.

20)  Charlie Strong, the Louisville football coach, used to coach at Florida.  Aside from literally SCHOOLING Florida last night in pretty much every part of the game, I found THIS interesting.  You think Strong has Florida HS recruiting ties still?  Ummm.  Yeah.  Strong has THIRTY FOUR kids on his roster from the state of Florida.  That is amazing for a school from Kentucky.

21)  If you didn’t know who Teddy Bridgewater was before the game, he actually was a big time recruit before deciding on Louisville.  LSU pissed him off during the process by asking him to move his visit to another weekend as they were having another QB in town.  He got offended, and now he is not only prepping for next year when Louisville will be SCARY, but also making pro scouts start to salivate at this point.

22)  Bountygate suspect Gregg Williams and his son were asked to not come back to the Rams next year.  Dude, and son.  Just step away for a year or two.  Go coach a directional college or something.  We need another year for that silly and abrasive head and body locker room speech to dissipate from our minds.

23)  A.P. wants to play special teams.  NOT a kick returner.  He apparently feels that he will make blocking field goals from the end look easy since he is so strong and fast.  Can’t you bask in your 2,000 yards rushing AND upcoming playoff game for a FEW DAYS???  Come on.  You will have plenty of floor to speak on if you beat Peyton for MVP.

24)  I thought it was kind of funny and an example of how cool of customer this kid is when RGIII surprised Mike Shanahan during his coaches press conference by sneaking in, grabbing a mic, and asking a question from the floor.  Smooth.

25)  Tebow can’t even get playing time at a sporting goods store mannequin display.  http://www.latimes.com/sports/sportsnow/la-sp-sn-tim-tebow-benched-20130103,0,5431537.story

26)  Ex NBAer Latrell Sprewell was arrested for loud music on NYE.  I guess the 3 year contract for $21 million he turned down COULDN’T “feed his family,” but that he still had enough money in the bank from being overpaid for years to afford a nice stereo system.

27)  The sister of Greg Jennings evidently went to town on Aaron Rodgers on Twitter, saying among other things, that Aaron doesn’t throw to him enough.  Hey, sis.  Can you wait until he actually gets out ON the field to blast Twitter crap?

28)  The Browns want Chip Kelly I hear.  The poor Browns.  If only someone wanted THEM.

29)  After being thrown down the steps by her hubby, the wife of ex-MLBer Andruw Jones filed for divorce.  Sounds about right.  Maybe when he thought all of the MVP’s he didn’t win when being the #1 prospect in years, he thought it stood for Most Violent Person.

30)  TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Useless stat alert you might have missed.  Who  is Johnny Hekker?  He is the rookie punter for the St. Louis Rams.  What stat can he claim?  He had more passing yards than Tim Tebow this season.  Off of a couple fakes, he had 42 yards passing to Tebow’s 39.  NICE.

31)  AT&T might not be the best out there, but I LOVE their new commercials about bigger, faster, more thing with the funny guy sitting at the table talking to the 4 kids.  You know.  “Tape a cheetah to her back.”  “Hold on, I am watching this.”  Funny stuff.

32)  David Beckham evidently might spread his market to China.  Why not?  He already proved he was one of the best in THE soccer haven of Europe.  Then, he came to the USA, and built that up and got a championship.  At 37, his skills will go down a little, but he still has a good year or two to make some serious loot in China.  Go ahead, bro.

33)  That is it.  Second half of the football game just started.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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