I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  On a 3 hour flight to DC.  Old format.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Blood in the water.  Memphis took down OKC last night and you get the feeling we know the end of the story.  The Westbrook absence just KILLS OKC, and OKC executives are having nightmares about trading James Harden away.

2)      The Pacers took down the Knicks last night.  I feel like I already KNEW the ending of this story about a week ago.  I get it, people.  The Knicks are a big name and they have some chucker named Melo that everyone knows who was drafted after LeBron.  But the Pacers are BETTER.  They are balanced, they share the ball, they have players that play both ways, and no obvious weaknesses.  They are stellar now, and think about the fact they lost an All Star to injury, Danny Granger.  They could beat the Heat.  Their matchups would be better than most clubs, and their interior height makes them better than the Heat in there.

3)      The Players final round  is today.  Normally I would be all into it as Tiger is in the mix.  I am traveling to DC, though on a non work day.  Even though I have seen the monuments a million times since that seemed to be the trendy field trip back in my Jersey grade school, seeing Mr. Lincoln on a Sunday afternoon is a lot more solid than watching a semi major on TV in a hotel.

4)      I laughed yesterday before the games began.  I saw the headline that JR Smith was “questionable.”  Yes, we know.  VERY.

5)      Serena and Sharapova are close in the #1 race.  I will take Sharapova in this one simply because of her “audio prowess.”  Serena will probably have already won by the time my flight lands.

6)      I get the feeling that Clayyton Kershaw and/or Adam Wainwright are about 5 starts or so away from a no hitter.  Just have a feeling.

7)      I have a hard enough time understanding why people “watch” a marathon, as once a runner goes by, they are gone.  I have a harder time understanding  how people would “watch” the America’s Cup.  Do they see ANYTHING?

8)      Steelers DB Jack Butler died this week.  That is sad, but he was 85, so he had a long life.  Did I know about him?  Not really.  But, after crunching some numbers, I am thinking he was in the ballpark of that era with those HORRIBLE uniforms.

9)      Prince Harry serenaded Miss Franklin.  It was on my list.  Maybe he did the breaststroke.

10)   A shout out to my boy, Kyle.  He has a family and lives down in the suburbs of Denver.  He “gets me” more than pretty much anyone else I have met even with our limited interaction these days.  I found out I will see him for the first time in two weeks at our buddy’s annual Memorial Day crawfish party.  Not only now do I have a Polish Horseshoes (throwing Frisbee at beer bottle on pole 40 feet away, with other team able to catch it to eliminate the point) partner, but we ended the text exchange with the Iverson “practice” rant.  By the way, it NEVER gets old.  Ever.


11)   Happy Mother’s Day, mom.  You are truly the best, and I am sorry it took me into my 30’s to realize that.

12)   Having a 705am flight is not fun.  Having that flight after a nightcap that was three shots too long is horrible.  The decision was to sleep or blog on this flight.  Luckily, I am too tall to fully appreciate sleeping in the coach section, and I can sleep when I am dead.  Plus, what good is it to land in that historic city and then sit at my computer and get NOT all this shit off my chest.

13)   I KNOW I was groggy today when arriving at the airport.  I haven’t fallen for buying the USA Today weekend edition on a SUNDAY in a long time.  That is like…SOMETHING (Seinfeld reference).

14)   The Pens won last night in overtime to advance to the next round.  They got their wakeup call, they won with a backup goalie, Crosby is getting healitheir, and I still think it is the Pens over the Sharks in the Finals in 6 games.

15)   I am OVER people complaining about the Redskins name.  Names of teams were invented well before sensitivity came about.  If the Steelers changed their name, I would lose it.  Leave the name alone, because I can’t imagine people in DC saying “who do the “tails” play this week.

16)   I think I officially like the new bar that opened within a stone’s throw away from my apartment.  The Cantina.  11th and Lincoln.  If you are local, check it out.  Eight places have failed there in the last two years, but I have a good feeling about this one.

17)   Fantastic.  I opened the Friday weekend edition of the USA Today, and not only was I mad at falling for buying it two days later, but there was a fancy article in it about how the Phillies window of winning a championship might be done.  Outstanding.

18)   Vinny Testaverde was inducted into the college Hall of Fame this week.  Miami stud, and I still look around and think that the dude is a backup for someone somewhere in the NFL.

19)   My jog on Thursday for some reason made me realize how much I actually hate jogging.  It wasn’t raining, and I think I went one block too far before turning around.  Gonna Fly Now got me home, but I did not have a good time.

20)   Manny Pacuqiao will fight in China November 23rd.  Good luck, Manny.  No one cares.  Floyd is taking on stud Saul Alvarez, and you need him to fight you more than he needs you to fight him.

21)   The Dolphins might leave Miami?  How is that possible?  Money, weather, fans.  Confused.  I suddenly feel like watching Ace Ventura.

22)   It is a shame to hear what is going on with KU’s Ben McLemore.  Dude is a stud, will make some NBA team very happy, but hate it that a coach and dad tainted is good name.

23)   Can Tim Tebow get anything from Monster keywords when he types quarterback?

24)   Katrina, I THOUGHT about reading that sales book you gave us…but this is MUCH more fun.

25)   Of all of the funny soccer stories I hear, I am surprised that a ref’s death was actually within the US, and in Utah of all places.

26)   Denver is opening a place called the Bark Bar, which will allow owners to have their dog and drinks.  I am pumped for this, and don’t understand why it took so long.  Now, I just need a dog…

27)   Whatever that saying about bringing a knife to a gun fight says, you can forget it now.

knife gun-Capture

28)   Unlike most bands from the 80’s, Miguel Cabrera is evidently NOT a one hit wonder.  Dude had 6 RBI’s the other day.

