Catch of the Day…


SI is having a big week.  Not only did Halle Berry finally make their porn star skin front page, but they are down to their final four for best magazine covers.   You and I could probably sit down and have some beers and hash out the big ones.  You and I might even get down to a final four.  But, I, as usual, have a problem with the final two left for their magazine.  Brandi Chastain.  Sure, the women’s team is badass when the men get happy to crack the top 12 teams in the world.  Sure, the whole ripping off the jersey was emotional, hip, and revolutionary.  But if Brandi takes down the Miracle on Ice cover, I am going to….do…something.   That can’t happen, right?  The Americans beating the all time powerful Russians in the Olympics losing to a chick with her top off in a sport we really as a population don’t care much for?  And.  Look at the runner ups.  Degusting that she somehow made it past Dwight Clark and The Catch, and the Dream Team.  One furthered a dynasty in America’s favorite game, and the other was the result of us finally getting pissed at playing professionals from the rest of the world and them somehow thinking they were close to us.  Both are immortal.  Anyway, that is what really grinds my gears today.  Airplane rant tomorrow.

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