I mean, come on. If you mention them, you HAVE to make it your theme, right?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  Not a speed version.  Day rant.  Nowhere to go.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  To say I have “things to get off my chest” is a HUGE understatement today.  The list is long, folks.  Saddle up, or just read this thing in daily phases.  Got that feeling today.

2)      I told someone Friday “I would write my best one ever” this weekend.  I can’t guarantee that.  It is not like I have ONE subject that I am excited to cover.  Like Forrest Gump just ran, I just write.  What comes out of it is anyone’s guess.  I am camped out in front of the morning Flyers game, Lindsey is doing a 5K somewhere in town, and I have NO plans.

2a)  How glorious it is to be able to wake up on a Sunday morning and watch playoff hockey.

3)      I think instead of the headline saying “freak injury for Brewers Segura,” it SHOULD have just said “Ryan Braun hits teammate with bat.”  We would assume Braun did something wrong and just hate him more.

4)      Yes, urine tester, I KNOW you are the president of THAT club.  Just put me on the panel, ok?

5)      The Flyers have had two power plays already in the first ten minutes, and I didn’t see any set up that looked like a power play.  Well, the second one wasn’t bad.  The first one didn’t have ANY shots.  Come on, boys.

6)      UCLA’s Jordan Adams will enter the NBA draft after all.  This is horrible news for UCLA fans, including Bob.  They are now losing Anderson, Levine, and Adams.  Of these three, I would say Anderson knows what he is doing, Levine obviously doesn’t care WHERE in the draft he will go, and Adams doesn’t understand that his stock would go WAY up if he hung around for a year without Anderson and Levine around.  Pad your stats, dummy.

7)      Megatron says he has found a loophole in the new no dunking celebration NFL rules.  He won’t touch the goal post when he dunks.  I guess it is nice to be the SICK athlete he is that he can DO this, and I guess it is smart to announce it so a ref doesn’t think you are ignoring the rule.

8)      Garza told Samardzija to “pitch his way out of Chicago.”  I don’t know.  I think I would stick around.  They know what they are doing finally over there and have prospects galore.  I say stick it out in a great town with great fans and a winning GM.

9)      Jones won his UFC bout last night, but it went the distance, he had a close bout in September, and is it my imagination, or was he previously just kicking the shit out of people and now they the guys are sticking with him more?

10)   Sorry about missing yesterday.  Spontaneous invite to a lake for Lindsey and I to go jet skiing.  It is in my personal bylaws to never say no to jet skiing if possible.  Thanks to Dustin and Shauna for not only buying jet skis, but also being our friends.  Bonus.  Those two are AWESOME to hang with.

11)   So let me get this straight.  Bryce Harper gets benched for not hustling to first.  Then, he comes back.  He then slides headfirst I suppose to show his hustle and motivation.  Then he gets hurt ON that slide and goes to the DL.  I need a flowchart.  I had a clown joke, but I lost it.

12)   People.  If you are not reading my co-blogger’s stuff, you are missing out.  Dude is fantastic.  Someday we will actually meet.  I need to find an excuse to go to Savannah.  I like Georgia.  I THINK that is where he is stationed.

13)   The funny thing about Donald Sterling’s racist comments is that we all already thought he was an idiot owner.  We just didn’t know he was a racist idiot also.  Odd choice of ownership choices of picking a basketball team if you are going to roll like that.

14)   I am not surprised that the NAACP is pulling the lifetime achievement award they were going to give him.  I AM surprised that he fooled enough people to even be in LINE for an award.

15)   I never thought I would write this.  Ever.  “Baron Davis was right and we were blind.”

16)   I don’t have any new school sound system in my Jeep.  I have old school radio, and the CD and tape player don’t work.  Listen to the ridiculous songs I heard today dropping off Lindsey about 30 minutes away.  I almost just decided to drive around all day and not come home.  Fool in the Rain (Zeppelin), Under Pressure (Queen/ Bowie), Photograph (Def Leppard), All Along the Watchtower (Hendrix), Narcissistic Cannibal (Korn), Rebel Yell (Idol).

