I think that I would like to write a “manifesto.” It sounds fun. Who’s in?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  20 minute work break/ sanity check.  I feel the need…the need for speed.

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1)       HERE we go.  Great.  Andy Reid’s son worked with the Eagles trainers.  What was found in his room after his death in investigations?  Yup.  Steroids.  Great.

2)      Duke is the new #1 college basketball team.  With youngest Plumlee brother, Marshall, suiting up, you could say they might stay there for a while.  With conference play about to begin, and seeing a couple obvious flaws on their squad, I say let’s let the round robin at the top spot begin.  You usually have about 5 teams who can win it all.  This year, there are about 10-12.

3)      Jim Boeheim gets his 900th win.  Congrats on the win, and yes, the Newtown tragedy is a totally disgusting event, but I lost respect for you when you used the microphone for that sports milestone to talk about gun control.

4)      The Jays and Mets agree to the RA Dickey deal.  I feel like this trade has been posted for a week.  We got it.  He is going to Toronto.

5)      I have neglected to look at my fantasy football consolation rounds.  I have a feeling that I am raking though, now that the season is over.

6)      My new fix on Eleanor is simply putting top grade gasoline in her, per my last mechanic.  That would have been nice to know about $2,000 ago.

7)      I am still scared of my new phone.  I have figured out what I need for its duration.  Email, texts, voicemail, ESPN, and alarm clock.  Good to go.

8)      I am still saving my Kenny Mayne-Viagra hook until I have an evening-not on the clock-enjoying a drink rant.

9)      Josh Brent surprised everyone by attending the Cowboys game over the weekend.  Evidently, he will not be surprising them again as he is now banned.

10)   Impressive.  They haven’t even gotten waxed by Bama, and two Notre Dame linemen have pledged they will be back next season.  Maybe ND IS here to hang around at the top again on a long term basis.  Stay away from those Big 6 Conferences, guys.

11)   Interestingly enough, Chip Kelly from Oregon is the ONLY never married coach in any Big 6 conference.  Tell your friends, and tell your friends who want college head coaching jobs to tie the knot soon.

12)   Butler is apparently not interested in joining the Catholic 7, as I am calling them, as of yet.  Who would?  Conference landscape is like Colorado weather.  Don’t like it?  Wait five minutes.

13)   RGIII just broke the single season record for jersey sales.  He broke the record of the two years that Brett Favre had logged into the books.  That is fine.  I was MORE scared when I first read it that Brett Favre was still in the top 3 of jersey sales.  Clarified.

14)   If someone watched the horrible Jets/ Titans MNF game, please feel free to email me your thoughts on each play.  Not only did I not watch it, no one at work in a three cubicle diameter watched it either.  I caught one series, and that happened to be the one where they played Tebow every play.  I took that as a sign to turn off the TV immediately.

15)   Someone asked me why I am not more nervous about the Steelers playoff chances.  We control our own destiny.  You can’t get any better than that.  Sure, we might get the Pats’ crib, but it was no easy path on our last two trips either.  To be the best, you sometimes have to beat the best.

16)   This is horrible.  This is absolutely horrible.  For you guys, please feel free to read the headline and “x” out of it.  I am not offended.  Actually, I think I did myself more harm than good BY reading the damn thing.  Anyway, this is not pretty.  Only click if you are mentally prepared, and then DON’T read it if you think if might be as graphic as you are worried it might be.  http://www.yardbarker.com/author/article_external/12458515?mailing_id=2059&linksrc=mb_main_col_10

17)   Russian fans in a town have created a “manifesto” (those things still exist?) that says they all want all white, non-gay players on their soccer team.  I won’t bring politics or our country’s past with you into this.  I will just keep it simple.  You all are pretty much idiots.

18)   OKC shot blocker had 25 points and 17 rebounds last night in a win.  Hold the phone.  He is just supposed to block shots and they have a championship run in them.  If he starts doing THAT, then they will be pulling Moses Malone shit fo’fo’ fo’   http://fo-fo-fo.com/

19)   I saw a commercial on the TV for Killer Karaoke.  We are officially out of ideas, although I still might have a couple drinks and admittedly check it out some time.  Or try to get on the show.  I would destroy that.

20)   Think most of the power is over in the NBA Western Conference?  Shhh.  The Clippers have quietly won ten straight right after the Thunder did it.

21)   Tim Tebow attempted one pass last night, which fell incomplete.  Mark Sanchez played the rest of the game.  Tebow’s QBR was 4 points higher than Sanchez.  Tell your friends.

22)   We had a partner come in with information and pizza today.  I ate 7 slices of pizza.  The information was ok also.  There are few things better in life than free pizza…and good information of course.

23)   Trent Richardson.  Be quiet.  You had 11 rushes for 28 yards Sunday.  I am sure you can do the math yourself, but let’s DO that math before throwing your coach under the bus with the media.

24)   Lindsey made chicken wrapped in bacon last night for dinner.  If you can find one thing wrong with that, than we come from WAY different paradigms.

25)   I mentioned this chick a couple months ago in this rant.  In case you forgot, and never mind how the topic came up today at work, THIS is an MMA fighter signed with UFC.  True.  Ronda Rousey. Tell your friends.  This was in ESPN, so I am ALLOWED to show this photo.


26)   That is it.  Back to work.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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