I never been in no cell that had a phone in it. Can I stay for a while, ’cause I ordered some pizza.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock (since I didn’t even think I would write one today).  Let’s do a couple hooks to complete my evening.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       I was wrong.  I didn’t think Jason Dufner had a chance going into Sunday.  I went on the record with something like “doesn’t have a chance.”  Whoops.  I have to say.  I was more than impressed while sticking my foot in my mouth watching him drop shot after shot on the fairways and greens.  He got himself out of trouble a couple of times taking the smart, safe way.  He laid up a couple times when a classic mistake could have happened, and basically played like…he had already won a couple Majors already in his career.  He doesn’t LOOK like a Major winner, but all of that studying Ben Hogan certainly paid off.  Whereas Phil Mickelson celebrates his Major wins with literally tears and heartwarming hugs with his wife and kids, cool Jason Dufner just grabs his woman’s ass on the way off 18.

2)      All jokes aside, winning a Major IS winning a Major.  Nice job, kid.  You went from the kid always in the top 5 JUST after the first round to on the LIST.

3)      A-Rod and Bill Romanowski evidently met with Conte back in 2012.  Hey, A-Rod.  We don’t care if this meeting was clean.  I have you now hanging with Bosch, Conte, and Mr. Romanowski.  If it walks, sounds, and looks like a duck, it usually is a duck.  Or however the cliché goes.  You know I suck at clichés.

4)      One of my golf fan friends golfed yesterday.  I don’t understand this concept.  During the NCAA Championship game, the LAST thing on my mind is organizing a pickup basketball game down the street.  Playing football in a field BEFORE the games start on Thanksgiving?  Good.  Golfing during the PGA?  It doesn’t compute with me.

5)      For the Love of the Game was a flipper for the late holes on the front nine.  Seriously, crack on Kevin Costner all you want, and I know I have said this before, but For the Love of the Game gives you a combo chick flick/ sports movie you can’t lose with.  When is your next movie at home night with your partner?  Do it up.

6)      Good hire, 76ers, who have picked up Brett Brown for their new coach.  Who is he, you ask?  All you know is that he has been taking notes from Greg Popovich for the last seven years on the Spurs bench.  You can’t go wrong with that bloodline.

7)      I love writing this thing, and I am guilty of assuming wrongly that everyone reads it.  I am sorry for the people who have asked me a sports question in public or at work, and I say “my opinion is in yesterday’s blog.”  I will work on that.  That is kind of aloof sounding.

8)      Bolt wins, Gaitlin 2nd.  So…nothing really has changed in the track and field sprint world.  Sweet.  I suppose at this point that Bolt is going to do one more Olympics and go out in truly legendary fashion.  I think he should try and learn the long jump and sing the national anthem really bad to REALLY get to that point.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kU9XwcOIfI

9)      When I was looking for other flippers for golf, I alarmingly found Raiders of the Lost Ark and Book of Eli.  Hey, TV, I need crappy movies to FLIP between golf, not high quality all timers.  Give me Ace Ventura and Rocky IV.   Forrest Gump was also a flipper over the weekend.  I just wait until the running scene, which means I watch a lot of it before too.  Forrest Gump is gangsta.

10)   Yes, Book of Eli is good, with a surprise at the end.  And Raiders…well, is Raiders.  Geez.  17,000 stars.

11)   Lindsey should know better.  She has control of the TV since I am blogging and just turned on The Colbert Report.  How am I going to do a quick blog NOW?  Ahhh.  Maybe it is just to get me to stop writing.  Let’s do a few more and call it.

12)   I don’t that much about FSU’s Jameis Winston, but since his calling card now is “Manziel Disease,” I like him.

13)   Lindsey just changed the channel to Snapped.  We can move on now again with hooks.

14)   Speaking of Johnny Idiot, there are now two more autograph signings that we are aware of.  His actions hurt himself.  His actions hurt Texas A&M.  Forget both of those.  He is making future freshman have pretty much an impossible tasks of winning the Heisman in future years.  Giving that thing to a freshman for the first time?  Maybe THAT wasn’t the smartest thing to do overall.

15)   Strasburg had a complete game?  K’s 10?  A glimpse of how he is supposed to roll.  Must have finally gotten some run support too.  I don’t have time to look up stats on this.

16)   Stop your fights with house mats, Kevin Kolb.  Otherwise, Bills rookie Eli Manuel will win that job, and you will ONCE again be a backup.  I know that is what you want.

17)   Shhhh.  Just in case you think that Serena might be taking a downturn, she won this week.  I think she needed this win as we progress into the final tennis Slam.  Nadal won too.  I am getting a little excited for the US Open.  I admit it.  It will be nice to watch tennis at normal times of day.

18)   I subconsciously paid attention to NASCAR when Tony Stewart was not hurt.  NOW, what I am watching the headlines for?  Danica sucks, and Stewart is out.  The sport is not really giving itself a chance on my “like” list.  Turning right would of course help.

19)   Mariano Rivera blew his third straight save this weekend.  Dude needs to suck it up.  Just be decent, and no damage on your legend will occur.

20)   Dexter was solid, and True Blood was not overwhelming.  I just wanted to laugh at myself rating two shows I never had watched before moving in with Lindsey.  Guilty by association.

21)   Kevin Durant scored 63 in a pro am if you are curious if HE has lost any skills.  You can crack on the competition of course, but scoring 63 in ANY game is pretty badass.

22)   A few too many Guiness drafts.  Lee Westwood got exposure for sending out derogatory tweets at 4:11am in the morning after losing yet another Major.  We all like Lee.  Seriously.  Let’s just say this is yet another reason why I don’t have Twitter on my phone.  When I turn on my computer after a few pops, it still registers I am on my PC.  More engrained to not say something too stupid on FB or Twitter.

23)   Ok.  This is not clear the list tonight.  Let’s leave some things for tomorrow afternoon.  Trout, Charles, Texas, RGIII, LeBron (sorry, Logan), Darvish, Rolle, and any new stories can wait until tomorrow.  That is it.  Hope you enjoyed, and I always appreciate your readership (which has skyrocketed again the last two days).  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

24)   I probably WILL blog tomorrow.  I tried NOT to blog today.

25)   AND big news.  Lindsey is on call and just called a client who had AXEL F as their ring tone.  Why is this important?  Not only do I get sucked into the first Beverly Hills Cop every time it is on TV, not only do I love that song passionately, but it just NOW, last minute, trumped Forrest Gump and Raiders of the Lost Ark as my blog theme.  Boom goes the dynamite.

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