17)   Speaking of Korn, Narcissistic Cannibal is my new RUN INTO THE WALL workout song.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUOlc_j4rMA&feature=kp

18)   Hello, ESPN Mag.  I am interested in sports in other countries, but can you not make the ENTIRE magazine on a country.  I made it through most of Cuba, but only some of China.  If you didn’t have an ad on every other page, I might be less irritated.

19)   I have a friend who will go nameless.  He pissed himself asleep on the floor, woke up, put his swim trunks on, and then crawled into bed with his girlfriend.  I laughed again writing that.  The cognizance to put on swim trunks and the reason behind it is absolutely fantastic.

20)   I might just be speaking for basketball junkies, but we are ALL curious on the college decision of Myles Turner.  My brackets next year are already curious about this finality.

21)   I think the Nets will still take the series with the Raptors.  That being said, if South Jersey people go to Philly teams, and North Jersey people go to New York teams, and if people from Canada really don’t care too much, WHO exactly is watching this series?

22)   KG talked about the Nets fans.  Kevin, those are people are trying to figure out why they live in Central Jersey.  They are trying their best.

23)   Flipping between the OT OKC-Griz game and the OT Wild-Avs game last night was very confusing and tense.  I need two TV’s.  Of course, and per Gabe’s blog, I missed the winning hockey goal.

24)   I did not know that spraying a goalie was ok, but spraying in his FACE was not.  I admit my faults.  News to me.

25)   Maybe you know about the Wizards.  Maybe you don’t know about the Wizards but figure the reason for that is they suck.  Maybe you don’t know anything.  But, THIS link is like the funniest shit I read this week.  The references are non stop (you will actually understand anything if you have not followed the team for the last twenty years-just a heads up-“Kenny Green ONE pick before Karl Malone”).  http://grantland.com/features/nba-playoffs-2014-33-burning-questions-from-round-1/

26)   Holy shit.  I am on hook #24 and I haven’t even gotten to the full double sided sheet of paper.  And I even skip stuff.  I am not writing about “Audi Quattro” and “confusion about Verizon guy” because I am not sure where I was going on those things.  The Quattro is a nice car though.  And I have Verizon for my phone.




27)   The guy who does Stephen A Smith on SNL is SO on point.  “Dear friend.”  Awesome.

28)   I may or may not have started a dumb fight with Lindsey on Saturday night about her never have seeing the movie Lethal Weapon.  At least it becomes clear to me why she rolls her eyes when I leave somewhere and always say “as one shepherd said to the other shepherd, I am going to get the flock out of here.”

28a)  She HAS to see it though, right?

29)   The Pacers are sick.  Sure, they won yesterday, but they still don’t look right.  I think Gabe is right and that they will somehow MAKE it to play the Heat, but think they need some luck.

30)   Has Roy Hibbert suddenly aged to where he is playing as old as Greg Oden LOOKS, or does he suddenly not care?  Someone pinch him and let him know it is the playoffs.

31)   What I DID notice was the Pacers’ defense had more life.  They were flying around a little more, like they actually remembered they are the #1 seed in the playoffs.  How ironic would it be if their #1 goal was to GET home court advantage against the Heat, and not MAKE the series against the Heat?

32)   Listen.  The Bulls don’t have offensive firepower, but they WILL win the series against the Wizards.  Nice by the way that Nene is playing out of his mind, LOSES his mind for a heartbeat, head butts an opposing player, and gets suspended for the most important game of the series.  You HAVE to be the smarter person AND make some shots to win in the NBA playoffs.

33)   Harbaugh says that Kaepernick’s reputation is the victim in this whole hotel thing.  There MIGHT be another victim there, coach.

34)   Rumor is that D’Antoni will be back.  Basically, he is keeping his job because he has the asterisk of “Kobe is not playing” going for him.

