Hey, man. We could have had him.

  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. I was going to put fun pics and write for however long I wanted, but this is written post-Steelers-Pats game, so…I will go ONE sentence per hook only.  Nothing longer.  Let’s cruise through this, and sorry for cutting short any of my “good” ideas.  Anyway, let’s do this.
  3. We probably shouldn’t go in total inverse order since I am slightly pissed.
  4. This is not edited, so forgive me for any grammatical errors.  No intern still on my side.
  5. Hey, fathers, go to Plan B for your kids and just have them aspire to be NFL Commissioner, as Goodell’s new contract is just freaking ridiculous.
  6. I guess the trickle down effect of the $2.5 billion Verizon deal helps a tad.
  7. Arizona State basketball is 10-0 now, and it just feels weird, and they don’t even really have some glorious past timeframe to look back on and remember.
  8. But going into Lawrence and winning is still going into Lawrence and winning.
  9. And the fact that Bobby Hurley is coaching it is just icing on the cake…even if you were or are a Duke hater.
  10. If you never heard the sound bite with Herm Edwards pretending like he was just joking about not knowing why the reporter was doing his job for a Devil-related newspaper when asking him a question, then you have missed out.
  11. 10-1 says Herm didn’t know the mascot of the school he just signed on with.
  12. We have already been through the fact that happiness comes in short doses (Dennis Leary hook), let me just say again that I was very happy when finding out all of the details of the lowly Lithuanian pro team the Ball kids will be lacing up for.
  13. Have your kids go to a decent academic school with the greatest hoops history ever, or be stubborn and too proud and have them uneducated across the ocean?
  14. There are lots of transactions that sometimes confuse people, but know that the addition of QB Shea Patterson from Ole Miss to Michigan is a really, bid add and will calm those Harbaugh leaving rumors.
  15. Matt Barnes retires as the (ready, Bill Walton?) most controversial journeyman 10-5 guard with a ring…ever.
  16. You can apologize, Eli Apple, and that is good and we get the importance of social media in today’s life, but if you are on your phone during a game, whether active or not, you are not invested in the game for your teammates.
  17. In case you thought UGA was going anywhere, win or lose at Pasadena, know they just signed one of the top OL’s in the country.
  18. In case you were thinking the Warriors aren’t the Warriors, they just swept a 6 game road trip, will be at home for seven straight games after tomorrow’s road game in L.A.
  19. I believe the rest of the NBA should be very concerned that the Spurs are just kind of hanging out near the top of the standings and just now returning a top 5 player in the league AND with Aldridge averaging a plus 25 PER.
  20. I feel like Devin Hester hasn’t done anything since his magic years, but during this retirement announcement process, I noticed that he actually led the league in return yardage as recently as 2014…weird.
  21. The Yankees, rumor has it, even WITH the Stanton signing, are shooting for a sub $200 mil payroll.
  22. With the NFL Network problems and the Panthers owner item, are sports celebrities trying to compete with normal celebrities for sexual misconduct events?
  23. Warren Sapp’s update is better on Deadspin.  https://deadspin.com/warren-sapp-defends-himself-against-sexual-harassment-a-1821268086
  24. Adam Vinateri might be out $500k due to a missed FG last week bringing his FG percentage less than 90%. #snowstorm
  25. Side note.  I will be utilizing hashtags as they should be used in 2018, so be ready.
  26. Actually, I don’t think anything changes for you all-I think that is what I do with the WordPress settings, but that is neither here nor there…just be READY for fellow followers.
  27. I wish Randy Moss was still playing because having him and Kenny Britt as WR’s at the same time would have been priceless.
  28. I can’t exactly shout it from the mountaintops from this blog page, but for the 1000th time since the moment he committed, have you SEEN this kid, Trae Young, play at OU, and did you see what he did to Wichita State, a Final Four contender.
  29. The Porzingis stat line is already impressive, but I see it being about 28-10-3 in a year (25-6-2 right now).
  30. I haven’t officially booked the tickets yet, but yes, we will be heading to watch OU in CA.
  31. When I read the story about Pistorius getting in a fight over the use of a prison phone, I oddly transferred my thoughts to how they handle prison guys with metal legs.
  32. Larry Johnson says he doesn’t remember two seasons, and I am sorry for that, but I still think there might be alternative motives to this sudden honesty.
