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  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. Athletes play hurting.  Mom’s do their daily activities when sick.  Me?  Well, I have to suck it up and blog even when tired.  So, let’s do this.  This is why I write, right?  Did a post work workout, so that drained me.  But, I feel the need.  The need…to blog.  Plus, let’s not kid ourselves.  When I start writing, I just start ROLLING.  Let’s move.
  3. Plus, I have to pretend at some point all of this sports knowledge floating around in my head WILL be read by millions of people, and they hypothetically would be jonesing for me to blog also, right?
  4. No editing or pics.  Sorry for any grammatical errors.  I don’t have an intern.
  5. I won’t tell you the number of items I have to cover.  It will depress you AND me.  I will skip some items and save them for my pre-Rose Bowl trip blog.
  6. Wife is sick.  That means no 20/20 or Dateline or some murder show.  That means I am sitting here at 8pm on a school night watching the UCLA-K State football game.  Yes, I have money on it.  Yes, it reminds me of one of my favorite people who I still miss at work-Bob.  Yes, because it is on.
  7. If Josh Rosen couldn’t play tonight because of the concussion thing, why was he warming up?  Pretty sure the NFL scouts checked on his status before hopping on any planes.
  8. Maybe he can write off his stupid comments about the Browns as concussed related.  We all KNOW no one wants to go to Cleveland, but save it for IF it really happens, ok?  You didn’t exactly have a slam dunk season, bro.  You just have the measurables.
  9. The Cactus Bowl.  Right, they are in Arizona.  These bowl game names make me chuckle.
  10. The Warriors-Cavs game had some playoff feel, and shame that an ugly game had to also end ugly talking about non-call fouls.  Shame for LeBron on two counts.  One, he is a tight end playing a different game, so the refs are looking at what BOTHERS a shot, and that isn’t as much with him.  Two, scary that KD is becoming pretty good on DEFENSE too.
  11. Think of it like O’Neal back in the day.  One, he was fouled on MOST plays because no one could stop him.  Two, he probably should have been MVP about 5 more times if we are talking about who changed the game on the floor the most every night for a season.
  12. But THAT is a whole other story which I could write or talk about for DAYS.
  13. Getting some energy already…delightful.
  14. Pop was asked about giving to the needy, and he said that it is simple and players and are rich as hell.  He should coach in the NFL.
  15. Or be President of the USA.
  16. James Harrison was released, puzzling people like me, and then picked up by The Enemy.  Perfect (sarcastic).  Dammit, Steelers.  You knew this would happen.  Talk about sleeping dogs.  Bring a guy back for his locker room presence and occasional pass rush, CUT him a week after blowing a game at home against The Enemy, and then have The Enemy pick him up?  Come on.  You sadden me.  Marcus Gilbert is a solid player.  There are OTHER players on the roster you can let go of that no one would want.  #sleepingdog
  17. I have tried to separate my personal stuff with the sports stuff in the last few blogs, but tonight will literally be a cast as I see the item.  No organization.  Deal with it.  I have now seen Star Wars, and although I will comment on it at the end, know I will release NO spoilers until AFTER the new year.
  18. I am still listing my official primary hobby as listening to debate on the Broncos QB situation.  It is freaking hilarious to listen to local guys try and figure out this enigma wrapped in a puzzle.
  19. I am addicted to Twitter as I have mentioned.  I still somehow maintain a perfect balance of followers between 530 and 540 ALL the time, and saw an odd tweet yesterday on giving the exact time down to the second when you press play on Ben Folds Five-Brick to hear the line 6am on Christmas at EXACTLY 6am.  You have to have goals and share them in 280 or less characters.
  20. I didn’t know Rickey Henderson’s birthday was ON Christmas, and I probably would have some Rickey says this, Rickey does this jokes if I had more energy.
  21. Bruce Arians and the Arizona Cardinals will part ways.  I have the feeling IF he had pegged some young QB a couple of years ago instead of Carson Palmer, this story might read differently.  I would take that guy as my coach ANY day, but unfortunately I have the Steelers coach I presently want every Sunday.
  22. Andy Reid dressed as Santa Claus for a presser and it is better read on Deadspin, as always.  https://deadspin.com/andy-reid-did-a-press-conference-dressed-as-santa-1821566536
  23. The Pacino Matrix, and how true it really is.  I only disagree with the Heat item, as Heat is a badass movie from ANY perspective.  Not seen it?  I am sorry.  You should call off work, drop everything, and go watch it.  I will even allow you to stop reading THIS blog to do it.