35)   I don’t know what offense Scott Brooks runs, but aside from Westbrook and Durant being SICK players, the thing goes nowhere.

36)   Even Lindsey proactively brought up that Russell Westbrook ALWAYS looks angry.

37)   One of the funniest things about watching the OT session was the announcer saying “a jubilant Westbrook.”  That is like saying “a shy and thoughtful Ron Artest.”

38)   The Rangers are up 1-0.  Thus far, there is NO life from the Flyers.

39)   Ah.  Kids these days.  They will find ANYTHING to get a high.  http://kdvr.com/2014/04/25/some-teens-are-applying-lip-balm-to-their-eyelids-but-why/

40)   I am getting SO pumped for the new Godzilla movie.  Damn, I love the sound he makes.

41)   This is just SICK.  LeBron literally stares down MJ right before a breakaway dunk.  MJ is not a player and is old, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to piss him off either.  http://nba.si.com/2014/04/26/lebron-james-michael-jordan-stare-down-dunk-heat-bobcats/

42)   They just showed Jim Carrey with his arm around Spike Lee.  I forgot Spike goes to hockey games too.  Carrey is freaking hilarious.

43)   We were watching the early fights for the Jones fight (which we didn’t rent or go out for unfortunately), and THIS is the perfect flying knee if I have ever seen one.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq32Ey6evNM

44)   Lindsey made steak and potatoes last night.  I don’t know how she does it, and we were out of milk and other ingredients so she said she would “wing it,” but I would venture to call my girl a “chef.”  AWESOME food whenever I request it.  It was incredible.

45)   Gabe, I TOLD you that the Memphis-OKC series would be a fight.  He thought the Griz would fold like a tent.  The Griz are masters at controlling pace, and beating you up inside.  Add in Mike Miller and his rings, and you have a very dangerous team.  Of course, maybe if the Griz lose the series to a #2 seed, they will fire their coach AGAIN.

45a)  Lindsey was not happy to know one of my favorite players in the NBA is Mike Miller.  I had to tell her what he did at Florida.  It still wasn’t good.

46)   I am not sure the Avs SHOULD have been allowed the opportunity to get that goal last night, but one way or the other, that series is a LOT of fun to watch.

47)   I always say that Golden Retrievers look like the happiest dogs on earth.  So, well placed visual in a Celebrex add to show that dog fetching something in water RIGHT during all of the side effects are being listed, including “death.”

48)   I am not sure how I feel that SNL had “Black Jeopardy” on last night, and the white professor’s name on the skit was ‘Mark.”

49)   By the way, DIRECT ripoff of David Chappelle.

50)   The JOS A Bank skit about paper towels was really funny.  Good job, SNL.  And, I wasn’t aware who Sam Smith was, but now I know he is some shy dude who sings soul music shyly, and has a DOPE voice.  He is like a very, very, shy Justin Timberlake who we are deciding if he is cool or not.  I will say his control on his voice is dirty, and maybe better than JT.

51)   When I was watching the OKC-Griz game last night, I noticed Reggie Jackson having…well, how could you NOT have noticed…a great night.  Basketball rules.  Feed the hot hand.  But, I WILL say that Westbrook going down for the playoffs last year possibly was the best gift for the Thunder they could have had.  Jackson suddenly looks like a seasoned, gritty vet.

52)   I bought a drill yesterday.  For those of you who know me, pray for me.  I now own a power tool and have very limited knowledge of how to use it.  Hell, I borrowed Lindsey’s dad’s drill and the first thing I did was drill a hole all the way THROUGH our bathroom door.  Lindsey admired the effort but wasn’t too happy.

52a)  Yes, I know Dewalt and Ryobi are better.  I went to Ace.  They didn’t carry Ryobi and the Dewalt ones were like $180.  Not going there.

