Did she win an Oscar for playing a Jersey chick? Should have.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  This would be a during commercials of the Cuse-Nova game rant.  Then, I am showing another sign of my extremely slow maturity by electing to miss the second half of the Louisville-Kentucky game and taking my lady to an afternoon movie.  See.  I make sacrifices.  Maybe I can use that TIVO thing I hear about to watch it later.

2)      The Cuse is down right now, but that will happen with a zone when the other team starts out 5-7 from three point range.  Things will level out.  Since the Cuse is one of my Final Four teams and they are at home, I will go out on a limb and say they win it by 4 or 5 points.

3)      I am actually watching this game more for my second Nova watching session.  The team is overachieving as their younger players are better than we all thought, Jay Wright is doing some of his best coaching of his career, and they are a very intriguing team overall.

4)      In Trevor Cooney, did Boeheim literally go seek out a Gerry McNamara clone?  Ok, maybe not in looks, maybe plays much less PG and mostly SG, but he just gives out that aura.

5)      Cavs Andrew Bynum was suspended today for bad behavior.  What do you say about this guy?  He has absolutely a prototypical basketball body, solid post moves, nice touch on his shot, and is still pretty young.  That being said, the kid probably should have gone to college for some learning and discipline, he seems to flip a coin each week as to whether he will not play because of his attitude or an injury, and he is in the running for biggest waste of talent in many of years.  A team doesn’t suspend a player they are paying that money to unless it is serious.

6)      The Blackhawks have corralled talent better than anyone over the last 5 years or so.  The fact that one of their lesser known players, Patrick Sharp, is lighting up decent teams like the Avalanche is downright scary.  Hat trick last night.  We might be in line for more of the same as last year, folks.

7)       Stephen Curry is already known as probably the best shooter in the NBA.  The fact that a shooter like that is also getting triple doubles is also downright scary.

8)      In case you think things have calmed in the Big Apple, the Knicks just dropped their 20th game last night.

9)      Ha.  The Cuse just went on a 20-0 run.  Fun stuff.

10)   I am changing up my Huger Games idea.  For now, I am taking reader action out of the loop until I am more clear how to do that without HAVING an intern (time reasons).  I will take my Rant Squad and other fun characters in the sports world and write a sports version of Hunger Games one hook at a time in each rant.  Basically, let’s imagine JR Smith and Metta World Peace being dropped in the middle of the woods and you have the general idea.

10a)  In my hunger games, we can give them booze and drugs.

11)   Jim Boeheim’s wife is a very attractive older woman.  Just saw her in the crowd.

12)   Before you go all bananas about the Kings beating the Heat, know the Heat were a little banged up beforehand.

13)   Mom, this is where I put the Steelers monkey you got me for Christmas.  I think it exemplifies their chances tomorrow very accurately.  Hanging on for dear life.


14)   My only interest in the Syracuse-Minnesota football game last night was watching two people who randomly picked sides have a drinking game during the contest.

15)   Pretty impressive what Washington football did last night.  Holding a team like BYU scoreless the entire second half will get you a win in most cases.

16)   Strange season.  The 49ers and Chiefs got the most Pro Bowl selections for the league.   One of them definitely will be the 5th seed in their conference, and the other one LIKELY will be.  The Chiefs had their run against subpar teams and showed true colors when matching up with the Broncos both times, and the 49ers I think can make a serious run at the Super Bowl.

17)   Get healthy, LeBron.  The league’s fans don’t like you being injured whether you love him or hate him, and I personally want them at full strength when the Pacers take them down this spring.

18)   Writing blog, catching a movie, and then going to set up camp for Rousey-Tate and Weidman Silva.  Looking forward to a very exciting fight evening.  I would like to see Silva make sure we all know their first fight was a fluke.  And of course, I hope Rousey kicks ass.  And I will wait to post that ridiculous picture until Monday.  Can’t go to the well THAT often.

19)   The tiny pizzas that are on special at happy hour at Panzano are simply delicious.  17th and Curtis downtown for you locals.  Happy hour ends at 6.

