Four nights…thank you, John Bell, and I hope you are all rested up from your year off…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock, but I do have a hard stop…which is some time away.  Today is free form day, but I hope you enjoyed the new format during this last week.  Today?  It is just the clear the list rant, but I will stick to my new rules.  You can go on ESPN’s website to get sports updates.  I will only comment on something I really have something to say one way or the other.

Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       I know that winning a Super Bowl is a huge deal.  I know that the guy can probably throw it to the end zone on his knees.  I know that he is pretty young and just hitting his prime.  That being said, I think that Joe Flacco being the highest paid player is a load of crap.  I feel bad for the Packers when they have contract talks with Aaron Rodgers.  Joe Flacco had a great run and really showed he is solid, but I think that making him #1 is a little off in thinking.  Also, the guy already had a huge ego.  Now, he might need assistants to help fit his giant head through doorways.  Ugghhh.  I can’t wait to read the next installment of the NFL QB Facebook page.

2)      You know you are hitting stride when your best player has an off game and you still win.  The Heat beat the Grizzlies to win their 13th straight.  It is scary that LeBron’s “off game” was 18, 10, and 8.  I watched most of the game, and LeBron truly was off until getting 14 points in the fourth quarter alone.  The Eastern Conference playoffs are shaping up to be pretty boring at this point.  They are Miami’s to lose.

3)      A bartender in Ohio did an odd thing this week.  She called the police after a customer left a little tipsy.  He got a DUI, and she got fired.  Of course, she would have gotten fired anyway for over serving if he had managed to get busted on his own.  I guess she just took the guess work out of her getting fired.  Way to expedite.

4)      Flyers goalie IIya Bryzgalov pissed off all of the odd people who are huge Star Wars fans AND hockey fans.  He has the problem fixed now.  What was it?  He had Yoda on his goalie helmet using a RED light saber.  That would mean that Yoda was going to the Dark Side, and we can’t have THAT.  You can sleep better knowing the light saber is now green.

5)      You can side with whoever you want on the whole court storming issue that the UVA-Duke game ignited.  I say non planned court storming is good to go, as long as you have never been “there” yet.  Ralph Sampson jacked up THAT back in the day with UVA, so they are allowed.  Safety has to be considered.  We don’t want players, coaches, or fans to end up like Jim Plunkett’s wife.  UVA security should have gotten Duke off the floor first thing.  That being said, we wouldn’t have had THIS treasure.  I would say the “look” is spot on.–ncaab.html

6)      I don’t have the time or the money to make this trip, but this artist lineup looks pretty tight.  My colleague, Robert, was telling me about one of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S.  I had visited Mobile once or twice in passing, but evidently I was on the wrong side of the bay to check the really pretty beach out.  Public Enemy, Kings of Leon, TheRoots, etc.

7)      Magic Johnson has offered $1 million for LeBron to be in the dunk contest.  This is ridiculous that we have to beg the King to be IN this thing.  Hey, LeBron, I know that the contest has tapered off over the years, but even MJ did these things.  You could single handedly SAVE this event.  Nice to know that Magic has $1 million under his mattress too.  Shoot me an email, Magic.  You can shoot ME over some cash.  I will enter the contest.

8)      Another rant, and another Chicago Blackhawks win.  At least the low level Blue Jackets gave them a RUN.  Chicago beat Columbus 4-3 last night.  They are getting in scary good territory.

9)      OK.  That last hook was just reporting something, but a team in hockey going unbeaten in 21 straight games NEEDS some love.

10)   I didn’t like Adele, and really had no reason to dislike her.  That being said, I had no idea that she was the one singing that Skyfall song.  So, I guess I now think she is cool.

11)   Louisville beat Syracuse today in a close game.  Syracuse has now lost 3 straight and looks very disjointed going into March.  Louisville is quietly sitting at the outskirts of the top 10 suddenly looking like we imagined they would look at the beginning of the season.  As teams at the top seem to all be bipolar in some way, Louisville has now won 5 straight, four of them by double digits.  They have the goods to win the whole thing.

12)   Doug McDermott made a hell of a statement IF today’s game versus Wichita State was his last game (he is a junior).  I watched the game, and trust me, it is NOT easy beating Wichita State by double digits.  Creighton looked solid, McDermott had 41 points, and they are one of the more confusing teams heading into March Madness.  I still am not on their bandwagon that I was previously on for the Final Four, BUT they ARE going to knock out someone big en route to a Sweet Sixteen or Elite 8 appearance.  They will be a 9 seed that faces a weak #1 seed in the second round.