53)   The new Samsung phone is out.  S-5 or something.  Water resistant.  All kinds of other toys.  How the HELL is Samsung so far ahead of the pack?  If I even knew how to fully use my Droid, I might do an apples to apples comparison for my next purchase, but I don’t, so that is neither here nor there.  The Samsung phone is HUGE though.  Might as well just buy a tablet if you are getting that thing.  And the watch thing confuses me.  It seems so 1985, even though we didn’t have the technology back then.  It just looks like one of those huge Casio watches.


54)   3-0 Rangers.  Maybe I shouldn’t have planned my day around this game.  But, I have 4 basketball games to come.  Yes.  I will be fine.  AND, this would be a bonus game for Philly.  New York is SUPPOSED to win this game at home.

55)   There is that phrase I think I made up at some point.  Supposed to win.  So silly I am.  Let’s talk like Yoda.

55a)  Rant on I will.

56)   I will never be a wine drinker.  I am a bourbon/ vodka guy.  But IF I was to drink wine, I apparently am a Rose wine drinker.  Not sure if I am supposed to be embarrassed about that or not.  Sounds kind of feminine.

56a)  I found this tidbit out at a Santa Barbara wine tasting with Scott and Emily and multiple wine tastings at the place on Friday across the parking lot.  It is free booze.  I am always in for free booze.

57)   The Flyers look unglued.  They look horrible.  They look like they went out on Broadway last night.

58)   It is official.  I want the new Jeep Cherokee when mine finally dies, which will be a sad day.  The good news is that I waited around long enough for Jeep to realize the ones 2-3 years ago were ugly.  Now I just need that thing people call money.

59)   3-1.  Hope.  The fact that it should be about 5-1 makes me happy.

60)   The Clippers “briefly considered a boycott” due to the Sterling stuff.  We already make fun of the franchise for not making the playoffs/ winning series.  I guess they figured that a boycott would be cool and understandable, but why give us MORE reason for us to make fun of them?

61)   Lindsey and I have cool coincidences happen to us making us know things are meant to be with us.  Lindsey recently found the Billy Joel station on her Sirius radio, asked me yesterday when going to jet ski what would be my favorite Billy Joel song, I pondered it for about 5 minutes and decided Scenes from an Italian Restaurant would take #1, the station actually asked its listeners the same question in between songs, and Scenes came on.  Nice.  That is amazing considering they play ALL Joel songs ALL the time.

61a)  AND, Scenes mentions drinking Rose wine.

62)   The funny thing about that Vince Carter shot is that he says he practices it every day ever since he missed that shot in a key play with the Raptors in the playoffs way back when.  Cool story.  I believe it.

63)   A shout out to Debbie, Lindsey’s mom.  She reads this, likes most of it, and doesn’t like the rest of it because there is “too much basketball.”  Debbie, we are in the playoffs.  You are almost to football, ok?

64)   I would like someone to flow chart the status and ramifications of this whole Northwestern thing, and email me.  I get most of it, but then get bored and miss stuff.  I work too much to fully understand anything except for how much I despise Dwight Howard.

65)   Speaking of the Rockets, I have decided they are a different version of the Phoenix Suns ten years ago.  They are built to MAKE the playoffs, but are not built to WIN the whole thing.  Plus, if I ever see Snowball raise the Larry O’ Brien trophy above his head, I might throw up.

66)   For you new readers, he is Snowball, because one bad answer prompts more questions, which prompts more useless answers…therefore…Snowball.

67)   I don’t think the Wings should hang their head on losing the series to the odds on favorite for the Cup.  The Bruins are better, the Wings are young, and they will be back very soon.

67a)  They HAVE to be.  Joe Louis Arena is like the coolest place on earth.  Been there with Scott.  Good call, bro.

68)   Have I mentioned that I am on record in saying that the Stanley Cup is the HARDEST thing to win in team sports?  I don’t think it is even close.  Maybe NFL or NCAA basketball second.  One relies on home field advantage, and the other relies on an entire season to get you two easier teams in the first two rounds of a lose and you are out 6 game tourney.



