First thing we need to do? Find alliances…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  This is a blind rant.  Just me, you, and the piece of paper next to me (well, and Lindsey driving).  Driving through mountains on way to my day off tomorrow.  Thanks again to Lindsey’s parents for allowing us to use their open room up in Aspen.  One of my favorite places not surrounded by water.  Let’s get to it.

2)      Gus Malzahn won Coach of the Year for college football.  You can bring up smaller schools, you can bring up mainstays.  Malzahn took a team in the toughest conference that had a losing record the year before overall and is going to the BCS Championship AND went through Bama to do it.

3)      I read regularly as that is one of the ways I spend my free time.  They might have had a losing record last year, but they still get top 10 classes each year.  He is not exactly starving for athletes over there.  Kind of weird though how they might take down a second title in 5 years with a kid who was playing Juco last year.

4)      Do they just leave “Aaron Rodgers” up on the ESPN wire and just adjust the words around those words each day?  SO tired of hearing whether he is playing or not this week.  I think the last one I saw was that he is not but that is neither here nor there on my point.

5)      Brian Urlacher says the Bears should stick with the hot hand in Josh McCown.  I disagree.  And I am President of the Jay Cutler Hate Club.  A backup QB has a job, and McCown did it.  Now, step aside and grab a clipboard, bro, as the starter is healthy.

6)      Wes Welker is out tonight for the Broncos.  He was on both of my fantasy teams.  I am glad my other one is eliminated because I had NO one backing him up.  My total bench on that team averaged about 7 points each week.

7)      The Mariners are making some serious moves, bringing in Logan Morrison and Corey Hart this week.  They are not messing around this year, but I am confused why they haven’t done this any other year over the last 20 years when they had a superstar or two.  They never plugged in the holes like they are trying to do now.

8)      The Mets are being the NL version of the Mariners (Colon and Granderson).  Let’s remember one thing though.  Who was doing this last year, and everyone (yours truly included) was about to give them the World Series?  Toronto.  They ended up sucking.  We will have to see how the pieces mesh.

9)      Think about that.  That is the going rate for par pitchers right now.  Lincecum gets $17 million with a losing record, and Colon is like 89 years old and got a 2 year $20 million gig.

10)   The Dodgers don’t plan on trading Matt Kemp.  Why WOULD they?

11)   I have always said that Boston sports fans are some of the more knowledgeable, loyal fans I have ever met.  They proved it as a group last night, where they met ex coach Doc Rivers with a standing O in his return with the Clippers.  VERY classy, Boston fans.

12)   Jets DL Sheldon Richardson says he would go #1 in draft if they picked again.  He is probably right by his performance so far this season, but I think they just caught him talking during a dream of trying to escape the drama that is the New York Jets.

13)   Lance Armstrong says he was singled out and that everyone was doing…AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  STOPPED myself.  Almost did a Lance Armstrong hook.  I trick myself a lot.  Go away, dude.

14)   The MJ flu shoes sold for $104k.  Seriously, someday I would LOVE to have $104k in my couch cushions to go by odd sports stuff.

15)   Whenever you find yourself daydreaming about how good the Pacers are, try and not fall out of your seat when you remember that Danny Granger is coming back very soon.  All Star previously, and unfortunately plays pretty much the same position as badass Paul George.  I have a feeling they will get some MAD return before the trade deadline once he plays and proves he is past his injury.

16)   Seriously, those commercials aren’t joking.  I missed half of the Bulls comeback last night because Lindsey was taping two shows.  TWO?  Fix that, Direct TV.  Luckily, one of the shows was only 30 minutes long.

17)   Yes, I had enough down time to watch the freaking Bulls vs. Knicks last night.  High quality basketball.

18)   I might be the worst present wrapper in the whole wide world.

19)   MLB might ban plate collisions.  Great.  Let’s start chopping down THAT sport.  Stop it.  Football involves ALL hitting constantly.  I get the rules in that.  Don’t take away a classic play like that in baseball.  Geez.  While we are at it, ban fighting in hockey.  Ugghhh.

20)   Texas Tech will be losing their QB to transfer.  That is odd.  He really must not like someone over there.  That school is just a regular season winner and not much more, but it at least is a QB factory.

21)   Bama’s kicker got a letter from George W. Bush.  Love, hate, or be indifferent with Mr. Bush, that is pretty cool to reach out.

22)   I am now following McDonald’s on Twitter.  I have no idea why.  I really like their fries and cheeseburgers.

23)   Through a friend, I might have two sister blogs shortly to share audiences.  It is like Hunger Games.  You need alliances.  Geez.  That movie has taken me over more than I realize.

24)   AND it might be my non sports theme again as it is either that thus far or Direct TV.

25)   LeBron says there is no real rivalry in the NBA today.  Yeah, Mr. James.  That is because you are trying to ignore that the Pacers are 6-5 against you in the last 11 games.  IGNORE a possible rival.  That will work.

26)   Why the HELL does the NBA release its NBA All Star choices BEFORE the season?  It is just dumb.

27)   Interesting article on ESPN today.  Why do players who do PED’s get busted, but the managers who rode those players to championships are not slighted at all?  Hmmmm.

28)   Mack Brown is denying something today and no one believes him.

29)   My word I subconsciously used in like 3 work calls and 2 emails was oddly enough “endeavor.”

30)   Not that Russell Wilson will lose his day job, but if he does by chance, nice to know he can drive to Texas for spring training with the Rangers.  They plucked him off the Rockies old draft card during the minor league draft today.  Word is he was the fastest dude around the bases when he played in college.

31)   Let me be clear.  I am NOT a Broncos fan.  But this is the DOPEST picture in my opinion of Peyton Manning I have seen in quite some time.


32)   And of course, you should Google the Manning-Burgundy interaction unless you live in a hole.

33)   A Barry Bonds shout out on Jeopardy.  Google “deadspin barry bonds.”

34)   Google “deadspin amir Williams dick.”

35)   Google “deadspin man applies for job cites madden football.”

36)   Thanks, Mom, for the present to Eleanor.  I have already told her about it.  I will take it down to the parking garage on Christmas morning.

37)   Josh Smith just CAN’T be a 3 in my opinion.  Giving him the mere idea that he should be hoisting 3’s is a bad idea no matter how you spin it.

38)   As I am always striving to be the best NASCAR reporter out there, some kid who is the grandchild of one of the big racing teams will be racing old man Dale’s #3.  You are now updated.

39)   That is it.  I would like to get back to enjoying the beauty that is a car ride to Aspen.  Hope you enjoyed or at least are more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

40)   Just a disclaimer.  I will be in Aspen and blogging won’t exactly be on my primary radar.  Talk to you before my company party on Saturday afternoon.

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