Cars are really cool, but there is seriously going to be a SEVENTH one of these??

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Sorry, Logan.  That file you tweeted me didn’t open initially, and I blew it off.  Then, when I opened it up a couple days later, I figured out quickly it was one of the more hilarious videos I have seen recently.  Folks, an American football coach in charge of a soccer team.

2)      Day is over half done, and it is Adam Scott, and ROBERT GARRIGUS.  Maybe you WILL play more than one round this Major, mostly unknown guy!  I give you Robert Garrigus.  Such a nice ring to it (don’t go south on the back nine and make this hook irrelevant, Mr. Garrigus).

3)      I hear the NHL might have to take over ownership of the New Jersey Devils.  I have been WAITING for this day, people.  WAITING.  Why?  Because in my 16 years in Colorado, I have told EVERYONE that Devils fans really don’t exist.  If you are too far south in Jersey, you are all Flyers.  If you are north in Jersey, you flip a coin between the Rangers and Islanders.  It is NOT a surprise the Devils can’t support themselves.  I am amazed Puddy got enough face or body painters ANY night for a game.

4)      The US soccer team is now #19 in FIFA rankings.  This is great news.  I am still not happy that Ivory Coast and Ecuador are the teams in front of us, but they aren’t too shabby, and tough guy England is loafing back in our section too.  Bring it for 2014, guys.

5)      Sure, I am from the Philly area, but I live in Colorado.  I am 2000 miles away and am already tired of hearing about the Vick/ Foles battle at the helm for the Eagles.

6)      You can tell where Detroit Lions rookie Darius Slay’s mind is at.  Dude confused “Lambo” with “Lambeau” this week.  You better figure out away stadium names before you go get some fancy wheels.

7)      Did everyone enjoy the start of glorified NFL practice last night?  Roommates asking me why I am not watching football, colleagues texting me asking what channel the Broncos are on, people asking me when my Steelers play their first “game.”  Ugghhh.  It just HAPPENS to be on TV, people.  Go weed your garden or clean your bathroom.

8)      Alex Morgan, women’s soccer star, got an unfortunate MCL sprain this week.  Do I have a comment on the story?  No.  Wonder why this made today’s best?  Well, you see.  Before I briskly moved on, I thought I would see what she looked like.  She is relatively hot.  Here you go.

9)      Funny stuff.  Deadspin continued their tour of “why your team sucks” with the Steelers yesterday.  HILARIOUS.  All throughout.  Anyway, here was my favorite line.  When discussing how Ben can throw 126-0-1 one week and then 387-3-0 the next, he says this.  “Ben’s fantasy value is as reliable as his intellect.”  Well said.  He is still 6’5”, has a gun for an arm, and hopefully is over doing college chicks in bars after cruising around on his motorcycle.

10)   You KNOW hockey players are tough.  We all know this.  Hall of Famer and current GM Doug Gilmour traded away his SON this week.  Ouch.

11)   This is what all kids should go through, I truly believe.  Don’t LET them score.  They will figure it out and be better for it.  Good job, Kevin Durant.

12)   Hey, Rockies fans.  At least my Phillies are consistent.  You start out strong and THEN go 1 for your last 10.  The Phils have just mildy sucked ALL year.  Yeah.

13)   I love when you get flash flood warnings and it hasn’t even started raining yet.  That was last night in Denver.

14)   I will stop mildly (that is twice for that word-odd) cutting on Tigers P Max Scherzer for his plus 3.00 ERA.  He won again, and his ERA is a more solid 2.84.  And the Tigers have won 12 straight.  That is all the league needs…for Scherzer to continue this way AND for the rest of the rotation to start pitching well.

15)   Just like you can tell when I am listening to Gonna Fly Now when I am running, you can also tell when I am ranting.  I type about 10-15% faster.

16)   Mark Cuban.  We can all count on you to speak your mind.  Well, I kind of side with your Tonight Show rant.  I think it IS weird they single out A-Rod to be banned until 2014.  If anyone liked him, they might say something.  Seriously, they COULD give us a better reason for the longer ban.  Anyway, the only thing you lost me on was when you said it hasn’t been proven that PED’s actually work.  I think THAT bridge has been crossed.

17)   THANKS, Bob.  My colleague always is looking out for me.  I thought the movie was more on 4 or 5 rather than SEVEN, but Ronda Rousey (also going to be in the next Expendables movie) is in talks to be in the next Fast and Furious film.  Yay.

17a)  I normally would post Ronda’s barely dressed picture after ANY mention of her, but then this thing would just look like a blog with chick pictures in it.  Let’s just go random instead.  Instead of a chick photo, we will do a photo of a friend of mine, Skyler, who I am sure will appreciate this going up again.


18)   Finally, dibs to Brian Banks for finally playing some football last night for the Falcons.  He had two tackles, and that was a LOT more fun than being in prison for years for a rape you didn’t commit.  I wish you luck, Brian.

19)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

19a)  Addendum.  Jason Dufner JUST took the lead at the PGA.  Do it up, bro.  It will give us a reason to bring back THIS classic picture of you helping the kids.

Golfer Jason Dufner Appears To Be Having A Lot Of Fun Visiting These Kids In Dallas

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