69)   Logan, I am making a game time decision on how many pics to put in this rant.  I have a bad feeling I am going to pic it up.

69a)  During edit.  Yes, I put in a lot of pictures.  By the way, if I won the Stanley Cup, I would take it jet skiing.  Or taken it to a dive bar.

70)   I remember when a heavyweight boxing fight stopped my life.  Foreman, Ali, Frazier, Holmes, Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis, etc.  Klitschko won a fight this week and I had no idea he was fighting.  Or which brother.  How times change.

71)   His name would be KILLER on Wheel of Fortune.

72)   I don’t like much of local Denver sports overall in comparison to the East Coast, but dammit.  Tom Nalen is one funny dude.  I would LOVE to have about 8 beers with him.

73)   I think the Heat purposely got the #2 seed, even more evident after benching their big guys in the final games.  They are off the radar.  They are up 3-0 and no one is talking about them.  Amazing.  Either that, or they smelled a fight with the Wizards and bowed out.

74)   Seriously, if the Wizards make the Eastern Conference finals, it will be the Griz story all over again…except we are talking about the East, so that point went literally nowhere.  How is the East so bad aside from the top of the pecking order?  Phoenix is sitting at home right now with 45 plus wins, and losing record Atlanta is having a blast shooting every 3 pointer possible because they meant to be in the lottery.

75)   MJ still looks good.  I look good for my age, and don’t have 6 rings, but hope to look as good as him when I am 50.

76)   Patrick Roy looks good for his age too.  Hey.  I recognize good looking dudes.  Ed Norton.  Matt Damon.  Tom Brady.  That foreign dude who plays 007 now.

77)   If Patrick Roy just coached his team in the first 57 minutes like he did in the last 3 minutes, he would be stellar.  By the way, that is a hook created by Lindsey and I concur.

78)   Another quality about Lindsey I like is that she will turn on Family Guy if she can’t find anything else in our hundreds of channels (I frequently get “there is nothing on”).  I love that she loves that show.  Everyone should love that show.  She loves the show and sometimes I have to explain the 80’s reference because she…wasn’t alive.  Not her fault.



79)   Matt,  I am scared to ask her because of backlash or dirty looks, but I am pretty sure she is still on level 461 of Candy Crush/ Sugar Mash.  Tread carefully if you try and tease her about it.  I know I do.


80)   We are now on the back sheet of the full sheet.  Let’s keep trucking.

81)   Roger Goodell says that expansion WON’T dilute the NFL playoffs.  Stop talking.  Yes, it will.  Will you please just go out and get guns and stripper assault charges so we can ban YOU?

82)   So, Mitch McGary’s return was a big topic a week ago.  He is going pro, even after his injury.  But, we ALSO find out that he would be banned for a recent marijuana test.  So, he will be entering the draft losing money because of injury AND smoking pot.  Luckily, the NBA is missing big, talented players.  Otherwise, he would be missing out on a LOT of loot.  Just get hurt, smoke weed, go pro, and call it a day.

83)   I hear the Harrison twins might stay at Kentucky.  That would be CRAZY.  I don’t think Cheaterpari would know how to coach THREE star sophomores from a finals team.  No way.

84)   I have to take a break and look under my couch cushions.  If I happen to find $84k, I plan on buying those seats at Wimbledon that were in the press this week.

85)   I would like to thank Cerk and his woman, Colleen.  I love mac and cheese.  Thanks for spontaneously making it last Sunday night, making way too much, and then texting me you would add to my lunches this week.  I ate a LOT of that stuff this week.  Lot.  I would change my name to Mac and Cheese.  Seriously.  Tell Chad Johnson.  He will be in.

86)   Before you lose sleep about Mr. Dolan and Mr. Jackson “clashing” on the Knicks, know that Phil will win.  They are just pissing on trees and such.  Phil would destroy him.

87)   The Cowboys and Bucs are on the long list of teams eyeing Johnny Football.  At least this hides the Tony Romo is back from injury headline.

