Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Nowhere I technically need to be, but there is basketball to watch.  Old format.  Evening rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)      The more I watch this Knicks team, the more I am convinced they are not presently made to make a serious run.  I hate to repeat myself, but you have gunners who play no D playing against extremely balanced, both ends, quality players.  And the Pacers are maturing by the day.  Kenyon Martin is a band-aid and not a solution inside, and I have to really think about the last time Amare was all star quality.

2)      I am traveling.  I am also ironing at tomorrow’s outfit the same time I am writing my blog.  Multi-tasking.  How, you ask?  I iron by hanging my clothes in the shower while on full hot setting.

3)      I can’t think of a story I care less about than whether Seattle gets the Sacramento Kings.  I wonder if DeMarcus Cousins even knows what a sound is.  I foresee him running over a citizen in that sound if this sale ever goes through.

4)      Actually, I did find a story I care less about.  Sir Alex Ferguson leaving his soccer team.  Give me Sir Charles Barkley in any “sir” competition.

5)      I wonder if my mom is surprised that my college graduation didn’t go down like the crazy kid who has funny clothing underneath his graduation gown on stage in that Galaxy phone commercial.  I am not sure what happened to make me go from high school scholar to the guy in college, but I have a feeling it had something to do with going out for a fraternity instead of out for tennis, basketball, or swimming.  I remember asking my buddy who rocked at basketball why he wasn’t on the team.  He said “because I am 5’10”, we are nationally ranked, and I like beer.”

6)      We were top 25 ranked in basketball back in the day at UVA.  Playing the fraternity league was probably all I could pull off.  Here is to being a contributor, winning against all of the fraternity teams, and then needing to guard some 6’10” guy who played at Princeton and then came to our law school.  Damn law school basketball team.  Ruined our complete fun, but didn’t take away from brushing shoulders in the hallways with the Beta’s and Phi Delt’s.  My buddy Jon was play one and other buddy Scott was play two.  I just cleaned up if they missed.

7)      People are Googling Memphis today to find out how they are beating up on OKC.  The Westbrook thing KILLED OKC, and now the better team is winning.  Harden trading nightmares.

8)      The Heat LOOKED like they were playing a skeleton crew last night against the Bulls.  Just a matter of time.  I know it is what it is, but DAMN we would have had some fancy series in the second round had mysterious flu bugs and injuries not occurred.

9)      I am not used to east coast time since college.  The late game starts at 930pm.  What?  That is when I am laying out my clothes for the next day.

10)   If I had a dime for every Leafs fan who woke up in Toronto with a huge smile on their face for about 30 seconds…I would be rich.  What a depressed town THAT is.  It inspired ESPN to rate the greatest comebacks over the years.  Great segment.  Duke-Maryland, the Phils 9 run 9th, Vinny’s Monday Night miracle, the Colts comeback after being down 45-14, BYU’s Hail Mary (do I capitalize that phrase?), Herm Edwards in 1978, the Heidi Bowl no one saw, Reggie’s 8 points in 9 seconds, the Kings 1982 win over the Oilers, and the 1992 crazy Bills-Oilers game which luckily I checked in at the beginning of the fourth quarter while at the gym.  It irritates Lindsey when I am rooting for a team who is down late really bad, but these examples are my leverage to wait it out.

11)   I give my hotel room an A for white noise, an F for shower pressure, an A- for the gym (no pool) and a D for elevator speed.  Renaissance Downtown DC.  These are VERY important items to me.

12)   The Marshals at the Players have denied they gave Tiger the go ahead on the shot that pissed Sergio off.  Whatever.  Everyone is just jealous he is kicking their ass again.  I hope he hits someone next time and bounces it on the green.  Just stay away from Perkins.  Keep him happy, Lindsey Vonn.

13)   I hear that UFC will soon be on FOX.  Are they going to be crappy UFC fights, or perhaps can I dodge downtown Denver for a fight that might be over in 30 seconds?

14)   The only thing that can stop Bryce Harper is a large wall, and the only thing that can stop Lionel Messi is his own knee.

15)   Wow.  I am ashamed of myself.  I just combined my boy in the good sport of baseball with a star from futbol.  I don’t know how to do that cute little line above the “u” in the word in Word. Sorry.