  24. For the 1000th time, read MMQB by Peter King and Ten Things by Zach Lowe EVERY week.  Gold, Jerry.  Gold.  Ovaltine.
  25. Harry Kane broke Messi’s calendar year goals record this week, 56-54.  Tell your friends.
  26. While telling your friends useless facts, you might as well add that the Stanford women’s basketball team is out of the top 25 for the first time since 2001.
  27. I have another one.  Tell your friends that the Chiefs are the first team to have a 4k QB, and THREE 1k skill position players (TE, WR, RB) in a season.
  28. Here is another one.  The Cleveland Browns are the first NFL team to ever have MULTIPLE 15 loss seasons.
  29. And that Excedrin parade in the shape of a zero around the stadium is still ON.
  30. The Steelers finally LOOKED like they should have in a game, and didn’t play DOWN to their competition (beat up Texans squad), but I was more taken in by the Quessenberry story more than anything.
  31. Well, AND that sick, sick Hopkins TD catch.
  32. In case you care, the early lead helped me sit down RELAXED at the Dixon (wife’s family) dinner without freaking out.  They don’t do football games during dinner.  Technically, I am pretty sure they only care about OU football which is not a bad thing these days.
  33. Listen.  This story is a reboot on an earlier fantastic story and you should read it.  I will sell you on it.  Judges, cocaine, DOGS.  https://deadspin.com/report-judge-sides-with-coke-dogs-against-regulators-1821552660?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitter&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow
  34. I think they should have made special allowances to have Bill Walton do a portion of this game’s announcing.
  35. Not heard of Pavin Smith?  Well, he is a UVA grad and present DBack who bought his mom and dad the house they pay on as his FIRST order of rich business.  Hope my mom and dad know that although I might be a rich idiot AFTER I signed my contract, I also would have done that.
  36. But, I missed a few items on that path to richdom.
  37. I watched a Pro Bowl commercial over the long weekend and realized I don’t even know the present day picking rules of the game, the playing rules, and pretty sure no one else does either these days.  Don’t we all just go on vacation the week before the Super Bowl?
  38. I am not one to judge, but when in my life did players who were hurt for a team suddenly get prime viewing seats instead of standing and supporting their team on the sideline?  #carsonwentz #jjwatt
  39. I will spare you on my Xmas gifts, except that they were spot ON.  My wife, I am pretty sure, is the best gift giver in the world, whether giving the gifts herself or coaching the others.  Check on the boxes of one of those puffy striped waterproof jackets everyone has, a couple of long sleeve dri-fits, flannel, thermals, suitcase, 23 and Me, Rocketbook (list that evaporates the writing in microwave), Steelers hat, knit Steelers hat, and razor.
  40. Wait.  Is Roseanne coming BACK???????  Why???????????????????????????
  41. Whenever you TRY to dislike ANYTHING about Jordan Spieth, know that he ALSO just got engaged to his HS sweetheart.  You can’t find ANYTHING wrong with this guy.  Don’t try.  Class, class, class.  Skill, skill, skill.  Loyal, loyal, loyal.
  42. Weird that the #1 college hoops team IS already the team that honestly looks the most well rounded, talented, experienced, and BEST team in the country. #nova
  43. I love Embiid and he is going to be a star, but was he pumping up The Process in his media engagements because he is thankful the Sixers WAITED this long for him to be good?
  44. Scary, scary, scary that this is only Simmons and Embiid up to this point.  If Fultz becomes ANYTHING decent, the rest of the league better watch out.
  45. The NFL won’t have night games next week.  I guess when you have this little late season playoff hunt action and craziness, you might as well make sure the night game is NOT meaningless.  The NFC has ONE flip flop that could happen, and the AFC has four teams trying for two spots.  The Steelers will check the Jets AT Foxboro score at halftime, and probably take off their pads and helmets shortly thereafter.
  46. The Jags went from possibly getting the #1 seed from the Pats or Steelers to having sideline fights and suddenly being the home team you DO want to play.
  47. I assume Todd Gurley won a lot of people a lot of fantasy leagues.
  48. What an audition for whatever happens next.  Garropolo is now 6-0 as a starter.
  49. Of all of the teams that won’t make the NFL playoffs, I am MOST sad that the 49ers won’t be in the fun.
  50. The more I watch Jameis Winston outbursts, the more I think we MIGHT have a next gen Jeff George on our hands.  Jay Cutler will be happy to hear I think that.
  51. Speaking of people needing to read this blog, Mr. Clowney obviously does.  He DID do something with those trash cans.  Brilliant.
  52. I feel like the Detroit Lions lost a LOT of winnable games against subpar teams and that they deserve to NOT be in the playoffs.