29)   Did Stephen Strasburg and the Nats finally WIN a game together?  Stats:

1-5, 3.10 ERA.  Weird.

30)   How famous or popular do you have to be to write “memoirs?”  No, Chris Evert, mine won’t include you, although you WERE kind of hot in the late 70’s, and I KNEW Martina wasn’t interested.

31)   Having Jason Collins speak at the Democratic gala is fancy.  What is the crossover though?  I mean what percentage of people will know anything about sports will know who HE is?  Just saying.  He is unemployed and has played for about 6 teams.

32)   WHY is Sloane Stephens badmouthing Serena Williams?  That should pretty much be her hero, correct?

33)  Yes, one is missing.  Editing.

34)   Mean Joe Greene stepped down as the Steelers scout this week. Dude better not be buying his own beers EVER.  He was a STUD.  It is one thing to be able to say you were on the greatest defense in history arguably.  It is ANOTHER thing to say you were one of that defense’s three best players.

35)   I have to admit it.  Inside Amy Schumer is relatively funny.  She just sits there and talks about how easy she is evidently.  Her boobs are ok.

36)   Does anyone else care about which animal they are on Frontier?  I do.  We are the mooutain goat today.  That is solid.

37)   I think I am sad that Geno Smith went to the Jets.  I actually kind of liked him, and now will be over him through the media before the start of his first season.

38)   I am tired of the “I ate the bones” commercials.  It wasn’t funny the first time, and saturation is NOT helping.

39)   The Phoenix Suns hired a new GM.  They need SOMETHING new.  I remember when they were decent.  Seems like a long time ago.  I forget.  Are they rebuilding, or are they just going to suck for another ten years?

40)   Tosh joins the Bad Boys.  No, it is not about him joining the ’89 Pistons.


41)   The only thing that sucks about Titas Young being arrested twice in one day is that he is not free anymore, and therefore can’t entertain us.  I am still mulling over his candidacy for the Rant Squad.

42)   I love flying to DCA.  The fact that it is so local and close to everything further befuddles me about why Denver’s airpot  is so far away.

43)   Ronde Barber will retire from the Bucs.  One less player to yell UVA when they do anything right.  Come to think of it, outside of Heath Miller, I can’t figure out ONE skill position that is a Wahoo.

44)   Pretty cool tune, and love the name Hedouken.


45)   To get on That’s Incredible back in the day, you had to solve the Rubik’s Cube in less than 30 seconds.  My brother did it in 1:44.  I clocked in at 2:45.  THIS guy adds a little twist to the whole solving thing.


46)   Chris Webber is officially allowed back at Michigan now.   He is thinking of visiting, but he can’t take any “timeout” of his schedule to do so.  Hardy har har.

47)   I can’t decide if I want Tim Tebow to GO somewhere so the speculating articles will end, or if I simply want anything related to Tim Tebow to jump off a very tall bridge.  Just pick him up, Jacksonville.  You all are in denial, and I need a freaking resolution to this damn story.

48)   Phil Jackson is on Twitter.  Well, he is TRYING to be on Twitter.


49)   Sucks about the sailer who died in a capsizing in San Fran Bay.  I can’t imagine dying in the water that I love.  It might happen, but up to this point, I am literally more comfortable in the water than on land.

50)   We are 30 days away from the Dr. J movie being released.  Smooth before there WAS smooth.

51)   The people in Seattle who have raised the bid to $625 mil for the Kings obviously have not Googled DaMarcus Cousins.

52)   I mentioned Woodstock ’94 the other day.  What a blast.  I witnessed the best of new and old rock, and the mixed crowd was incredible.  There was no Green Day or Nine Inch Nails before that show, and I could walk 500 feet either way to catch the Allman Brothers or Salt and Pepa.  Kind of odd that Dave, WSP, OR Phish weren’t there.  We paid $100 to get transportation there and back, and all we had to do was sell programs.  Jeff and I actually tried the first day before things got a little crazy.  By the next morning, we realized that we had been given no “quota,” and that we could just say we were shitty sales people.  I remember accidentally ending up back stage and passing Steven Tyler and saying “what’s up, Steve?” like we were boys.  Good times.

53)   I looked at the MLB standings the other day.  What odd similarity among the division leaders, with no one really separating themselves from the pack.  13,13,13,13,12,14.  What are those numbers?  The number of losses for each division leader.

54)   Miguel Cabrera is projected to hit 187 RBI’s this year.  That is ridiculous, and the first non steroid player to even be within a breath of Hack Wilson’s pace back in the day.  I still think that record won’t be touched for a very long time.

55)   Is Virginia’s men’s lacrosse team not even IN the freaking tournament?  What gives?

56)   Yes, I just read through the women’s water polo rankings (long flight).  Every team is warm weather except for Princeton, Michigan, and Indiana.  That makes sense.  The team at 24 is REALLY what has me vexed.  Where the hell is Hartwick?

57)   I was running late to the airport this morning when I realized I forgot my hat.  I am religious about hats, and this will be a long week without it.  Luckily, I had my Widespread Panic hat in the car since I didn’t have time to turn around.  Note to self.  Put ONE of the 30 Steelers hats that mom bought me in times of need I have around my apartment in my car.

58)   Baby crying.  Ugghhh.

58a)  Dan, it was a pleasure sitting next to you on the plane.  Enjoy you week in DC, and hopefully I see you sometime in Denver…NOT for the wrong reasons.

59)   That is it.  Lots of time to hit any hooks I missed this week.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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