16)   No one in Washington DC cared last night about my blog they don’t know about saying before the series that the Rangers would win in 7, and that it would go 2-2-1-1-upset.  Weird.

17)   Will someone explain to me how Marc Gasol from the Griz got Defensive Player of the Year and got SECOND team in TEAM rankings?  James, Allen, Ibaka, Chandler, and Noah were your first team.  Confused about the voting, no matter HOW badass of defense that is hypothetically.  So, can someone win MVP and not make NBA First Team?

18)   I am glad the RANDOM marching band stopped playing outside my window at the convention center.  They were horrible.

19)   Mark Madsen will be a Lakers NBDL coach.  Dude deserves it.  We know he is Stanford smart, we know he tried his best every second he played in the NBA, and we know he can’t dance.

20)   My conference involves face to face sales.  I LOVE doing these.  Although the company is now out of business and was doing things the wrong way (we didn’t know of course), I remember getting 5-10 people to throw down 16k (seriously) after talking with me for about 10 minutes in a face to face setting.  Bad company, GREAT experience.  Plus, we traveled a lot.

21)   Tell your friends.  Who has the best start of ALL time for pitchers in their first few years in the bigs…in the live ball era? Clayton Kershaw.  Dude is amazing.  Shame is team is not performing well overall, but he is a stud.  2.73 ERA, 64-39, 1030 strikeouts, 1.12 WHIP.  Amazing.

22)   Andrew Wiggins declared for Kansas today.  For you basketball junkies, you know that is huge.  For you non basketball people, let’s just say this.  There are three other guys who have been this hyped coming out of high school in the last 20 years or so.  I would say LeBron, McGrady, and Garnett.  Not only that, dude is smart as hell.  The reason he snuck up on you is because he moved UP a class because of finishing school early.  AND he would have gone before Nerlens Noel had he been allowed to come out from high school.  I am just glad he didn’t go to Cheaterpari’s team.

23)   Thanks, Scott. “I choose not to run.”  McCoy says that Vick cheated when he beat him in a race.  STORY: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/05/13/lesean-mccoy-says-vick-cheated-in-race/  SEINFELD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L8U5tKTTWo

24)   Titus Young’s dad says Titus has a “disorder.”  We are really splitting the atom here, folks.

25)   Alex Ovechkin complained about the refs after their loss.  I know he was primarily talking about game 6 when he was complaining, but you lost 5-0 in the final game.  That ain’t the refs.

26)   Curtis Granderson returns for the Yanks.  We are still trying to figure out how the hell they are in first right now with the competition in that division, and now they get a key player back.

27)   Donovan McNabb says he will retire as an Eagle.  You will be retiring with an angry fan base SO close, so many times.  If there is any talk about him being in the Hall of Fame when he is eligible, I will be sick…and I am not even an Eagles fan.  Actually, I guess that should HELP my opinion.  I need a flowchart.

28)   I think I lied about being on the clock.  Sorry.  Trade show schedules really mess me up.  Compressing an entire work day into a couple hours before and after makes me want to use my laptop for fun reasons.  And it is still halftime.

29)   Felix Jones has signed with the Eagles.  I like it.  McCoy needs a solid backup, and I still think Felix has some legs in him left, even for the short shelf life of a NFL RB.

30)   In case you weren’t in the loop, I am here for you…on the most irritating story out there outside of the Sacramento-Seattle NBA battle.  The Philadelphia Soul, an arena team, is “wooing” Tim Tebow.  Yeah, that is exactly what a too big QB/ FB needs…LESS room, and faster game.

31)   FOX Sports update.  These are what they consider headlines.  “Taylor Swift changes song lyrics to “Redskins” in DC show.”  And.  “OJ Simpson is allowed to have one hand free in court to drink water and take notes.”  Forget the funny headlines.  I want to see OJ’s notepad.  Boom goes the dynamite (no, I am NOT letting that phrase go).

32)   That is it.  I forgot the rest of my list was the ten greatest comebacks in sports history, in a hook earlier.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN (.303, 10, 21, .400) question, bro.  Peace.

33)   There is a possibility I might take a day off.  Tradeshow, work, gym, and then dinner with the boss and colleagues.  Might not be enough time in the day, as the morning will be all about getting ahead on work I can’t do.  One way or the other, it will just be a longer blog Thursday or Friday (I have a 3 hour flight Friday).  Come back soon and thanks for reading.

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