88)   Congrats to Tracy McGrady for making the Skeeters roster.  I don’t care what league and what level.  If you are the best in the league at one sport, retire, and make a roster in a totally different sport, you are a badass.

89)   And while we are talking about legendary stuff, I am not saying it would end well, but I wouldn’t want to tackle a 52 year old Herschel Walker.  No one in their right mind would.

90)   Sammy Sosa was not invited to the 100th anniversary of Wrigley.  Sammy is like the steroid, baseball playing, foreign version of me.  No one likes him.  Well, very limited people like him.

91)   I was excited about the Steelers schedule.  It is a walkover.  Assuming you are a good team.  I was pumped until I read an article on teams that would start fast, and Carolina was on the list of four teams.  They play Pittsburgh in the first four games.  I am so used to BEING the good team, that my paradigm might be blinding me that WE are the bad team.

92)   I like that Velcro is still actively used with today’s technology and the fact that pitchers haven’t found anything better than pine tar to use to grip balls better.

93)   The end of the Columbus-Pens Game 4 might have been my favorite hockey game of the season.

94)   I don’t care WHAT the problems are in house.  I think the chick who Russell Wilson is getting a divorce from is an idiot.  Unless he is hitting her or cheating, suck it up.  That guy is going to be a legend most likely.  In maybe TWO sports.

95)   Vince Young apparently has been offered a job as the ambassador of Texas when he is done pursuing his NFL career.  I would like in the interim between those ventures he has to take the Wonderlic again.  Please?

96)   I think the Champions League never really ends and is always in the playoffs.  Can we just get to June and start the immaculate World Cup already?  I am not a club guy.  I am a country guy who knows the game.

97)   I am glad I nixed going to the World Cup because of finances.  Staying in Brazil for a month sounds like a LOT of unanticipated expenses.  That is a long time.  If it was a week, I might reconsider.

98)   Will someone email me if you have DVD’s for House of Cards or Game of Thrones?  I am lost without True Detective, now hate Blacklist and Following after watching that brilliant show, and need a new show.  Lindsey has True Blood starting this summer.  I need my own thing.  I will pay, but I don’t do that whole Netflix thing.

99)   I think that had I thought of it, I was idiotic enough when I was in my late 20’s to actually try to do that thing that teenager did by getting in the wheel well of an airplane for a flight.  I am not lying.  I was dumb.  I am smarter, or less dumb, or slightly more mature now.

100)                       Stop reading this and go watch the 30 for 30 Bad Boys.  It is excellent.

101)                       Damn.  This whole at 100 hooks indentation thing by Word.  Don’t know how to fix it.  Let’s keep moving.  Thanks for sticking with me.  I still have good stuff coming.

102)                       Richard Sherman says the best way to show respect is “dollars.”  So, basically he is the defensive version, educated version, in his prime version, winning version, actually performing version of Chris Johnson.

103)                       For those of you who want more baseball, I know baseball and am a stat guru.  But, there is just too much going on with the NHL and NBA to focus right now.  Sorry.  We have the summer.  Be patient.

104)                       So, my favorite club in Denver is the Church.  I go there 100 times when I live in Littleton.  I move to a block away.  I go once in two years.  I love the Fillmore for live music.  I go 50 times when I live in Littleton.  I now live a block away, and haven’t been to ONE show.  What is wrong with me?

104a)  Don’t answer that.

105)                       Hubie Brown is my favorite announcer in ALL of sports.

106)                       Yes.  I switched over to the Bulls-Wizards game.  And wow, Wizards are up 20.  I would like to delete my earlier hook.

107)                       But I won’t.

108)                       Check out the show Inside Amy Schumer.  It is funny, and if Patrick Warburton/ Puddy makes an appearance, you KNOW I support it.


109)                       There is an Allen Iverson documentary upcoming.  I am game.  You should be too.  Greatest shortest NBA baller ever outside of Isiah Thomas.  That sounded like a Bill Walton statement.