  53. Does James Harden KNOW it is not normal to score more than 50 points in an NBA game?
  54. That Houston-Fresno game was a great game, and shame it got lost by many viewers in the holiday mix.  Two really good teams going at it in a high quality game.
  55. I am not as confused as to WHY he said it, or WHEN he said it, but WHAT he said.  Why Earl Thomas would want to leave the Seahawks for the COWBOYS is beyond me.  Lateral transfer minus the Super Bowl win.  WAIT a minute…
  56. (looking online)
  57. Oh, that explains some things.  Forgot the went to Texas.  I can now write off SOME of the odd post game weirdness.
  58. Molly’s Game.  I am ALL over this movie.  Chick version of Rounders, maybe?  I don’t know.  But, it is getting great reviews, and it revolves around poker.  Love it already.
  59. Ah, technology.  Lindsey was very sick on Christmas.  We ordered out and didn’t go anywhere.  But, we watched our crazy pastor do his out of the box Xmas thing on Facebook.  Brilliant.
  60. MoviePass.  I think everyone is missing the boat.  Has everyone tried to get this thing?  $10 each month.  All the movies you can watch.  Only stipulation is that it doesn’t include 3D.  Why WOULDN’T you not get this?
  61. Why do all of these controversial TD catches happen against The Enemy?
  62. If you haven’t caught on, I am still VERY pissed the Steelers blew that home game against the Pats.
  63. Anyway, that Kelvin Benjamin catch should have been good too.
  64. Brees joins Manning and Favre as 70k passers.  When Brees gets another milestone, do Chargers fans throw something in their home against the wall?
  65. I didn’t see the “buttpick” live, and I have to say, just like the new Star Wars movie, I was expecting a little MORE in my viewing of it.
  66. Machine, people.  We find out that Serena was like 8 weeks pregnant when winning a SLAM event, and now she shoots the kid out and is back at it.
  67. I think of all the bowl games thus far, the biggest upset I did NOT expect was Army over San Diego State.
  68. I have a bad feeling like the voters will use AB being out the last two games as an excuse to give the damn MVP to Brady again.
  69. So, now I am FULLY rooting for Todd Gurley.
  70. I don’t care about the rules.  I have no problem with the Packers bringing back Rodgers for a week to see if magic happened and then sitting him again after they were eliminated.
  71. I was told by my colleague, Brett, to see Logan Lucky.  With Lindsey being sick, I watched it one night.  I love heist movies.  This flick has the following:  slow, but effective plot, good performance by an ever improving actor Channing Tatum, a believable plot, a couple of over the top sequence problems, and a twist at the end.  I would recommend it, but only if you can deal with slower developing plots.  It pays off in the end, but it is long getting there.  Plus, the younger Solo/dude from Girls is in it with one arm.
  72. Speaking of slow developing, but paying off viewing experiences.  We started a new show.  Mindhunter.  Netflix.  It took me until about episode 4 to get “hooked,” but it was worth it.  If you like serial killer/FBI stuff, it effectively tells the story of HOW psychology got introduced into the hunting of these killers.  Perfectly casted, and it is only going to get better.  NOT high action, and no real graphics.  These are POSITIVES people.  Let’s not have to state the obvious on this stuff.  It is like a good horror movie (when they were good) that doesn’t HAVE to show you stuff.  Anyway, the interviews are quiet, but SO intense and interesting.  I would highly recommend.
  73. Main character is from UVA, one of their stops was in Altoona-like this show was MADE for me…like the upcoming Virginia-Navy bowl game.
  74. One I think I would NOT lose sleep if you miss it.  Dunkirk got all of these crazy good reviews, I watched it this weekend, and was fine with slow developing subplots, but there was no BOOM resolution.  I felt like they made it a little more confusing then they had to without that lock down AHA moment where I fell off the couch, making the entire two hours awesome.
  75. If you become bored at any time this NFL Sunday, I HIGHLY recommend reading this article FULL of useless information that has no bearings on the games, but will entertain you regardless.  http://www.espn.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/262951/nfl-player-bonuses-gronk-others-chasing-millions-of-dollars
  76. If you like Grinch or Scrooge but are ready to move on to post-Christmas sports, Kyrie has you.  Another article where we are equally scared if he is joking OR serious.  https://deadspin.com/kyrie-irving-offers-another-record-scratch-answer-this-1821554725
  77. I had too many jokes to tell about “Melo” being in the same sentence as “off the ball” so I will just let you use your imagination like the old school quality horror flicks.
  78. One of my favorite moments of the last week was the total silence after the UCLA-UK game from the Ball family, because he CAN’T talk about them anymore since he ousted his kids.
