I want 2007 back.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Old format (working 65 hours a week I sometimes have time to organize my thoughts…and sometimes I don’t).  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)      Mariners Felix Hernandez got his 100th win the other day.  I am glad he likes Seattle and hope he is happy there.  I am not.  I would LOVE to see him play on a contender someday still in his prime.   Think about this.  He is 27 years old and has been one of the best pitchers for a number of years.  He just now got his 100th win, dropping 78 on a bad team.  He has a stellar 2.02 ERA this year, has a astonishing 1.01 WHIP, and STILL is only 2-2 for the year.  That is sad.  Him and his career 3.19 ERA needs to go elsewhere, and it is a shame he can’t.

2)      Pacers Paul George received the most improved player award.  Solid, and good call.  It amazes me that the reason he became relevant was because he had to replace the All Star Danny Granger in the lineup.  I think that if Danny can get healthy and prove to other teams he can still play, that the Pacers should look into trades to get something for him, since it seems as though that position is in very good hands with Paul George now.

3)      Useless stat to tell your friends.  Ex-catchers make the best MLB managers.  Not only are they at a 40% clip of being hired these days, but ALL FOUR teams in the LCS last year were managed by guys who did their MLB time as catchers.  Wow.

4)      The only thing worse than JR Smith taking crazy shots is that they go in.  His two at the end of the first half last night were ridiculous.

5)      I am still pulling for Boston in the Knicks series, but this thing might be done.  They have guys who have been there, sure, but I think THOSE guys even know that they needed to steal one of the New York games for this to be real.  Who is the team playing in place of the Celtics in the second half of both games, by the way?  I don’t recognize them and they suck.

6)      Brickleberry is coming back…we think.  I looked around on the internet last night and THINK it is, but very ambiguous messaging existed.  I so hope it is.

7)      The Cavs made it official with Mike Brown.  A $20 million reunion.  Kyrie just needs a running mate and that team could be decent.  Plus, they are in the East, meaning they are in the playoff mix even if under .500.

8)      Outlook 2010 is too busy for my tastes.  I am sure it does a lot of cool stuff, but when I need to Google how to put in a signature, it is not good.

9)      After months of deliberation, they finally named the upcoming college football playoff.  I was excited.  What did they come up with?  I am all ears.  Pumped.  And…I found out it is “College Football Playoff.”  I hear they were splitting the atom in those brainstorming sessions also.  I guess the good news is that there is no random, long sponsor name before it…yet.

10)   The Bobcats fired Mike Dunlap as their coach.  Way to have some patience, MJ.  Why don’t YOU coach the team next year.  Let’s see if YOU can do better with this stellar lineup you gave him?


11)   Metta World Peace supports Kobe’s in game tweets…which means it is DEFINITELY wrong to do.

12)   It was a good effort by the Bucks in the game vs. the Heat.  Everyone just sat there and waited for the 12-0 run, which happened in the early fourth quarter.

13)   Marc Gasol won Defensive Player of the Year in the NBA.  Don’t know him, you non basketball fans?  Probably not.  I am proud that they named a guy who is not a household name, and who isn’t an incumbent.  Let’s just say this.  Him being third in the league in defensive rating probably won it for him (points scored by other team every 100 possessions while player is on floor).  It surely wasn’t his individual stats.  Also, voters, when are you going to recognize that small guys play defense too.  How do Tony Allen, LeBron James, and Chris Paul not get a sniff?  You all really like the big guys I guess.

14)   Finally, don’t sweat it, Nugs.  The stars were aligned, and the Warriors couldn’t miss.  They made crazy shots, long shots, short shots, and contested shots…all for plus 60% for the game.  It was like a Villanova-Georgetown reenactment.  You guys are in for a longer series than planned obviously, but without David Lee, they can’t beat you in 7.

15)   That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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