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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Let’s turn and burn.

On the clock.  In yet another one of my extremely random and odd injuries I seem to achieve, I have a scratched cornea, and therefore don’t feel like staring at this laptop for too long.  5:45 (during Seinfeld, so the first 15 minutes might be distracted)

1)  Michael Phelps got a gold medal in his alleged last race ever (I think it is) in the Olympics.  It was in a relay, which brings the point of this initial hook.  He has the most amount of medals and golds by far, and he without a doubt the best Olympic swimmer of all time.  Best all time Olympic athlete in ANY sport?  That is debatable.  The relay aspect is what really makes it up for conversation.  I won’t call them freebies, but they do inflate the amount of medals substantially.  The Fillerbuster would actually side with Phelps, but it would be close.  Carl Lewis would be up there for me considering the popularity and competition of the events he was competing in.  Jesse Owens might be my Jackie Robinson version because of how he did it and when.  Sure, Carl had some relay help also.  I get that. But Carl also stepped outside of the usual events for sprinters and owned the long jump along with his 100 and 200.  I find it more impressive in some ways, but the consistency that Phelps showed over the last three Olympics is enough for me.

2)  Did you see how BADLY Jim Furyk missed the final putt at Bridgestone on Sunday?  Dude has been around and shouldn’t jack that one up.  He is getting too old to not close out at this point.  It wasn’t even the length of the putt itself, Jim went into the FINAL up one stroke and STILL managed to lose it outright.  Not good heading into the PGA Championship.

3)  The Hyphens are still in but have a huge test tomorrow against China in beach volleyball.  May and Walsh better be on their game over there.  They aren’t exactly pushovers.

4)  Someone, somewhere was in a bar conversation somewhere down south some dude was arguing with a Jeff Gordon fan and probably said “I have a better chance of getting hit by lightning.”  Ok.  Ok, that hook was going bad places.  Anyway, I was sad to hear about a fan getting struck by lightning and dying.  This is stream of consciousness.  I am not deleting this hook, admit I wasn’t sure where it was going, and stopped before trying to be funny.

5)  Another day comes and goes, and Lance Armstrong somehow made the wire yesterday for…something.  I didn’t read it.  Moving on.

6)  In reverence of that last hook, Tim Tebow also made the news again.  Boomer Esiason has said to the media that the Jets should just cut Tim Tebow.  Word to that, Boomer, but now that he is 2000 miles away, I am not near as passionate about my support of your proclamation.

7)  You have seen a lot of American victories in the Olympics thus far, but at press time, the Chinese still had the overall lead in medals.  I would not have bet that it would be this close this year.

8)  I have watched tennis all my life.  I have watched Federer all his career.  And, I have never seen him get “smoked.”  He did on Sunday.  Either he has something going on personally, his health is not all there, he didn’t really care about the Olympics as I expected, or he truly wanted Andy Murray to finally win something relevant in his home country. He sure as hell won’t hand the other title at Wimbledon on a platter.  Anyway, Roger, if you wanted to make it a little more realistic, you could have at least won ONE set.  It was ridiculously fake.

9)  I really enjoyed the interview with ex-Olympic gymnast Olga Korbut and her talking about the old highlights.  Good special, NBC.

10)  I was sad to hear about Andy Reid’s kid dying from undisclosed reasons.  Rumor is it is drugs since he used to have a problem.  My thoughts go out to Reid, his family, the Eagles organization, and LeHigh University.

11)  When it is all said and done, we might argue who is the best women’s tennis player of all time, but the doubles will be solidified as the Williams sisters.  They won gold in the Olympics.  If I had a time machine, I would have liked to see them play on grass against Pam Shriver and Martina Navratilova in their prime, but I would still take the sisters in each duo’s prime.

12)  Curtis Martin got enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame over the weekend.  The Fillerbuster totally disagrees, but I understand why he made the cut…kind of.  I say this.  If you have above average consistency over years and years, you better have a ring to put you over the top.  The reason Terrell Davis gets discussed on this note is because he didn’t have years of consistency because of injury, but he had two rings, putting him in the conversation.  Martin was a very good running back for over a decade, but was not great enough to get in the HOF in my opinion.

13)  Another one bites the dust.  WR Justin Brown transfers to Oklahoma from Penn State.  Along with Redd, he takes more firepower from a weak offensive unit and places them on a contender.  Nine players have gone so far.  Sad about the whole thing, and I am sure schools that have to play these powerhouses that are adding a key element are really, really happy.

14)  Sad to see Gabby Douglas’s mom file for bankruptcy over the weekend.  It must be a large investment to get your daughter to the top of the gymnastic world, and Gabby better get that Corn Flake endorsement money…quickly.