  79. Josh Allen from Wyoming WILL enter the draft.  Smart move.  Wyoming isn’t going to get MUCH better, you looked decent when you were out there, Darnold has looked subpar enough to possibly come back to school, and you have the  measurables.
  80. Trae Young continues to blow people away, and I won’t take this minute to tell you how many times I have told you he WOULD be this stellar over the last 6 months.  What I will say is WHY did his coach put him back in the game with his team up about 30 late in the game, and him already having posted 31-12 for the game?  Confusing.
  81. Did Tiger Woods REALLY split from his swing instructor AND the media printed an article about it???
  82. Baker Mayfield.  First in a while to get top 4 three times for Heisman.  First walk-on to ever get Heisman.  AND (and very classy) first to win Heisman since Tebow to accept the Senior Bowl invite.  Love that guy.  Maybe I DO want the Steelers to grab him to have two OU QB’s on the roster.  Or maybe I want the Broncos to grab him just so I can go see him.  But, that would be expensive.  Suddenly, Lindsey would care about Broncos football and make us go to games.
  83. I was watching late night sports shows this weekend, and listened to Jalen Rose call Amani Toomer Amare about three times.  I love Jalen.  I do.  But damn if that dude isn’t playing with a sub-full deck.
  84. What Toomer was being talked about for was because he made the greatest comparison of the week.  He was talking Michigan football and Harbaugh’s job, and said Paris Hilton is NOT a super model and that Harbaugh is like her.  I wish I had more time.  I LOVED that comparison.
  85. Dick Enberg died this week.  My memories of him were many, like with everyone.  But, I most remember sitting in my family’s living room watching football with my mom and dad, listening to Dick and Merlin do their thing in the most perfect way two people could for three hours.  RIP, and you were fantastic at what you did, Dick.
  86. DeMarcus Cousins is averaging over FIVE TO’s a game, and no matter what else he does on the court, this stat is semi-alarming.
  87. When the HELL did Michael Beasley suddenly get good?  Finally we have his lofty attitude with a LITTLE high level skill ALSO.  Perfect.  Being cocky and sucking on the court just wasn’t working that well.
  88. I had an MC Hammer joke I was toying with on the Donaghy situation, but I lost it when I took the couple of days off of blogging.
  89. Congrats on selling the $100 million in shares, Vince, but I am NOT ready for the XFL again.
  90. Mike Scott, from UVA, mentioned in Ten Things by the way from last week.  I am not copying and pasting this thing up to where I mentioned Ten Things.
  91. Caldwell-Pope has set the bar high, people.  First NBA player to play on work release from jail.  Excellent.  Remind me to add him to my Rant Squad when I finally update it.
  92. We went to see the Holiday Roast at Comedy Works last week.  If you are a Denver local, you SHOULD be mad if you missed it.  All the characters of Christmas (Jesus, Grinch, Home Alone Kid, Rudolph, etc.) played by local comics and doing it roast style in extremely crude jokes.  It was very, very funny, and you could tell it was different dialogue each night.
  93. In case you think UGA is going anywhere after they lose to OU in the Rose Bowl, know that they just got the #63 ranked recruit in the nation.  This kid is the TENTH ranked recruit in their class.  This kid would also be the #1 recruit on 111 other FBS teams.  That is CRAZY.
  94. No spoilers, and I will give you the short version of my review.  I am taking a notepad to my next viewing so I can notate this stuff accurately.  I am in the group that was let down by Star Ways unfortunately.
  95. I enjoyed the plot holes in the early movies BECAUSE they were early technology movies-I would like IMPROVEMENT on the new ones.
  96. I didn’t feel the special feeling of the force except when the song played as the moments were fleeting and didn’t have the right amount of buildup.
  97. I can’t believe I am saying this, but if you force fed me Ewoks, then know I needed MORE of the cute little new things.
  98. Sometimes I think the makers don’t realize that Luke and Leia were bad actors and that less is more of them even after years of acting training and experience.
  99. I actually think the special effects in space were weak in comparison to some of the stuff I am seeing in movies these days.
  100. The ending totally felt like the producers told the writer to “Figure it out, man.  You have had TWO years to do this shit.”  You will understand, but the end was a total cop-out in my opinion.
  101. I needed some introduction to how these new Jedi powers suddenly came about.
  102. Too much time on scenes, and that made for a movie that should have been shorter, and then longer in the climatic scene.
  103. Basically, I wasn’t expecting the moon, but you didn’t even give me any classic PARTS of the movie that I can reference.  You teed up Luke doing his thing one more time, and then you delivered it weakly.
  104. Many more problems, but I will tell you more after my second viewing.
  105. I just went with my default theme for the blog-didn’t feeling like figuring out the curious mood of the blog.
  106. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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