Give me something to rant about…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Good stuff today even if it will be the speed version.  At least we have constant things in life.  Death, taxes, and Greg Oden’s knee swelling up and him missing practice.  He needs to start playing soon.  The field is WIDE open for nicknames on a mid 20’s guy who looks 50 already.

2)      SNOWBALL in the HOUSE.  OK.  Snowball complains about a team he left disgracefully for allowing someone else to wear his old number which the guy is only wearing out of dedication to his friend who died of leukemia.  Where the HELL should I start on this one?  This is the speed version.  Dammit.  Make your own joke, and keep those microphones at least 15 feet clear of that idiot.  Different levels, Snowball.  Your immediately dumb statement escalated when we found out the reason of Tobias wanting the damn number in the first place.

3)      Snowball is Dwight Howard for you newer readers.  He says something dumb, then something related that is dumber…you get the idea.

4)      If you were cruising around on Craigs List this week for jobs in Cleveland, you might have noticed a fan putting an ad out for Browns QB Brandon Weeden’s job.  That actually happened.

5)      Bob gave me an Oberto Bacon Jerky again this morning.  Those things are off the hook, no pun intended.  Real bacon, and if you don ‘t wash it down with anything, your mouth tastes like bacon for a good 45 minutes…which is of course a splendid thing.

6)      Good man, Peyton, on that no comment thing to Irsay.  Let him be the idiot, and you be the class.

7)      I think that Ndamukong Suh should keep playing like he is playing, but at least set up a charity for kids with the fines he accumulates.  They could have a whole gym at this point.

8)      Indy gets Denver healthy, at home, and on prime time.  Why are they trying to piss Peyton off in addition to all of this?  Let sleeping dogs lie or however the hell the cliché goes.

9)      For the record, I think this Indy game might be a trap game for the Broncos, but I officially still picked Denver to win in my weekly pool.  See, Vince?  Not a hater.

10)   The Dodgers made it interesting by winning Game 5.  The good news for St. Louis is that they head back home.  The bad news is that they draw Clayton Kershaw next.  I still think they win in 6.

11)   The Tigers shook up their lineup and then shook up the Red Sox.  This series is tracking about as I expected.  Look for the Tigers to win the next game and then clean things up in six games.

12)   Welcome back, NHL, Ovechkin has had a nice start, the Avs are unbelievably undefeated, the Flyers suck, and it is utterly EXHAUSTING looking up and down their long ass divisions now.  This realignment sucks.  I need to go study it.

13)   Logan, the reason why I hate the honey and maple in whiskey is because the Fillerhater has a very dull pallet.  I like unsweetened ice tea for lunch, bourbon and water, and vodka and unsweetened ice tea.  Dull is good, and honey is WAY too loud.

14)   SOMEONE has to have a bad enough fantasy team to have picked up Josh Freeman to start.  HAS to be someone out there.  Or someone from Minnesota who needs something to believe in.

14a)  Sorry, just thought of that damn song by Poison.  Definitely not their WORSE song…

15)   Brandon Marshall got fined 10k for wearing green shoes to celebrate mental health awareness week.   Someone go buy Snowball green shoes.  Now.  Because of the mental health thing.  And the dumb things he says.  Oh, and fining Marshall on this is nitpicky.

16)   Sure, I deal with that ridiculousness show, Catfish, Snapped, and one or two others.  But, Lindsey’s preferred shows aren’t really that bad at all.  Masters of Sex?  Polyamory?  I get nudity in both.  And New Girl is not HORRIBLE.  Not too bad overall…

17)   Deadspin said Gravity was cool, technologically awesome, and a viewing pleasure.  That being said, Deadspin and I are on the same page.  I haven’t seen it yet, but they complained that Bullock’s character set up was a little dumb and overplayed.  Anything negative about Sandra I support.

18)   THIS guy’s kid probably didn’t have any pressure from dad in his younger years to play soccer well… guy wins a boatload of money and can retire after betting 15 years ago that his son would start for Wales.  The kid got on the field this week, making dad a winner.

19)   Allen Iverson will retire in Philly’s home opener on Oct. 30.  I love this guy as you know, and it is weird retiring now since he hasn’t suited up since 2010 in the NBA.  I am most mad that he played the last few years of his career barely scoring, which brought down his previously 30 point (and top 5) scoring average.  He ended up with a 26.7 average.

20)   Oregon will wear pink helmets this weekend in celebrating breast cancer.  For those of you who think that the cause might make their uniforms ugly, you obviously haven’t watched an Oregon game in a few years.

21)   Every time the phone of this new guy working next to me rings, I almost lose it.  Dude has Separate Ways rocking still.  Amazing.

22)   I live in the wrong town.  I was told today I looked like I am heading to the docks to my boat after work.  I guess that is true.  I am landlocked with an addiction to water.

23)   That is it for today.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  peace.

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