13)   South Dakota State has a 30 game home winning streak, but doesn’t really play any of the big boys.  Who is second on that list?  Marquette has 25 straight home wins now, and DOES play some of the big boys.  I still have them as an unfortunate contender for a first round tourney upset, but that won’t ruin their nice little home streak at least.

14)   OK.  Last week when I played that video with all of the pretty Mustangs, I didn’t realize my brother was actually sending me something else totally fitness related.  I played the wrong one.  If you are feeling lazy, try doing THIS.  It seems kind of boring, but I have a feeling you will change your tune by trying it.  Not fun.

15)   If someone is going to take out Nadal this year at the French Open, you would think it would be Djokovic, who very quietly hasn’t lost one match this whole year.

16)   It says on the link that this sloth is “chillin,” but doesn’t this ugly animal look uncomfortable?  Someone get him a pillow or something.


17)   For those of you thinking that Butler’s 30 point waxing by VCU should concern you about their team, don’t.  They will be fine, and VCU was in a GROOVE today.  These things occasionally happen.  Just like I think that I don’t think we need to worry about Duke losing badly again to Miami today (I am glad I wrote that-I almost forgot to switch channels to the game).  Duke gets back Ryan Kelly today, they are at home, they are wounded from the UVA loss, and I look for them to win today.

18)   Just when things were all peachy for the San Antonio Spurs, Tony Parker goes down for 4 weeks.  A very important 4 weeks of the season.  I think they will be fine overall, but slipping down to the 3 or 4 spot makes that tougher Western Conference playoff bracket a LOT harder in the first round.  No one wants to play Memphis or Denver in the first round.  No one.

19)   I am surprised over the years that the “moist towelettes” phrase continues to survive.

20)   The Thunder brought back Derek Fisher.  Fisher chose jersey number 6 for his return.  Now, the youngsters have a constant reminder that the guy is after his SIXTH championship while they are trying for one.  He will be great for the locker room, has enough rings for an entire hand, and still can hit the clutch jumper when needed.  I like the pickup.

21)   The Oscars are now done.  If you would like to check out the FUNNY breakdown of the contenders, check out Tosh spell it out.—oscars—uncensored

22)   The Jets are looking at David Garrard for a QB spot.  Or is David Garrard interviewing them as THEY are the circus?  Don’t do it, David.

23)   I know that Oscar Pistorius is training while out on bail to show how innocent he is and how positive he is about not going to prison.  Do you think he actually trains though SINCE he knows he is?  I bet you he just leaves his house, says “just going to train at the track,” and then goes somewhere and reads or something.

24)   As weird as the FSU-Pitt ACC football season opener sounds, it is nice to have new members in our conference.  It won’t get really fun until basketball season since both Syracuse and Pitt aren’t too stellar football wise, but it is good stuff regardless.

25)   I AM actually skipping a LOT of things on my list by the way.  We won’t be looking at 90 plus hooks I promise.

26)   I don’t remember an NFL Draft so weak in the QB category.  Seriously, I have looked at a couple mock drafts over the last few days, and I am quite convinced that NO one has ANY idea where Matt Barkley or Geno Smith will go.  I just looked at two more today.  One guy had Barkley at #9 and Smith not even IN the first round, and the other guy had Geno Smith at #10 with BARKLEY not on the board.  Weird.

27)   Steve Nash says he has no regrets coming to the Lakers.  Thanks, Steve.  It does you no good if you DO regret it, and especially if you say it to the media and fans.

28)   Boxer Chavez, Jr for suspended for nine months and fined $900k for getting busted with marijuana in his system.  Pretty harsh penalty.  Drugs are bad.  I get it.  But since weed doesn’t exactly HELP you fight, don’t you think you could be a little nicer on the suspension?  Geez.  The freaking drug is legal in two states for Pete’s Sake.  If he wants to smoke up while training for one on one combat, I say let him.  It doesn’t affect the SPORT.  It affects HIM.

29)   I know the commercial is a year old, but I find the Volkswagen commercial with the guys with the masks in the convertible hilarious.

30)   I am rooting for Lauren Silberman to make it as a NFL kicker, as she is trying out presently at the regional combine.  That being said, the TEAM of that regional combine cracked me up.  THAT is a plan.  Rex Ryan.  Tim Tebow.  Mark Sanchez.  Lauren Silberman.  Yeah.

31)   I still don’t like the seating system (I am scared someone selling tickets miscounted), but Southwest rules as far as trip management.  What they do makes SENSE.  If you want to switch your flight, just do it, and pay any difference.  No change fees.  Keep it up.