  33. I have suddenly realized I am doing WORSE at betting ever since implementing my system of checking “expert bettor” picks online before making a bet.
  34. I need to just do my own thing.
  35. I have debated whether or not I would actually TRY and watch Johnny Manziel if he joined the CFL but then realized I didn’t even know the Grey Cup was happening until AFTER the game.
  36. Funny as it may be, I think the Pacers didn’t have to show an all time great Pacer video WITHOUT including Paul George right before he stepped onto the floor to play against them.
  37. Did the trade of Ozuna happen before or after someone called them the baseball present day pawn shop.
  38. I wonder which Cayman account Pitino will use for the counter-sue by his old school.
  39. So, Mike Trout will be heading to spring training with Ohtani AND Kinsler now on the roster?
  40. It is scary enough that Chris Paul is unbeaten since joining the Rockets, but what other teams need to worry about is that a lot of his efficiency comes from when he plays with the SECOND unit.
  41. I don’t have time to comment on the action thus far, but Winter Meetings for MLB are so freaking fun.
  42. Rodney Anderson is off the hook, and sounds like simply early timing for some chick realizing this dude will end up a millionaire.
  43. Mbah a Moute has been on the wire twice in the last two weeks and I am just NOT used to seeing his name in lights except for weird, small stuff.
  44. I don’t even know if he ended up DOING it, but when I read about the kid asking LeBron to dunk on Lonzo, I just immediately went to the Kramer-Paul O’Neill Seinfeld episode.
  45. I love that UCF is talking smack to Auburn already, and after watching two of their late games, I am not so sure they SHOULDN’T be talking smack (as long as they win of course).
  46. In case you care, there is CLAIMED to be a “Sota style pizza, although people from Minnesota surveyed had no idea about that.  https://thetakeout.com/what-the-uff-is-minnesota-style-pizza-1821303150
  47. I have told you about him before many times, but you should know that THIS dude will be in the NBA next year and we should ALL be pumped about it.  https://deadspin.com/luka-doncic-belongs-in-the-nba-and-or-jail-1821309096
  48. I GOT you in case you know you should smile each day but just haven’t had a reason to yet today…  https://gizmodo.com/behold-the-most-hilarious-wildlife-photos-of-2017-1821301269
  49. You have to figure out which teams actually WANT to be there, but bowl season is fun because you get two teams who might have never faced each other playing and a lot of unknowns.
  50. I am in a bowl pool with point spreads and over-unders, and it is showing me how bad we are when picking ALL the games by Vegas odds.
  51. Oregon is a good example of a bigger school NOT wanting to be there in their bowl game.
  52. Please tell me you have read Ten Things by Zach Lowe, as I tell you is a weekly pleasure to read with high level NBA knowledge.
  53. Russell Westbrook had a triple double the other night but missed TWENTY THREE shots in the process.
  54. Sad to hear that they got the ex-wife of Lorenzen Wright for his murder as I think I would have preferred it being some random bad people.
  55. Pretty cool that the Rockets had a year tribute to Craig Saber the other night.
  56. Bama has offered Bear Bryant’s great grandson a football scholarship and that is ONE recruiting decision I guarantee Nick Saban had NO choice on.
  57. If I am CC Sabbathia and see the Yankees suddenly pick up Stanton after making an unexpected run in the playoffs, I am also signing on for another year or two.
  58. I felt like the Paul George homecoming was more legit than the Melo one.  Paul was a Pacer from the get-go.  Melo was a Nugget for years before being a temporary Knick.  Plus, Melo is so much more unlikable.
  59. That CSU-Marshall game had a great ending to the game, but I had a problem with CSU playing their last possession like they ONLY needed a touchdown…when they were down by 3.
  60. Just when I was remembering that the Dodgers did NOT have Matt Kemp anymore on their team, they trade for him and therefore now I have to remember that he IS on their team again.
  61. Florida hoops lost again over the weekend, and, just like Star Wars, it seems like we thought they were a Final Four contender a long time ago in a galaxy far away.
  62. Sometimes it is fun accidentally seeing what is on the OTHER channels on NFL day, and we missed some bowling, some lumberjack top tier competition, and the World Darts Championship.