15)  Spike Lee has declared he will not be a Nets fan in Brooklyn.  I don’t understand why he felt the need to declare this.  Same city pro teams already exist, people choose one side or the other, and I thought you were a diehard Knicks.  I don’t understand why you need to tell us.  Sounds like you were telling YOURSELF through the media.  Not that Pittsburgh would get another football team, but I wouldn’t doubt myself for a SECOND.

16)  After my Red Solo Cup link I put in over the weekend, my mom emailed me and let me know that song was already on her phone.  Very cool.  She rocks.

17)  Today, the Browns announced that Brandon Weeden will be their starting QB.  Word is that the 28 year old is already working on a new contract since he is already about 3 years into his NFL prime without playing a down.  Him and Chris Weinke are having beers celebrating the starting announcement as we speak.

18)  Brandon Marshall KIND of predicted that the Bears would be in the Super Bowl.  I am not saying they don’t have SOME of the parts to win, but their QB will always be a headcase, and I would LOVE to get Brandon on the Wonderlic one last time.

19)  I am sorry if you are from Houston.  Anyone else notice in the last 34 games that the Astros are 4-30?  That is tough to do, whether you are trying to or not.

20)  McKayla Maroney got second in the vault, even though she landed on her butt on one of her attempts.  I am not sure how you still get second when you do that in an individual event, but did you see her snub the Russian winner on the consolation kiss?  Classic.

21)  Check out Serena’s dance after she won in the Olympics.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zm3GVgu8btM

22)  T.O. ran a 4.45 40 today in working out for the Seahawks.  They are considering signing him.  Listen, everyone, the question about T.O.  is NOT him being in shape, it is about what goes on off the field, him destroying QB’s, and what goes on between the ears.  Sure, he might be an upgrade, and sure he is a HOF shoo-in, but I wouldn’t risk it on that young roster.  You are in the NFC West.  You ALWAYS have a chance.

23) The Jets had a 20 player brawl conveniently right in front of fans AND media today at practice.  Joe McKnight didn’t like being pushed out of bounds by the coach’s kid.  This team is hilarious.  You know what I personally was happy about?  They had an incident that DIDN’T mention Tim Tebow.

24)  My eye injury was actually pretty normal by the way.  No freeze tag games with 8 year olds.  I wear daily contacts.  Sometimes not all of the contact comes out, sometimes I try a little hard to retrieve, and evidently this time I scratched my cornea.  It is boring in comparison to some of my more lively random minor injuries.

25)  I hear that they might reduce Jonathan Vilma’s sentence to 8 games.  Don’t do it.  It will take a long process to get this into court, he probably did it anyway, but they don’t want to back off now-they need to stand firm.  The Fillerbuster, like everyone else, is wondering how fail safe information was obtained in the first place.  You made a choice, now stick to your guns.  It will be a slippery slope.

26)  Usain Bolt strolled to a casual 9.63 100 today.  Bad legs or back?  I think not.  Dude, I admit I was doubting you a little.  But you OWNED arguably the hardest event to win in the games.  You definitely back up your antics.  You are like the cool, more intelligent, T.O. that actually wins things.

27)  Congrats to the woman who might be the first female referee in a NFL game.  Just like Obama as president, this took way too long, replacement refs or not.

28)  Tom Brady just turned 35, and says he wants to still talk to us when he is 42.  You might talk to us, but it will not be from the field, bro.  The QB position has evolved into something that won’t allow a 42 year old to be successful.  You are the man, Tom, but age and time have no rivals.

29)  I just booked a work trip to beautiful Harrisburg, PA.  I usually try and go a day early or stay a night after if it is a Monday or Friday meeting.  The car trips to my grandparents in Altoona and Bradford when I was a kid gave me enough information to know that getting back to Denver at 11:50pm on a Friday is better than being there for a night.

29a)  At least I have a Corpus Christi Sunday afternoon trip before that trip.  And a September DC trip.

30  Mayweather is out of jail, and we the masses have one huge advantage.  Pacquiao HAS to fight the rematch with the wrongly scored fight first.  Guess that gives us at least 3-4 months of super fight peace.  Probably not though.  The writers will find a way to irritate us.

31)  That is it.  No blog tomorrow.  My fraternity brother is in town, and I had to diss Scott tonight because of my bad eye.  Tomorrow will be most likely hanging with him, with a blog most likely on Wednesday.  Will I post a blog by Wednesday night?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

31a)  I watched two Seinfeld episodes tonight.  We are a little out of sync.  My eye hurts.  You couldn’t give me a pirate episode tonight?  Slacker.  I DID laugh out loud though.  Kramer makes a pasta for Jerry during the assman episode.  Kramer explains that you need to find a pasta that…nevermind…just watch it.  Wait for “silly.”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5ncsjMVzcc

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