I am confused. PLEASE tell me that the below show and “Celebrity Diving” are different. PLEASE.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock, but there was no lunch break today, and even though it is an evening rant, I would like to mix in the TV remote control with so my laptop and dumbbell day.

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OK.  Lots of items on my list.  This would be what we call the “speed hook” version.

Let’s turn and burn.

1)       So.  Louisville loses to Villanova.  I know we are supposed to have parity this year with about 10-12 teams that can win the title.  But lose again already?  Can ANYONE at the top sustain a 5 game winning streak?

2)      Speaking of that, I would like to thank the Miami Hurricanes.  Not only was I sad that I had my gym trip DURING the primo game of the night, but to help me out, the Hurricanes gave Duke their worse loss in 15 years.  This made my gym trip VERY useful, and made only my couch lonely.  I question Miami keeping their star players in until the 1:29 mark while being up plus 30 points, but nice win regardless.

3)      By the way, although I had a problem with keeping their starting lineup in, I LOVED that Miami was pounding the floor on defense.  AWESOME.  Take THAT, Bobby Hurley.

4)      Think Barry Larkin is proud?  His kid is pretty freaking good for the Canes.

5)      Keeping on this theme, I don’t care about it being at their crib, and I don’t care about the ref problems.  Losing at WAKE is bad, NC State.  I am glad there are true bipolar teams still out there.

6)      JR Smith.  I don’t like you very much, but I loved your reply to Kris Humphries tweet about the silence of MSG after the Knicks lost to Brooklyn.  His response?  It wasn’t quiet when Kanye tore it down.  That is priceless, JR.  Dibs.  I rarely ever give those to you.

7)      I like blogging.  I like blogging even more when I am sitting here at Lindsey’s place while she is entertained watching some show called “Girls,” and I am ranting not paying attention to anything.

8)      Rex Ryan was uninjured in a three car crash yesterday.  I personally think the Jets need their OWN wire.  How do they manufacture so many odd stories?

9)      Jets owner Woody Johnson was “forced” to get Tim Tebow.  I understand the whole GM concept and that they are in charge of player pickups, but can someone explain to me how the OWNER of a team is forced to do ANYTHING?

10)   Jimmy Butler says he is NOT a Kobe Stopper, no matter what the stats say.  Good call.  Sleeping dog cliché.  Insert here.

11)   Speaking of needing their own wire, the Cowboys NT Jay Ratliff just got a DWI.  That is not the weird part.  It was on the SAME road as the Brent ordeal.  Either the cops are extra tight on that road, people like driving down that road drunk, or people in Dallas treat that road like high schoolers in South Jersey treat corn fields.

12)   How the HELL was Kansas-Kansas State NOT on main TV?  Can someone PLEASE tell me where ESPN 3 is on my Comcast network?

13)   I hope you all enjoyed the offensive exhibition from Michigan State and Wisconsin.  That was sarcastic by the way.  By the way, how the hell does Wisconsin shoot the three so well, but can’t make freaking two free throws in a row?

14)   Kentucky and Alabama were on TV over Kansas and Kansas State.  Good game, but evidently Calipari pulls some strings for TV rights also.  Cheater.

15)   I hope the Seattle group gets the Kings.  Not only are they a basketball loving town, but I LOVED that town my only trip there.  I had one afternoon free when I visited.  I forget the name of what I did, but it had a cable attached to me from a boat with a chute about 100 feet above the water overlooking the entire Puget Sound and city of Seattle.  Beautiful.

16)   Side note on Seattle.  If you are between the ages of 32 and 45 and don’t laugh when I mention the movie Singles and Xavier McDaniel, then you are missing out.  I can’t mention the reference.  My mom reads this rant.  But, you should check out the movie anyway.  It has performances by Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and the other “alternative” bands of the 90’s.

17)   I heard Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin on the radio today.  Keeping with the Seattle theme, this is one of the most badass vocal comparisons in a song that no one knows or remembers.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rei5VFFtO8

18)   Pat Shurmur was hired by the Eagles.  Good for him on getting another chance after the Browns, and no one really cares who is getting the lower jobs on the Eagles right now.  Go to South Street.  Grab a Philly.  Better town…just more abrasive if you lose.

19)   I am not sure what is going on with it, but count me in for watching Warm Bodies.  I have one rule.  Anything that John Malkovic or Don Cheadle sign up for are good to go.

20)   Hey, George Stephanopulos.  Not a basketball fan, aye?  That is NOT Morgan Freeman.


21)  Lindsey’s roommate picked up something vacuuming.  I kind of like the smell of whatever got sucked up.  Smells like smoky burned rubber.

22)   Tom Brady has been fined 10k for sliding.  Yay, we are building a case against the Golden Child.  He says he is hurt and doesn’t play Pro Bowls, he hasn’t won anything in 8 years, and he can’t slide legally either.

23)   Golden Child.  That brings back some memories.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr0JXSM_0Nk

24)   I have too much to say to comment on Te’o.  I am a sports update, and since this thing is being covered on all non sports stations too, you probably know as much as I do.  Plus, I want this to filter out a little more.

