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To be transparent, I left my blog list from yesterday at home, but there are always things to discuss with or without a list.



Fans here give me a hard time because I won’t allow my home team overtake or even come close to my allegiance for the Steelers.  But, you have me as a fan tonight, Denver.  The Broncos go to Cincy to take on the Steelers’ nemesis for the highly contested AFC North title.  And more importantly, the third seed.  The Steelers don’t need the Bengals to lose tonight for their own sake, but it would be nice to have a chance next week to possibly knock them TOTALLY out of the playoffs and not just the division title.  I can’t see Peyton risking a bye week in the playoffs, and losing tonight guarantees he will be going to Foxboro if the Pats win a game.  This is a huge statement game for the so close yet so far away Bengals, and I don’t think they have it in them to take tonight.  Maybe I will even send Peyton a Christmas present.  Go Broncos.



Check out the transcript from the Lynch interview last night.  Not liking to talk to the media over the years, a questionable gesture, and then a very weird interview.  Thanks for asking.

lynch Capture

LINE #2:

I look at a 16-10 record with an ERA of 3.52 and really not overly impressed.  I look at a career 72-60 record with an ERA of 4.33 and still am not impressed.  So, why did the Twins extend the contract of Phil Hughes 3/42?  I am guessing it is more about the strikeout to walk ratio.  Bret Saberhagen last hit 11.00 in 1994.  Hughes got that record last year with a stellar 11.63.



Josh Smith has fantastic athletic skills, decent range, and has almost had All Star numbers in the past.  He is only 29.  True, the Pistons shouldn’t have cramped up their front court with the players they did a few years ago, but I will say this.  The positive part of Josh Smith is that he is averaging 13/7/5, which is not bad.  BUT, let’s take a closer look.  He is on pace this season to be the first player to shoot under 40% FG, under 50% FT, while still throwing up 12 shots a game.  He is not efficient and doesn’t seem to care.  And, he must be lock room trouble if a team that is 5-23 playing in the EAST is simply giving him away for nothing.  Sad.


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