109a)  ANYTHING for a Bill Walton old school picture.

110)                       My plan was to sit on this couch all day today.  Lindsey’s dad needs assistance.  I wish he would ask for this stuff on Saturday when I am productive.

111)                       Here is a baseball note.  Reds P Alfredo Simon is being charged for sexual assault.  No means no, bro.

112)                       Ex NFL player Troy Vincent says he played with at least 6 gay players.  Good to know.  People outside of a trailer park in South Carolina, grow up.

113)                       I had a joke for a hook about James Harden calling a reporter a “weirdo,” but I lost it after taking a couple days off.  I need to stop taking days off.  Cue the Seinfeld scene where the maid throws away his little sheet of paper by the bed with the perfect wording for a joke.

114)                       I am secure in my manhood.  I admit I LIKE this song.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLMs4Gi_utE

114a)  Like I learned in Hustle and Flow, the HOOK is amazing and what is what peaks our interest.

115)                       It was on Lindsey’s latest CD to me.  Yes, people, we are still at the point where my girl makes me CD’s.  She is pretty incredible.

116)                       Just saying.  All the hype.  All the media.  And Tanaka is destroying batters.  You heard it HERE that he was legit.


117)                       Ex-Dukie player Josh McRoberts was fined for a dirty play.  Got to break out of that good boy Duke image SOMEHOW, right?

118)                       I am petrified if I swim competitively right now, Phelps retires for 18 months, he comes back, and finishes second in the 100m fly.  Petrified.

119)                       I just saw another Godzilla commercial.  I am PUMPED.  Opening night?  I am THERE.

120)                       The Big O says Melo should leave NYK and go to the Knicks.  My only problem with this is that he has to go play with Snowball.  So, he will leave JR Smith and go play WITH Dwight Howard.  Sounds like a lose-lose to me.

120a)  If you don’t know who the Big O is, you are reading the wrong blog.  I would take him #2 or #3 in my all time fantasy NBA draft.


121)                       This is funny, and if you don’t understand it, you haven’t lived.  http://postgradproblems.com/the-8-types-of-hangovers-youll-have-after-college/

122)                       I hear Led Zeppelin are relaeasing new tracks.  I am now more pumped for this than Godzilla.

123)                       Is it me, are there too many games, or has some of the luster come off the Yankees-Red Sox series?

124)                       Bernie Kosar says that concussions made him lose his job as a commentator.  Now, THAT is a new wrinkle in this whole concussion thing.  Like Milli Vanilli, he has found a niche/ loophole.  Lip syncing, singing crappy songs, winning awards.  These guys should be your MOTTO, concussion guys seeking money.

125)                       I would make jokes about the Bills cheerleaders, but I am tired after 125 hooks, all jokes have been said, and I will just give you a funny link for it, ok?  http://deadspin.com/suit-bills-cheerleaders-were-taught-how-to-wash-intim-1566239771

126)                       By the way, everyone should start their day by reading Deadspin.  I have said this a MILLION times.

127)                       The Clippers are better.  Bogut not playing KILLS the Warriors.  Blake is now recognizing how to go to the next level.  The Clippers will win that series.

128)                       If you don’t like the Blake Griffin commercials, than there is something wrong with you.

129)                       If you made it this far in my blog, send me an email and color choice for a Fillerbuster heated couch blanket.  My marketing person left, and I guess I could have released this DURING the winter, but it is what it is.  Choices are black and gold, gold and black, orange and black, and black and orange.

130)                       I am heading to Jazzfest Wednesday.  I will do one more blog, Gabe will cover a day, and then my interest in blogging will probably be minimal at best.  Might be a couple days off.  Know that I will ALWAYS be keeping a list though.  Just a heads up.

131)                       That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question.  Peace.

132)                       132 hooks.  There is something wrong with me.  There is SO much going on in the NBA and NHL.  Sorry if I didn’t mention your team or a series.  Sorry to you baseball people.  Write your own blog.

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