25)   CTE is being found in living players.  Wow.  I NEVER expected THIS to happen.  Hey, Thomas Jones, why don’t you just get tested now?

26)   Odd stat.  Tell your friends.  Colin Kaepernick is the first QB since Jake Delhomme to start a Super Bowl after being a backup QB the previous season.

27)   Not surprisingly, the Niners are trying to patent “Kaepernicking.”

28)   On the patent subject, the NFL is pressuring the trademark title of a very smart guy who trademarked the term “Harbowl…” last FEBRUARY.  His only competition is probably some guy who TM’d “Superbaugh.”

29)   I don’t care about the quality of it.  I am SO excited for the new Diehard.  Excited enough to wait to rent Bullet to the Head, Parker, and The Last Stand.  I am sure Lincoln will make it in that high quality list of movies also.

30)   Welcome to Twitter, Kobe.  Thanks for taking the time a couple days ago to randomly tweet about your 81 point performance…in 2006.  Shouldn’t you be watching actual present day film since you guys suck?

31)   Kobe confronted Dwight Howard, and the boys had a team meeting.  Don’t worry, Kobe.  Dwight will be out of here in a month or two.  You should be texting Brook Lopez and start making friends now.

32)   Thanks to my ex-boss Vince for passing along this tidbit.  Funny Onion headline.  Duke Returns To Number One In ‘March Madness Hasn’t Started Yet So Who Gives A Shit’ Rankings

33)   Since my ESPN Mag takes so long to arrive, I am glad I read the Athlon college bball preview like a BOOK…over and over again.  It just transports itself from my bathroom to by my couch.

34)   If you never watch The Burn on Comedy Central, check it out.  Think the cool, hip, non prop, skitless, extremely abrasive version of Whose Line is It Anyway?

35)   Another example of “you never know who you are messing with.”  A guy is just trying to take an afternoon stroll with his girlfriend, and the other guys thought they had numbers.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XQh_1meROg&oref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D2XQh_1meROg&has_verified=1

36)   I am making my lucky number 11 hard boiled eggs…every 3-4 days.

37)   I watched the Rules of Engagement last night where the sister makes an appearance.  Fun to see Heather Locklear on the screen, and actually more funny than disturbing to see Puddy in a Speedo.  Classic.

38)   Nice, ESPN Mag.  About three weeks after you chose Sloane Stephens as one of your “Next,” she beats Serena Williams at the Aussie Open.  Solid call, and she DOES look like a younger Predator (dibs to Jim Rome for that reference).

39)   DAMMIT.  Almost.  I keep saying Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will make it to the big time.  Lost in five sets to Federer last night.  Dammit.  So close, yet so far away.

40)   The Seau family is filing a “wrongful death” suit against the NFL.  Never saw THAT coming after donating his brain to science.

41)   I find this headline funny.  “Investigators will wait on Miami penalties until NCAA probes itself.”  Good luck, guys.

42)   Yay.  JaMarcus Russell is making a comeback.  He actually is hitting it hardcore with ex-players coaching him on everything.  I haven’t played beer pong for a while, but maybe I will resume if he makes if back.  I had a rule that if you missed the whole table, you had to yell “JaMarcus!”  You know.  Because the only thing he did was overthrow receivers.

43)   Stephens phenom or not.  Maria is salivating at her path to the Aussie Open championship right now.

44)   The DBacks and Braves are discussing a Justin Upton trade.  You read it here that this is a GUARANTEE that he goes SOMEWHERE.

45)   I don’t know what the noise on Phil Mickelson and his taxes is.  Someone let me know.  I don’t have the time to click on EVERYTHING.  I do have a full time job.

46)   Who is Eden Hazard?  Just another guy making soccer look weird to the rest of the world.  He kicked a ballboy for not giving him the ball in time.  If Ron Artest or JR Smith were soccer players, they would be Eden Hazard.

47)   The Heat are visiting the White House Monday.  Will SOMEONE please pull the Forrest Gump joke and say they have to pee when they shake hands with the President?  Trust me.  It will be funny, and Obama will be more than game.

48)   In case you care, David Beckham’s kid is trying out for Chelsea next week.  He is 13.

49)   In an odd friendship, Michael Phelps has come out and said that Ray Lewis is the main reason he came back for the last Olympics.  I don’t care if he has 6 kids with 4 wives and has killed someone, I LIKE Ray Lewis.

50)   Wait a minute.  Lions teammates are worried about Ndamukong Suh going on “Celebrity Diving?”  I am not concerned about THAT.  Is there ANOTHER high dive reality show coming out?  Is this different from the “danger” one?  Lose lose scenario.

51)   The Hornets have decided to move forward with the Pelican name.  I am confused.  I thought this already HAPPENED.

52)   That is it.  I guess I wasn’t on the clock.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

53)   Just a tagline.  I am booked from 7-5 tomorrow at work without even a break, and would like a non blog evening with Lindsey and college basketball…and an epsiode of Seinfeld.  I will do a makeup one on Friday.  I most likely will take off tomorrow.  Talk to you Friday.

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