I actually don’t mind the mistake by the lake…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  Airplane rant.  Two hours to kill and the baseball game was a blowout so no need to spend $6 on the Frontier TV.  Think I can miss the beginning of the NFL game and other baseball game.  Thank you, Cardinals.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       I hope the NFL is putting all of the money it has made the last 20 years in a good bank.  Something tells me that this concussion thing is going to be pretty expensive.  Between the multitude of players who can get in line to the issue about any knowledge of ever knowing or looking into it, there is plenty of money to be made by various parties.

2)      In college, there is an ex-college QB and Safety from Washington and Oregon (respectively) going after $5 million for concussions.

3)      I know .  I say it seemingly every day.  I hate this one game sudden death MLB playoff crap.  Cleveland played the entire season and placed barely ahead of Tampa Bay and Texas.  Tampa beats Texas at their crib, and then beats the Indians at their crib and advances.  So we are now left with the worst team of the three after a freaking 162 game sample.  Doesn’t make any sense unless you count a positive as the fan experience  of a winner take all game.  Geez.  Meet in the middle at least and make it best of three.  The Indians deserved after the season to play a series at least.

4)      Oh.  And since this goofy format has started?  3 out of 4 road teams have won.  Stupid.

5)      So, remember when he was the guy who was highly coveted after like three starts?  Now, Matt Flynn is the highest paid THIRD string in the league.  I think he makes $6.5 million.  That is amazing.  I think that Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman, and Matt Flynn should go get nasty drunk somewhere and see what happens.  I will have Marcus Vick pick you guys up tonight.

6)      YES.  We KNOW, Josh.  You don’t have a job.  Mark or Matt will tip the strippers and buy the lap dances.

7)      On that note, you might have a problem with him, and think not having him is proving your point.  I say the Bucs just put a qualified NFL starter out on the market for absolutely nothing, and aren’t that good themselves still.

8)      Problem solved.  The guy a row up in the middle seat just ordered the TV and is watching the games.  Perfect angle.  Thanks, $6 guy.

9)      Why do I never eat combos except at airports and on planes?  They are simply my calling walking through an airport.

10)   Sweet.  The captain just turned the seat belt sign on as we are heading near a cloud where I can actually see some lightning.  Turbulence.  Boom goes the dynamite.  Love it.

11)   I wonder how long Donte Whinter was waiting to use THAT line?  Good one, Hitner.  You have been saving that one I see.

12)   A-Rod is making news for what he MIGHT be saying or not saying as rationale and possibly ignorance of knowing for his already proven illegal drug use.  I am tired getting through that sentence.  Just let us know what argument for what you are using when you use it, bro.  We are all tired of you.  Go home and watch the baseball playoffs.  And make sure you eat something that you don’t have any idea of what it is, because we all put stuff in our body that we don’t know what it is.  Yeah.

13)   Cleveland was ok with me.  I would hate navigating it with a rental car.  Decent as far as traffic,  but the W 9th Street, E 6th Street, W 6th Street would drive me bonkers.

14)   Leyland says that Cabrera is playing through pain.  You might think this is an excuse for the playoffs.  Actually, I think it is just leverage for MVP voting after him hearing that many people have figured out reasons to vote for Mike Trout this year (see last rant).

15)   Derrick Rose says he would be willing to run over his own mom on the court.  The media gave me the daily Derrick Rose update, so I thought I should make sure YOU know.  Can’t wait until tomorrow’s useless piece of information about his comeback.

16)   Logan would like everyone updated in Champion League soccer, because I am actually at some point supposed to appreciate the sport besides college, EURO, and World Cup soccer.  Bayern beat Man City 3-1.  There you go.

17)   LeBron’s jersey is #1 in sales.  Wait a minute.  Is this some usual time to check jersey sales?  Didn’t they just release the baseball leaders?  Beginning of October?  Do the jersey sales people have the same fiscal year as the federal government?  Confused.

18)   Because this blog focuses almost extensively on NASCAR, I thought you should know that Penske signed Brad Kesolowski and Miller Lite until 2017.  Sweet.

19)   Someone tell Jerry Sandusky’s people to stop appealing anything.  You are a sick, sick man and we don’t want to see you ever again.

20)   How cocky are you all, Braves?  Wow.  You must think you will roll through the playoffs.  Why do I say this?  How the HELL do they leave Dan Uggla off their roster?  I hope you lose (more) now.

21)   I was in Cleveland for the wildcard game and left the day of the Browns night game.  I will say this.  Love or hate the teams and fans, they are one passionate fan base.  You can literally FEEL their love of sports.