  63. What started as a joke has become a legit cause, as there is a petition floating around Norman to make Baker’s statue on Heisman Row (yes, they have enough to make up a part of a street and I have seen it and it is cool) one where he planted the flag at the Shoe after their OSU win.
  64. I LOVE that idea.
  65. Billie Jean King’s tennis racket that won the battle of the sexes just fetched $125,000, making it the most expensive female sports item…like ever.
  67. I have about 005% more respect for the Broncos now that they went out and ignored draft order and beat the Colts at their crib in a game many fans would have acted pissed about but then be very happy for the NFL Draft.
  68. And Brock does well in the game after Siemian got hurt, making my recent hobby of listening to Broncos fans talk about their QB situation MUCH more interesting.
  69. Marvin Lewis is doing a PREEMPTIVE strike by saying he will resign before being fired…they were probably walking down the hall to your office when you released that news to us.
  70. Before you consider whether the Bengals are just that bad or the Vikings that good, I would say that is a comfortable in the middle end result, but the Bengals definitely didn’t come to play regardless of WHAT talent they have on paper.
  71. Remember when Seattle, players healthy or not, was tough at home against ANY incoming team?
  72. Andrew Luck will be throwing before he possibly has surgery, meaning I am again confused on whether he is healthy and active, or hospital bound, as that sounds like he is healthy enough to get hurt again for surgery.
  73. Rodgers didn’t do anything magical in a win or anything, but he sure scared the CRAP our of the Panthers at their crib in his first game back.
  74. Does everyone out there understand that the Jags are doing what they are doing with Blake Bortles at QB?
  75. The Giants are simply a team no one wants to play, as I thought the Eagles would blow them out in the second half after catching their earlier outburst, but they just could NOT get separation.
  76. You get the feeling whenever the Saints play that they just prefer things to be “interesting” even against bad teams.
  77. The Bears just don’t let Mitch toss it down the field long, do they?
  78. I thought the Chiefs win was the easiest game to predict over the weekend, as there was no way the Chiefs were letting a playoff type game come to THEM at Arrowhead.
  79. There is an actual fan actually suing the actual Saints for anthem protests ruining his live sports watching experience.
  80. I won’t crack on him-actually just jealous if he wins.
  81. Like I was mad at the coffee too hot person for a while…
  82. It is like the Skins KNEW the spread was 4.5.
  83. I guess the Dolphins will just ride on the glory of beating the Pats instead of actually being consistent and looking decent a couple of weeks in a row.
  84. I think Browns fans know they had their chances at home this year to pull out a win, and I think they just really want that Excedrin parade.
  85. To the afternoon stuff, I knew as SOON as Miami beat the crap out of the Pats last week, that the Steelers were in trouble THIS week.
  86. (sad that Cutler probably will get SOMEONE to sign him next year JUST because of that game-dude is never going away)
  87. The Steelers had it in the palm of their hand-Pats loss last week, Pats at Heinz, 24-16 midway through 4th quarter, and they blew it.
  88. I am just in general, mad at Tom Brady right now. https://deadspin.com/tom-bradys-new-app-will-give-you-terrible-wellness-advi-1821231813
  89. Tom Brady is NOT going to give it to you, Ben.
  90. The catch rule needs to change of course, but that rule existed, and the Steelers shouldn’t have NEEDED that last minute touchdown.
  91. It was very cool having Shazier in attendance.
  92. I mentally wrote off JuJu standing over Burfict against the Bengals as a young kid play, but then he has to do the reenactment on a TD celebration????
  93. Not cool.
  94. I had many more game notes, but will retire on this game as I am too pissed, and will just say that when we lose in Foxboro in January, that WE HAD OUR CHANCE and every team would like to be up on the Pats by 8 points with the ball midway through the fourth quarter.
  96. I was going to write like Yoda this whole blog in honor of Star Wars opening this week, but I think you AND I are happy that I nixed that idea.
  97. My Star Wars viewing will be Friday on my new official day off from work this year-the business day before Christmas.
  98. There is a guy who lives in our building who takes his dog on a walk and he does weird stretches the whole time and…the name of his dog is Casserole.
  99. I thought that Pepsi was bad, but I was also like 7 years old.
  100. I am going back to my college roots and going to wear more khaki’s in 2018…much more.
  101. Our next show is down to House of Cards or Breaking Bad, and since it is more of a time investment with a thing I don’t have, we might just wait for the next shiny object that we can watch WITH people.
