Guess WHO? But that is what I am asking and I don’t like guessing games…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

SORT of on the clock.  Evening rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Watching the EA Sports Maui Invitational makes me analyze the reload of the Cuse 2-3 zone, makes me remember that Mike Montgomery is still at Cal, wish I could write a text to James Southerland to remind me he left Syracuse a year too early, and DESPERATELY want to make my first trip to Hawaii.

1a)  Lindsey just came home before going out for drinks with her girlfriend (NOT a school night for her).  She didn’t sit in the living room area and instead played Sugar Mash/ Candy Crush at the kitchen bar area.  I THOUGHT it might be because I had a basketball game on, but then remembered I took off my shoes and didn’t spray the feet.  That solves THAT riddle.

2)      JR Smith should stay on Twitter because reading about him being stuck in his garage is fun.  Colts owner Jim Irsay should step away from the mic.  You are an executive.  Stop being a social media whore.  That is for lower people in life like me and idiots like JR Smith.

3)      Knicks coach Mike Woodson has told the media he has NOT lost the locker room.  Hey, Mike.  We never actually believe you HAD it in the first place, so this is a moot point.  Or a “MOO” point if you watched Friends.

4)      Good day.  Sale, and then after being sad about eating two extra slices of pizza over the weekend and not having them for work, I walked into the work kitchen to find two slices of community pizza-pepperoni.  Not sure which made my day more.

4a)  Pizza is awesome.  FREE pizza is incredible.

5)      MLB released their latest HOF ballot.  Glavine.  Maddux.  Frank Thomas are the newbies.  Ultimately check, check, check.  But given the aloofness of the HOF voters, they might make Thomas and Glavine wait a year or two to “accumulate” a better percentage.

6)      A-Rod added Selig to his lawsuit…blah blah blah…yada yada yada.  Ugghhh.

7)      Joe Flacco says the five plays the Ravens ran of the Wildcat this weekend made the team look like a high school team.  Well, as soon as….WAIT.  Karma.  I am holding this insult.  Considering the Steelers and Ravens play for the right to have a CHANCE for the playoffs in two days, I will hold off all improv insults.

8)      Hey, Broncos fans.  Parting shot before we move to next week’s showdown.  In NFL history, teams that were up 24-0 or more had previously won 617 out of 622 games.  It is now 618 out of 623.

9)      With Manziel sucking last week, Mariota sucking last week, McCarron being just ordinary, and Winston about to be charged with rape, are the happiest people in the nation at Northern Illinois or Fresno State?

10)   I am sorry, Andre.  I guess having over 2000 yards rushing dictates I add Boston College to that hook.  My bad.

11)   Headline we most expected to read today.  “Seattle Seahawks to add cornerback to roster.”  Cheaters.

12)   We did NOT expect that Michael Crabtree would be joining the party, but my fantasy QB and I (and Lindsey) are very happy about that.

13)   I love what my closet NBA team today.  Derrick Williams came out of school too early and wasn’t a match for the system, and Luc will give the Wolves the ability to guard multiple positions…guys like Blake, Dirk, etc.  I LOVE the move, Minnesota Timberwolves.

14)   Bradley Beal will sit for two weeks for the Wizards.   The Wizards FINALLY get a pal for John Wall that can score 20 points a game, and he gets injured.  I think the Wizards should make a move before the trade deadline to get out of that “just inside the lottery and just outside the playoffs” territory.

15)   Buss says the Kobe extension was the right thing to do.  Mitch is telling us the Lakers will contend too during that time.  Kobe is 35, Gasol is getting older too, Nash is getting older even faster, Kobe’s salary takes $23 mil of a projected $62 salary cap…so I guess what I am saying is that I need more of an explanation of how contending is possible besides being a “traditional” power.

16)   The grass is green, the sky is blue, and Chip Kelly has finally informed us that Nick Foles will be his starting QB for the rest of the year.  Have you seen his stats vs. Vick?  It is ridiculous.

17)   At least we are ready for another offseason of some squad thinking Michael Vick has something left in the tank.

18)   Every time I listen to Seth Greenberg at halftime of a game, and look at VA Tech’s basketball record since they fired him, I say out loud “WHY did he get fired?”

19)   And yes, a UVA guy just complimented a VA Tech person.  Mark it down.

20)   Ahmad Brooks says that RGIII shouldn’t be playing, but respects him for trying.  I will actually agree with my UVA alum (that is actually incorrect as he didn’t graduate, but whatever).  If there was hope before, there is not now.  I say shut him down and let him get a fresh start for next year.

21)   I am not rooting for a Chiefs victory this week.  I just want them to be healthy so we see both squads at relatively full strength.

22)   I am not saying it is long term, but I TOLD you about the Blazers.  I told you before the season, I told you a couple games in, and unless you live in an NBA bubble, I shouldn’t have to tell you today.

23)   In case you think that Joe Theisman is sitting at home watching football these days, you would be wrong.


24)   I was about to write a hook about the Navajo Code Talkers, but when Deadspin beats me to the punch, and since they have all DAY to write it while I am working, I will let them handle it.

25)   What I learned about this article from Deadspin is that it is sad that I have tried all but one.  I will have to check out #2, DS.  I have missed that bandwagon.  I would rank Ten High a couple spots higher by the way.  Cheap bourbons ranked, folks.

26)   Saban’s wife says he is NOT leaving Bama.  Well, I guess that settles THAT.

27)   Lindsey made me my birthday dinner last night.  Crab legs, some kind of incredible potatoes, shrimp, etc.  It was SO locked on, and part of my excitement for finishing my blog and setting up fantasy football for the week is digging into those leftovers.  Boom goes the dynamite.

27a)  And since I would rather have a block of cheese before sweets ANY time, my “birthday cake” was this cake shaped CHEESE block.  I am holding off on dinner so I can ruin it with that block of cheese.

28)   If you think that I will comment on the UK close win vs. Cleveland State, you are wrong.  They still are young, they still are learning, it is so early, and…DAMMIT.  That means I DID mention the game.  I trick myself SO much.

29)   If you think I will mention the Steubenv…HAH.  You are wrong.  I finally stopped myself.  Yay.

30)   Do you think when Knowshon Moreno introduced himself to chicks at school, that sometimes chicks were thinking he was asking them if they knew Shawn Moreno?  Weird name for a dude.  Kind of like when my roommate in my college freshman year would answer “Guess Who.”  My question was “Who is THIS band?”

31)   If you are not excited about the Iron Bowl this weekend, then I think you are reading the wrong blog or are not dating me or my relative.

32)   That is it.  I could go all night as you know.  Let’s save some for lunchtime tomorrow.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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