22)   My colleague, Ponto, and I had to leave the airport to print boarding passes since our flight was still like 7,000 hours from when we got there.  I would like to thank the taxi driver who talked non stop about things like… “Tim Tebow should be a tight end, don’t you think?”  “Do you think the Colts should have let Peyton Manning go?”  “Could you describe the general Denver  weather in long form?”  “We like the Browns, you know?”  Anyway, Ponto and I took turns fielding very obviously generalized comments back.  I was so bored I didn’t even tell the guy about my blog.  That should tell you something.

23)   Is Cleveland an endpoint airport?  Either that or I caught it at the right time.  Security line was non existent.  Love that.

24)   Everyone who is a hater or competitor is happy today that Bama is busted for cheating in something.  Allegedly, a coach gave S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix some cash as a loan.  Nothing big.  Less than $500.  Bama has already suspended him for the time being.  I think the suspension of Clinton-Dix will go conveniently for about 4 or so weeks…when LSU comes to town.  They don’t need him until then.

25)   The only reason I am regretting not keeping the TV on for the blowout baseball game is because that is when you learn all of the cool tidbits about the sport.  Those guys have to talk about something with the lopsided score, and I would say baseball announcers have the second best sports knowledge to hockey of the major sports.

26)   Ole Miss football players were apparently suspected of disrupting a school play of a murder of a gay student.  Actually, I am going to hold off on this hook.  This literally just broke before I boarded the plane.  I think I need to let this story marinate a little before commenting.  Moving on…

27)   I am still in that losers pool that I am funded for.  My colleague and I were taking turns using Jacksonville so we both don’t go down.  This week it is my turn.  I am letting him have them this week with the understanding that I can take them even if he takes them next week at Denver.  This week?  I smell something wrong with a bad St. Louis team that has shown me nothing and that 11 point spread.  I think I will root for Jacksonville and watch the demolition of the rest of the pool.

28)   I have “player paralyzed in Madden” written down  on my list but don’t know what that means.  Does the new Madden go that low?  Was that a joke I heard on social media?  Was this a Deadspin thing (can’t be as I write “DS” next to those hooks)?  Don’t know.  Can’t look it up presently.  Oh well.  It sounds like SOMETHING.  Moving on again…

29)   Someone in Lindsey’s fantasy football league changed their name to “That is a clown question.”  This is the pool where the punk started being an idiot during the draft and called me out during the draft something to the effect of “your girlfriend’s bitch” lingo.  ANYWAY, I am not sure what is going on with a couple things.  First, you or friends utilizing the fantasy football message board to say derogatory things is silly.  I haven’t read a fantasy football chat board in about ten years.  I know about this as Lindsey informed me.  Second, I hear that you are so sarcastically happy to be mentioned in my blog.  You should be, punks.  Third, if you know you are mentioned, that means you are reading it. Fourth, you using my tagline as your team handle means you are buying in  It is a great line, I know.  Fifth,  naming your team that means nothing with no question in context.  WHAT is the clown question, bro?  Sixth, naming a team a phrase is kind of silly too.  Seventh, jokes must be used I understand when Lindsey’s team is in first place, and all of your extensive FFL studying is looking to be fruitless.  That is enough.  I have more hooks to get to.  You are a joke, Kurt.

30)   Having no fridge in a hotel room really makes me eat unhealthy on trips.

31)   The Jags GM is adamant that there is not a fire sale going on even with trading away one of their linemen studs.  I will put all 14 of you Jaguar fans at ease out there.  He is NOT starting a fire sale, and there is a method to his madness in every move, and he truly wants to win.  Why the odd move?  Because the Jags are the leader in the last couple years at analytics in the NFL.  They are the football version of the Oakland A’s.   Literally, they believe the most.  So, wait for another 3 or so years before doubting these moves as they are crunching numbers to the ultimatum down there.

32)   Even though I know it is just the sound of jet noise, I catch myself swearing I hear music in the air.  Then, I try to figure out what song it is.  Then, I figure out the song that isn’t playing is a really irritating song.  Then, it stays in my head even after the sound of a fake song goes away.  I know.  I could just get my Shuffle and put it on I suppose.

33)   WHAT??????  Frontier is charging for drinks?  No.  Say it isn’t so.  You were my AIRLINE, Frontier.  Dammit.    Yes.  I will still fly you Frontier.  You have two things going for you besides cute animals on the wing.  You have the option of television, and you drop me at the A gate at Denver International Airport.  I can WALK to my car without getting on that stupid train.  Hate any train at any airport.  I like to be in control of my own rate of arrival.  I seem to recollect that I like Phoenix and Charlotte Airports for having no trains.  Moving on.

34)   Kobe has left the country for some medical reason that is not serious nor related to his Achilles injury from before and will be back shortly.  Just passing it along.  Oh, and he is the #3 selling jersey in the odd time of year report.  Hold on.  NOW I figured it out.  They must do the report right before the season begins.  Got it.  Sorry I was confused earlier.  Feel better now.

