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Pacers Roy Hibbert and Warriors David Lee started a small basketball brawl last night.  Kind of fun the leading scorer small guy (Stephen Curry) got into it, but scary that it trickled into the stands.  While observing it, my bet is that most people were just glad they weren’t facing the Lakers and World Peace.  Or maybe that Dennis Rodman wasn’t back from his North Korea peace spreading mission.


Minnesota beat #1 Indiana last night.  This would be Indiana’s third time losing at #1.  Indiana will probably still be a #1 seed given the losses by other top ten teams recently.  For Minnesota, it put them clearly IN the tourney.  With a #15 RPI, #1 schedule strength, and a win over #1, they can sleep easy and know they have the talent to really make a run if the stars align.


First place-the IDIOTS who tweeted threats to Elijah Johnson, and busted out the “n” word.  I agree it was a bad call, Iowa State, but don’t think that racist threats will show much global progress in YOUR fan base.  Jeers.  Second place-a hockey coach TRIPPED a kid in pee wee hockey after the game.  Nice work, loser.  Third place-the NHL will realign its divisions again.  Why don’t you try and get fans back from the strike first?


Jeers to my same numbered apartment person from next door.  So, you receive a box with contact lenses in it with someone else’s name, and you can’t make the 5 foot walk to the leasing office to return it.  The leasing office didn’t appreciate me handling it personally, but I have been without eyes for 3 weeks.


Miracle On Ice gear was auctioned off the other day.  The stick was supposed to go for $50k, but its actual was $262k.  Total?  $1.3 mil.  That is great money, and I hope you needed it, Mike, because I personally think you just sold off one of the most prized national treasures you can own.


With Indiana losing, it looks like Gonzaga will be #1.  Long road, but the little school finally FULLY will have a target on its back.  I am hoping there is no #1 controversy, as I would LOVE for the Duke-Virginia to be coined a “trap” game after the fact Thursday.  PLEASE tell me UVA gets him without Ryan Kelly.


In case you misplaced it like I did, Rules of Engagement is on Monday nights now.  Great comedy.  If you liked Puddy in Seinfeld, you are all set on this one.  Second, great article in ESPN Mag about Dr. Dre and LeBron James, and their teamwork on making Beats headphones so popular.  Dr. Dre wasn’t looking for more money, and the story goes that initially Dr. Dre inquired about sneakers.  His guy said “F%^& sneakers.  Let’s make SPEAKERS.”  Check it out.  http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/8910191/lebron-james-dr-dre-made-beats-athlete-accessory-espn-magazine    Finally, I was about to say The Following had a weak showing this week, but then TOTALLY got fooled on a plot twist near the end.  So, I was thinking there was no creativity, and then I got dropped off a cliff.  Good job, writers.  I am still in.


When you have lost it, you have lost it.  No one wants to be a Rick Ankiel side note story, so this guy just solved HIS free throw shooting problems by doing jump shots at the line.  Nice.  Check it out.  http://larrybrownsports.com/college-basketball/ryan-evans-jump-shot-free-throws/176864


Memphis hasn’t been tested in a WHILE.  They had a road game at Xavier last night, a chance to prove their metal.  They made it close, but lost, and all of a sudden the fact that they pretty much have NO quality wins this year will ultimately put them on a much lower regional line come March.  You lost a big chance, Memphis, and I still have NO idea of what you are doing with all of those top 5 recruiting classes.


Alex Smith got traded to the Chiefs today.  All problems resolved, and I have no idea how after all this, the 49ers RECEIVED stuff for this, when they were initially thinking about releasing him.  Now, Matt Cassell is the odd man out, and perhaps the Pats can bring HIM back as a backup.  Full circle.


Dwayne Wade self- nicknamed himself “Wow.”  LeBron has already shot this down, and Dwayne Wade needs to understand the first rule of nicknames.  You CAN’T pick it yourself.  I suppose you will always be KoKo to me now, Dwayne.  I can be T-Bone.  If you don’t remember the Seinfeld scene, here you go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXTlAJrgGEY

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