32)   I would like to thank my boys, Widespread Panic, for announcing FOUR Colorado shows at Red Rocks this summer.  And since June 27th I believe is Widespread Panic Day in CO, the fourth show makes sense.  We appreciate the extra day and for thinking of your second favorite state, but I am older now.  I think 2-3 shows sounds just fine to me.  Don’t play Pilgrims on Thursday, ok?  SMOOTH song, people.  Check it out.  Relaxing.

33)   St. John’s had its leading scorer, D’Angelo Harrison, suspended for the remainder of the season.  He is the Big East’s third highest scorer.  Steve Lavin, their coach, has had the #3 ranked and #8 ranked recruiting class over the last two years.  He cheated at UCLA, and he is probably cheating now.  Losing Harrison does not help their precarious status right now for the tourney, and no word on WHEN Lavin will actually show results of those recruiting classes by winning more games.

34)   Dibs to my mom, who raised me well, although the results haven’t been super successful.  I STILL drink milk religiously even at age 40.  LOVE that stuff.  I can’t do the 1% as it insults my nightly Cheerios, but I drink the 2% to at least ATTEMPT to be healthier.

35)   Doesn’t it seem a long time ago that Rip Hamilton was lighting up other NBA teams for 20 plus points per game?  Talk about a guy who lost a step.  He is averaging 10,2, and 2 for the season with the Bulls.  Dude aged like 10 years in 3 years.

36)   I am watching Duke-Miami.  Ryan Kelly has 19 points and it isn’t even halftime yet.  Nice comeback, kid.

37)   The Nuggets are a team NO one wants a part of in the playoffs.  They are an odd mix of unselfish youngsters (and Andre Miller) with no real go to guy.  They play at a pace that they hope doesn’t lead to early 2000’s Phoenix Suns results.  But, here is the stat that I LOVED.  You can take SEVEN different basketball categories, and the Nugs have a different guy leading the team in every single one.  Amazing.

38)   I heard a commercial that CB & Potts is sponsoring US Curling.  Odd choice.  Is their CEO from Canada?  Wrong country, chief.

39)   I find it funny all of the deer antler ads I am hearing on the radio these days.  So, cyclist Tyler Hamilton admits he spent $40k on PED’s back in the day in one year, and I am supposed to take my empty wallet to Complete Nutrition and put antler spray in my mouth?  I think not.

40)   Michael Turner is officially released by the Falcons.  And Robinson.  And Abraham.  The playoff losses getting under your skin out there in Atlanta?  Mini fire sale.

41)   Where the HELL do you buy baggy jeans these days?  I like baggy everything, and that includes jeans.  Someone open the vault.

42)   Andrew Bynum had a setback in his comeback from injury.  Outside of a couple people eating cheesesteaks at Gino’s, I would say that no one really cares about this story, except in the rankings of most wasted talent in sports today.

43)   I am not sure why I think this is funny, but I do.

44)   Niners QB Colin Kaepernick says that Alex Smith was a great teammate.  No word on whether Alex Smith reciprocated that praise.

45)   I have seen the more/ less AT&T commercial enough times to determine that they could have done better.  I give you ONE more attempt before this phase passes.  Do it up.

46)   By the way, I sometimes laugh about how people find my blog.  So, I check the search list each day.  Here was my favorite of the week.  Hope all of these people looking for the following things online actually checked out my blog.  Here they are: Barry Manilow, picture of a clown, James Blake girlfriend, give me back my son, and tape a cheetah to her back.  I might have to make “give me back my son” the theme just for old time’s sake.  Nah.  The Panic thing is better news.

47)   The Yankees have offered Robinson Cano a large contract.  The thought process is probably on the OTHER side though, as he is probably thinking about bolting to up and coming Toronto.  The Yankees don’t look like we are used to them looking this year.

48)   St. Mary’s basketball has been busted officially for “failure to monitor” in recruiting.  Bad break for a team who has enough trouble getting on top of Gonzaga, who will be your new #1 team in the nation, people.

49)   I have successfully skipped about 40 things on my list.  Trying not to just report sports anymore.  Also trying to not write 98 hooks.

50)   My tooth hurts and I don’t like where I am mentally, so I will walk off the rant like Rory McIlroy walked off the golf course after the 8th hole.  Lindsey’s dad is taking us to the symphony tonight, so need to go find my nice clothes.  Verdi-Requiem.  Should be solid.  Boom goes the dynamite.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

51)   Just a tagline.  I am off tomorrow.  Talk to you Monday in the new format again.

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