20)   I sell digital signs.  I also write song parodies.  I wrote this one this morning.  For you non company people, some of the lyrics won’t make sense, so feel free to just skip over this.  In the form of Girls by Beastie Boys.


Signs, all I really want is signs
And in the morning it’s signs
Cause in the evening it’s signs

I like the way that they map
And they’re chill to touch and tap
And I can always make them direct
From VDOT to Target

Back in the day
There was this sign around the way
The Four Winds liked sign named MCA.
He said he would not give her play
“Sign controlling sign and then you may.”
Wait until Huron and that’s ok
If she had apps I would D.J.
Moving background now by the bay

I hope she’ll say, “Hey you should EMS me your way!”
Used the pitboss app, still “No way!”
I should have guessed Janus sleighed
So I broke North with no delay
I heard Janus ease of use not worth the pay
That was two years ago this May
I seen her just the other day
Jockin’ Visix to my dismay

Signs – to do wayfinding
Signs – to show me my room
Signs – to text directions
Signs – outside a meeting room
Signs, that’s all I really want is signs
Two at a time I want signs
With new Kinect and Paint I want signs
I ought to whip out my signs, signs, signs, signs, signs!

21)   We watched the movie Don Jon last night.  Lots of sex going on in THAT movie.  Anyway, Lindsey kept asking “is that really what New Jersey is like?”  Uhhh.  Yes.  It is.  Pretty decent flick overall.

22)   I love the new AT&T kid commercial.  New Year’s revolution.  Jelly beans.  Funny.

23)   Here is a photo of my home sign.  It still needs work, but it is coming along. Sorry for subpar photo.  I am not exactly a photographer.


24)   I will admit that “start looking at cars” is on my to do list.  For now, I will continue to just put Eleanor in park at stoplights and avoid heavy traffic.  It is what it is.  I love this Jeep though so much.

eleanor-IMG_20131228_141610_159 (3)

25)   Troy Polamalu says he will honor next year’s contract with the Steelers.  Thank you, Troy.  You played injury free this year relatively, showed sparks here and there of your old self, and we can’t let you go the same way we did James Harrison.

26)   Broncos fans know Manning has lots of targets, but let’s hope that Welker’s health is good to go for playoffs.  They are another level of dangerous with him on the field.  Decker has stepped up recently, but Welker makes Peyton pretty much unstoppable.

27)   The Packers might advance this week, but Clay Matthews needs to be healthy for them to make any type of run.  Rodgers doesn’t play defense, nor star in these weird commercials.

28)   AND, I think Lacy’s health might be even more key.  A stable running game is a must since they will definitely being going to someone else’s crib soon..

29)   Shame in Michigan.  Mitch McGary could have been lottery last year.  He stays another year to hopefully boost his status even more, struggles, and now is out for the season with injury.  He almost HAS to play another year now to prove his talent AND his health.  His only advantage might be the lack of talented big man in today’s NBA game.

29a)  This does NOT apply to you idiots who are projected 2nd round and still leave school.

30)   Shame in OKC.  Getting home court in the Western Conference playoffs is KEY with the amount of quality teams on that side.  Westbrook going under the knife and not being back until after the ASG is no bueno.  Shame also as Durant was having one of his most efficient seasons to date, and now he will HAVE to force a few more shots with Russell’s absence.

31)   I love watching people who own those huge trucks try to park.

32)   Kyle Orton is 37-37 over his career with various teams.  This set up is perfect for him.  If he can win this week and perhaps one playoff game, he will solidify his status as a backup QB who should still have a job.

33)   Dolan says there will be NO changes in Knickland.  No firings.  No trades.  He will roll with what he has, which is a bunch of dysfunctional idiots.  Good luck with that.

34)   Remember when Amare Stoudemire was a gimme All Star?

35)   Remember when we thought that Carmelo at least ThOUGHT about passing?

36)   Remember when we thought that JR Smith was an idiot only because he was a youngster?

37)   Remember when we thought the Knicks MIGHT be buying into Mike Woodson’s system?

38)   I say trade Tyson Chandler for his mental health.

39)   That is it.  Going to enjoy the rest of this Cuse-Nova game and start my prayers for tomorrow’s Steelers playoff hopes.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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