I feel the need for speed.

  1.  Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2.  Quick one.  I planned on writing one earlier today, but I missed that time slot.  ONE sentence only per hook.  No fun pics.  Quick hitter.  I need to watch my game.  Let’s move.
  3. I get running a loose, free ship, but Pete’s Carroll’s team had an injured guy not playing in a early Sunday morning bottle dispute at a bar and Jefferson trying to climb the fence to fight a fan after today’s loss.
  4. Nebraska lost another recruit this weekend, and at #36 in the rankings individually, I would say Nebraska has much more of a problem of getting any top recruits to even sign with them in the first place.
  5. This is unedited, so sorry for any grammatical problems.
  6. Must be nice to lose your star, Carson Wentz, and have Nick Foles come in and have been there, done that before.
  7. The Rams and Eagles might see each other again in Philly.
  8. Jack Morris and Alan Trammell got into the MLB HOF this weekend, and am I weird to be more intrigued by the list of players who DIDN’T make it again?
  9. I was thinking about getting a new, fashionable vest for Christmas, but my entire executive staff at work wears a vest ALL THE TIME so it kind of takes the zest out of getting one.
  10. The Ravens have TWO players from the University of Delaware on their team?
  11. Obviously, the game has started and they are doing lineup introductions (writing this at commercials).
  12. So, I finally decide to join the Vikings parade and bet on them, and they lay an egg.
  13. We were sitting at Shells and Sauce at brunch this morning, I looked down the bar and saw two women chatting with mimosas in front of them, and I could NOT get out of my head the SNL skit with Michael Che being the white woman named Gretchen (Google this if you missed it).
  14. So, the Browns found a new GM in the inverse amount of time it has taken Tennessee to find a coach.
  15. No big name for the Volunteers, as they just got are hoping for some Bama osmosis.
  16. The Browns found new and exciting ways to blow their game today…amazing.
  17. And at least Excedrin and that organizing dude are still in play for their funded parade around the stadium (in an “0”).
  18. Watching commercials with cars that park themselves are cool, but even when I own one, I think I will take advantage of my parallel parking skills and just do my own thing.
  19. To really confuse the cats, Lindsey decided to get them a water fountain, and so far, it looks like it has worked (confusing them).
  20. The over under until the linebacker Munchkin cat knocks the WHOLE thing on the floor in a watery mess is set at 6.5 days.
  21. Joey Altidore led Toronto to the MLS Championship, and this would usually be the time every four years where we were excited that our MLS stars could now go lead our country’s team in the World Cup…hollow.
  22. Middle Tennessee State hoops team beat Ole Miss this weekend, and MTSU is now 5-0 in the last 3 years against the SEC.
  23. I had to read the Wizards-Clippers game summary MUCH more carefully than I had planned just in case someone asks me about it…freak rule.
  24. I think life would be better overall if Tom Brady didn’t apologize to Josh McDaniels, and if he did, to keep it from the media.
  25. This is the week I start practice for my company rock band, and still wondering who is covering the vocals of my parody “Can’t Stop the Four Winds” (based on JT’s hit), because I don’t think our comeback should include ME singing lead again.
  26. I thought that Baker Mayfield’s Heisman acceptance speech was just OK for the first half, and then stellar in the second half when he started breaking down in tears.
  27. I watched the Zona-Bama game this weekend, and I had already seen film on Deandre Ayton, but watching him again play was like watching a man among boys.
  28. Aside from a few stocking stuffers for Lindsey, I believe I am done Christmas shopping.
  29. I tried to get those stocking stuffers yesterday afternoon, but ended up getting a few more FULL presents for Lindsey.
  30. If any guy has figured out a way to be totally comfortable in Victoria Secret solo looking at anything for any duration of time, I would like to hear his secrets.
  31. I watched the Florida-Cincy game yesterday in full, and both those teams have the items needed for a solid Sweet Sixteen or Elite Eight run, but I have crossed them off my Final Four list.
  32. Hell, I was looking at the spread more than thinking the BC-Duke hoops game was a trap game.
  33. I have told everyone who would listen that Trae Young would put Sooner hoops a little back on the map, but MAN are his stats outrageous right now. 28/3/9.
  34. One thing you can count on for the Army-Navy game is that it will be close, I guess.
  35. It pains me to see The Eagles on any billboard charts as I freaking HATE them.
  36. Ozark started out fast, mellowed out but with tenseness that did not allow you to lay back on your couch, and then ended a little disjointed to me, with not a lot of closure on ANYTHING, and me trying to figure out how any of the main good people characters are alive or not imminent in death.
  37. Manny Pacquiao has contacted McGregor, and here is hoping that his political duties get in his way as we did the experiment once, and I am done with it.
  38. I just heard Ben yell “Pringle!”
  39. I am still working through my new workout recruits, but I Prevail-Lifeline is the early leader in the clubhouse.
  40. Typically a WR being released is a big deal, but when involving Kenny Britt, does anyone really care?
  41. So, Cincy looks pretty good against the Steelers last week and then goes out at home and gets SMOKED by the Bears?
  42. Non sequitur.
  43. Only the enigma that is the Raiders an get BACK a major threat player and look ten times worse.
  44. Speaking of enigmas, nice job, Broncos?
  45. Against…the Jets??????
  46. At home????
  47. What was the buy-in for the $2.5 million knockout pool?
  48. It is weird to see the Yankees get a guy like Stanton the old fashioned way of acquiring a player.
  49. Did you read Ten Things by Zach Lowe this week per your Cast Homework?
  50. After all of the exhaustive research and presentations, it turns out that Ohtani just wanted to hang with a Jersey Boy with beaches, celebrities, sunshine, and traffic.
  51. It would have been wrong to name a bologna sandwich after Marrone and then lose.
  52. The Mariners quietly acquired Dee Gordon this weekend, so we can already write them in for the darkhorse playoff team for the seventh straight year.
  53. I can’t figure out who won, as Jahlil Okafor finally got his requested trade, but the Sixers traded him…to the NETS.
  54. I know he works miracles, but that was too tight of window for Brees to throw in Thursday with his team only down three, in FG range, and just needing anything but a mistake to force OT or get the win.
  55. Hey, Warren Moon, your name lends to too many easy jokes by you getting on the celebrity sexual harassment list.
  56. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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