35)   Wait.  Puzzle not solved.  It does not explain why we also heard the results of Major League baseball.  Still confused.

36)   Wow.  And the dude’s team was WINNING.  By a lot.  Did you SEE Colorado Avalanche coach Patrick Roy go ballistic last night?  Shoving over the glass.  Badass.  He was like that as a player, he was like that as a lower level coach, and it took him less than 60 minutes of a game to go off in the big time.  The Avs may or may not be good this year, but at least we will be fun to watch just because of HIM.

37)   LSU is prepping for the loud Mississippi State crowd by playing loud rap and now cowbells.  Not sure how those two relate going at the same time, but it sounds like a solid practice plan, Les.

38)   This Niners-Seahakws thing is getting more fun by the moment.  They are both young.  They are both contenders.   Recently, the Niners allowed QB BJ Daniels to go on waivers.  The Seahawks picked him up, saying they have always coveted him.  Sure.  I would like to return my jacket out of SPITE.

39)   That is a Seinfeld joke.

40)   Congrats to Saints Jimmy Graham, who became the first tight end to be named Offensive Player of the Month in the NFL.  Pretty solid there, guy.

41)   Blake Griffin has admitted that the arrival of Doc Rivers as coach and his new defensive oriented system mean the end of Lob City as we know it.  Now, with your new system, and that Florida Gulf Coast guy gone from HIS gig, do we even have a “lob city” these days?  Oh, and Blake, listen to Mr. Rivers.  He has a ring.

42)   The Presidents Cup has started, where the U.S. has won 7 of the last 9 matchups (with one of those others being a tie).   The Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup are what I call ODDLY and CURIOUSLY exciting.  I am not sure how I feel about the US against a bunch of random nations, I am glad we win in this one, but really am not going to set aside a lot of time to catch most of the matches.  Good luck, men.  May the force be with you.

43)   Is Bob Stoops actually angry at the SEC, does he wish he was IN the SEC, or does he just say random stuff when he wins a few games to start the season?

44)   However they are paying for it, whoever is paying for it, I am SO happy the academies get to play some football this weekend.  That would NOT be good during this shutdown.

45)   You know who IS suffering from a trivial but important perspective?  The troops overseas are not able to watch football.  I am not being my usual sarcastic self.  That is serious.  Football must be one of their favorite escapes back into normalcy.  Not being able to watch it during the shutdown AND their deployment must suck.

46)   Everyone is already trying to figure it out…even while Floyd is just chilling after his last fight.  Who will Mayweather’s next opponent be?  Amir Khan is getting thrown around a little.  Don’t do it, people.  There has to be someone else.  Danny Garcia beat Amir Khan.  Let’s try for Garcia first.  Do it up.

47)   Chalk up your second candidate for USC’s coaching gig.  Del Rio we already know is out there.  Throw ex-Cal coach Jeff Tedford in the hat also.  USC asked him to be some kind of consultant for this year this week.  He declined, but apparently said to give him a ring when the real gig comes along.  Tedford would be a good fit.  He got axed oddly from Cal after taking them to bowl games 8 out of 9 years.  That might not be incredible, but it is not like the school is a perennial juggernaut either.  That guy deserves another shot somewhere.

48)   When going for a stroll last night to get the feel of the Cleveland Indians nation, I kept to my rule of finding places I like.  I first had a round at The Blind Pig.  Then, I had one more beer at The Winking Lizard.  Adjective-Animal is money for a bar every time for me.  I don’t remember not enjoying ANY bar with an adjective and then an animal in its name.

49)   I noticed in Cleveland that everyone will talk to you when talked to, but no one really knows where anything is.  This is my second trip there.  Really friendly people with no idea where anything is in their own city.

50)   I stayed at the Hampton Inn Downtown because it was a couple blocks from my work visit.  I was happy to be on the second floor in a fifteen floor building, but got SO frustrated with going downstairs.  I am the farthest thing from a lazy guy.  I would rather take the stairs when on the second floor.  For some odd reason, one stairwell had an open door but it took me outside, and the other door only was open during fire alarms.  Elevator every time.  Ugghhh.

51)   College picks.  Give me Miami at home minus 4.5 against Georgia Tech.  Give me Clemson minus 13.5 at Syracuse.  Give me Florida minus 11 at home against Arkansas.  Give me Minnesota plus 20 points in Michigan.  Give me Kansas plus 17 against Texas Tech at home.  And give me Ohio State minus the 6.5 at Northwestern.

52)   That is enough.  I cleared the immediate list and am going to rest my eyes for a bit.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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