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I have another day before everything starts, but let’s get my predictions out right now as tomorrow I will either be really happy or really pissed about the Djokovic-Nadal match.  So, here you go.


You can break down the forwards, the defense, and the goaltenders, and they will mostly be pushes or the Blackhawks by a nose.  Throw in experience and it leans more towards the Blackhawks.  Throw in home ice and it tilts slightly back towards the Lightning.  Crawford is just steady, and Bishop either allows five goals or shuts you out.  This might be somewhat of a going away party, as the cap will make it tough for the Blackhawks to keep everyone they want moving forward.  And, you have Kane and Toews, arguably the best big game players in the last 5 or 6 years.  I would say Chicago in 5, but let’s give the Lightning one more since Bishop will probably have one crazy performance.  Blackhawks in 6 on their home ice for the Cup.


LeBron has one of his co-stars out for the playoffs, and the other one “slowly” healing from a bad wheel.  He has a previous head case in JR Smith that we are not sure whether he will do something dumb or not.  LeBron himself is playing out of his mind.  The matchups are crazy.  Will Draymond guard LeBron?  Will LeBron guard Curry?  Here is the deal, folks.  I wasn’t a believer before the playoffs and I now am back full circle.  You don’t win 67 games for no reason, and you aren’t near the top in offensive AND defensive efficiency all season for no reason either.  Bogut healthy changes that team.  Curry is ready to ascend to the next level of champion.  Marc Jackson is somewhere PISSED he isn’t coaching this team right now.  I say the Warriors would win in 5 games, but I give TWO games to Clevelenad for LeBron doing Charles Barkley 1993 shit.  Warriors in 7, with a couple of their wins possibly being a little ugly.



It is funbag day on Deadspin, and everyone should be a fan.



Not really a sinker.  Just an odd comparison.  Stan Wawrinka beat Roger Federer today at the French Open.  Stan is not a household name unless you are a tennis fan.  Hell, he is not even the best player from his own country.  He had beaten Federer only 3 out of 19 meetings, and lost the last four Grand Slam matches.  He decisively won today on a windy day at Roland Garros.  IF he goes on to win this thing, which he can, he will be the Angel Cabrera of tennis.  Basically, the dude only really shows up for Grand Slams and goes under the radar the rest of the time.  And he is OLD already for a tennis player hitting his stride NOW (30).  A win will take beating Nadal (won’t happen) or Djokovic (he could), but this is a big chance for him.

You know where I stand.  This is the freaking Nadal Open until him and I say otherwise.

That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro (.321, 18, 43, .464).  Peace.


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