  102. I had my every two month experience of seeing a Family Guy episode (actually TWO of them) I had never seen this past week and it was glorious.
  103. Hey, Disney, DON’T mess with that show…at ALL.
  104. I was sitting at the dentist this week, was looking at the ceiling, and noticed the light was called the “Dental System Light,” and that is my award for the most boring, non detailed, name of anything ever.
  105. They didn’t have one of those small to big fancy word calculators next to them before posting the name?
  106. And don’t think there aren’t people out there like me who notice that stuff.
  107. I drive 20 minutes to Littleton for my dentist appointments (same caretaker since 1997), and the ONE thing I always do after going to the dentist in my old hood is go to the super clean McDonald’s across the street right after the appointment.
  108. I think everyone has one fast food weakness, and those fries are easily mine.
  109. Our singer for the company band is good, and it looks like I will only thankfully stealing one verse of Can’t Stop the Feeling (because I kind of want to) for our January performance.
  110. I don’t make the decisions and only write the parodies, but our song list is Shake It Off, Can’t Stop The Feeling, Smooth, and Happy.
  111. If you ever go to Park & Co., get the Popper, as it has cream cheese on the burger.
  112. Of course, I suppose I am a person who thinks that cream cheese on everything is a good thing.
  113. I don’t take too much time on the political tweets, but did enjoy the Twitter breakdown of how Donald Trump said THREE incorrect things in one 280 character or less tweet.
  114. Someone explain A) why Twitter could only do 140 characters initially B) why they can expand, but it has to be exactly double and C) when did this happen?
  115. I know a lot of things are rigged, and just add this to the list, because the fact that Davon is NOT in The Voice finale is simply jacked UP.
  116. How the HELL did I make it to this point in life not noticing that Hollandaise sauce is simply the country name and “aise” and that that is the reason it is named as such?
  117. I have noticed that The Shape of Water and Molly’s Game are rocketing up Oscar lists and seriously didn’t even know anything about them before a week ago.
  118. Navy vs. Virginia sounds like the Mark Filler Bowl.
  119. Not following how 7-11 delivering is a good thing, because the walk or drive TO and FROM the convenience store for something you have to have right then is half the fun.
  120. I have always carried Ziploc bags in my pocket in case it rains (I would have been an incredible Boy Scout when I was 6) but have decided to also carry them in case I come in contact with cookies-we had a situation the other day and now expanding my organization of pockets.
  121. Our company booked that Navy Seal speaker, Brent Gleeson, for our company meeting and I am pumped to hear him.
  122. You should get the MoviePass, $10 monthly to see unlimited movies, and that is why I suddenly can be talked into more movies by Lindsey these days.
  123. We saw Ferdinand Friday night, and it was a solid cartoon movie about a flower loving, anti-fighting bull…clever movie that hit all the right spots in emotions.
  124. We are not having kids but yet watch more animated movies than most kid populated families.
  125. We had to eat quickly before the movie, and I found Henry’s Tavern (well, I had found it before, but just not food found) and its menu that was made for me, as it has like three versions each of mac and cheese and grilled cheese…we will be back soon.
  126. We had the company holiday party this weekend, and nothing to note as I left before things got out of hand to go…
  127. …to Nathaniel Rateliff at the Ogden, and his tunes were much better than seeing a bunch of co-workers dressed up on a night out.
  128. I ended up forgetting to bet the game Friday, but damn if I didn’t look at the Div III spread and comment on how I didn’t know much about the game, but how I would take the oddity of the always dominant Mt. Union and points EASILY if betting on the game.
  129. Especially since it is directly affecting a good friend of mine, thoughts and prayers to the people in SoCal having to leave their home.
  130. I was sad that Lindsey couldn’t catch the Elf musical playing locally, but those ticket prices were like a happening Red Rocks concert and very expensive.
  131. I was in bed by 11pm Friday night and that just sounds weird writing.
  132. Las Margs in Uptown has a delicious breakfast burrito all the time for $2.99 regular or $4.99 smothered and keep that notated in your head if in the area.
  133. Sorry for the repeat theme, but it just fit and I didn’t feel like looking more.  Because, in the end, we COULD have had him, man.  Dammit.
  134. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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