Hand ME the keys…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  I am too busy watching Elite 8 games and can only write a few things during commercials.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  Hope you told as many people as I did to take the Wisconsin money line bet for big last night.  It was stressful, but it worked.  Boom Goes the Dynamite.


1a)  It NEVER gets old.  That last link.  Here is your expected Badger.

2)      Michigan State/ UVA was a quality game.  Painful as an Wahoo alum, it made me very glad I was on my couch, and UVA still gave the eventual champions a run for their money.

2a)  During editing, I note that this was wrong.

3)      That is a bold hook since I am watching the UCONN-Michigan State game as I write that.

3a)  During editing, I note that this was wrong.

4)      In case you care, the #1 and #2 preseason teams were off the radar but still in the tournament.  ALWAYS look at preseason polls before picking your bracket.  I didn’t have the guts to pick UK over Wichita State, but it rings true.

4a)  Once again, during editing, I note that this is now not a valid hook.  Damn.

5)      I just saw the commercial for Draft Day, with Kevin Costner.  I thought we had already decided that if you COULD like him in a sports movie, it was about baseball.  Follow the rules, Kevin.

6)      I love Lindsey a lot, but Friday night was glorious (aside from the UVA result) with my couch fort and solitude.  It is like Patrick Warburton covers in Rules of Engagement in an episode.

7)      Peter and Katrina, that hot dog you put under my Jeep wiper is still there.  For you old time readers, it is like that flyer/ad I had on my car for three weeks until it rained.  I am keeping the hot dog on my front wiper until SOME bird saddles up and takes it.  I am stubborn.

8)      Still depressed about his team’s playoff loss against the Seahawks, Niners Chirs Culliver decided to contribute by getting a “hit” and “run.”  You are a day late and not sure if you are on the right path overall.  Good luck.

9)      Bill Rafferty is the bomb, but I sometimes wonder what it would be like if ABC had TV rights and Dick Vitale could be doing some of these games.  Shame, shame, shame.  Would be nice if they could be on the SAME game talking about diapers and lingerie.

9a)  It makes sense.  That is not a wrongly written hook.  Read it slower this time.

10)   Mike Trout and the Angels have agreed to 6/144.  That sounds about right.  Enjoy the sun of the west coast for 6 years, make some cash, learn from Josh and Albert, and then come back home to sign what will be the sickest contract of all time with the Phillies or Yankees.  Start the bidding.

11)   Did I read that Jon Gruden thinks Derrick Carr might go #1?  Did we catch him after a happy hour?  Come on, Jon.  The last non glamorous #1 pick of any draft…oh, was last year’s NBA draft.  Ok.  We are listening.  And that Mario Williams against the trends pick was pretty dope years ago.

12)   Anthony Bennett…that is seriously SO silly.

13)   I still don’t know where anything is on Direct TV.  On Friday, when I was by myself, I was lost if I was looking for anything but basketball.  I usually just ask Lindsey.

14)   My favorite headline of the week.  “Indicted RB Ray Rice marries fiancee.”

15)   AJ McCarron is sad that he is not in the headlines anymore, so he decided to get engaged to Ms. Webb for some up time.  Nice call, AJ.

15a)  I still think the lady of Blake Bortles is hotter.

16)   Hey, Tampa Bay Lightning, that own goal video was pretty priceless.

17)   Tell your friends.  The SEC, easily the least talked about conference going in, is 10-1 thus far.

18)   I don’t really like you anymore, Johnny Football, but I will say THIS.  You do have a certain quality about you that capitalizes on things.  Coming out at pro day with full gear on?  Incredible.  Awesome.  THIS Instagram?  Fantastic.  Considering I was your biggest out of Texas fan two years ago, and since I hated you for a year, I think perhaps you might be succeeding at getting me possibly back as a fan???


19)   Nahhh.  Not yet, but that Instagram is really funny.

20)   My favorite non basketball sports story of the week.  This is fantastic.

hu-photo (42)

21)   The games get better, and I just get sad that we are now running out of teams.

22)   I just saw for the first time for Neighbors, with Seth Rogan.  I laughed out loud.  I am excited.  My summary was a guy with a family that WAS a party animal moves next to an actual fraternity…and they go blow for blow.

22a)  Dammit.  I think I just wrote that because Bill Rafferty did the last game.  Anyway, here is the photo.

23)   Nice Arizona fans.  Pepper spray in a loss?  Class. Eee.

24)   Some guy named Lewis Hamilton won the Malaysian car race this weekend.  I have decided it is too soon for me to start talking about being able to find race cars and stuff, correct?  Thought so.

25)   I made a mistake before, but NOW the Sixers losing streak is done at 26.

26)   Is DeAngelo Hall actually talking to the media about how the Skins would welcome WR DeSean Jackson.  Those two as teammates would be a match made in heaven.  AND they can play against each other in practice.  That is adorable.  I’m weepy.

26a)  You all ARE aware this is the best movie ever, correct?  Maybe Princess Bride.  Maybe Rounders.  Maybe Gladiator.  Maybe Casablanca.  I could go on and on.  Let’s just say that for today, THIS is the best movie ever.

27)   Ok.  Michigan State lost.  My bracket is in now done.  I am still in the knockout pool and Michigan State wiped OUT a LOT of people, so maybe my lost bracket will still pay me out.  If you are curious, I am rearranging EVERYTHING in my knockout pool to leave it to Wisconsin to win it all.  On the record.

28)   Marquette is looking at Cuonzo Martin for their new coach.  Can you all let him have a day to freaking get over his VERY recent loss?  Mr. Martin in two years went from having websites to oust him to websites to keep him.  My bet is that he stays.  Marquette, no offense, is a lateral move (unless we are back in the 1970’s), not an upward move.  You will always get athletes at Tennessee, Cuonzo.  Stay.

29)   Sad to see that Kevin Ware is transferring from Louisville.  I guess storybook stuff doesn’t really correlate to limited playing time.  It is what it is.

30)   I just had a flashback to my FAVORITE place as a kid.  Storybook Land.  LOVED that place.  Thanks for taking me, Mom and Dad.

31)   This has nothing to do with anything about recommending the over in the game, but amazing that run and gun Dayton slowed it DOWN when down in the second half by 10 plus points to the #1 team in the nation.  My advice made it ALL back on the Wisconsin game.  I am not scared to admit I had a bad over pick on that UF-Dayton game..

32)   I never thought that listening to Widespread Panic in the background would work with March Madness, but I stand corrected.  Wasn’t bad.

33)   I didn’t have much time to enjoy it, as I was one of the few people who checked out for basketball watching, but I am pretty sure I was at some MTV pool party yesterday.  I knew we were going to SOMETHING when I noticed that Lindsey was doing her hair WHILE in a swim suit before the party.  I had clothes that I just threw on and was confused how to attend a “hip” pool party.

34)   That is it.  UK-Michigan starts in 20 minutes.  Hope you enjoyed or are least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

35)  Oh, and for you regular readers, it is official.  I have joined Candyland as of yesterday.  My other membership officially ended, and I am now allowed to box finally as much as I want.  Thanks to Mom and Dad, for getting me that garage heavy bag at an early age.  Best gift ever.

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