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  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Short one today.  Let’s move.
  2. Just squeezing in a quick one on a Sunday afternoon before…working and of course watching Game of Thrones.
  3. It is the week before the last golf Major of the year.  So excited, and sad at the same time.  It  is the last one.  My preview will come later this week before they tee off.  In the meantime, I will balance that sadness of golf Majors ending by remembering that FOOTBALL is almost here.
  4. …And then COLLEGE BASKETBALL shortly after.  Yay.
  5. But until then, I will just cherish next week.
  6. They play on the East Coast, meaning beneficial TV times for people like me in Mountain time.  I will need it since we are going to either Boulder or Estes Park next Saturday.  Neither sucks at all (well, the people in Boulder are weird but whatever).
  7. I am watching the replay of the HOF football induction ceremony, and am watching Kurt Warner have his kids stand up, and DAMN does it almost make you tear up.  It did for 1-2 of the kids for sure.  Image result for kurt warner hof induction speech
  8. I think whoever made bust was coming from bottomless mimosa though…or maybe it is just me.
  9. LT had the best speech.
  10.  Great catch, but the nacho implosion MIGHT have been funnier.
  11. Just like it is better when Notre Dame football and Duke basketball are good, it is better for the NFL to have Jay Cutler in the NFL.  Congrats, Dolphins.  At least I know which local papers to check online for my weekly laugh of the week in the fall.  Jay Cutler is literally Jeff George II.  Gun for an arm, job throughout his career, but never really accomplishing anything.  Image result for jeff george
  12. This will be the 18th starting QB since Dan Marino retired for the Fins.  The only team using more in that span?  Yes.  The Browns.
  13. Dammit.  Hate the Warriors for winning.  Hate Kevin Durant for joining them and then winning.  Hate sponsors agreeing to an exemption for Steph Curry.  Hate away on anything.  BUT, I will be transparent and say this.  There have been articles about the sudden lack of two sport athletes lately.  Not saying Steph will play The Masters next year because that is a little absurd, but Steph busting out TWO 74’s on Thursday and Friday on the Tour is pretty…stellar and respectable to say the least.
  14. Here is to GOT, which brings on episode 4 tonight.  The last episode didn’t seem rushed like the first two (they have a LOT to get to as we know).  Hoping they can bring their A game again tonight.  Can’t wait for the 5 seconds of dragons again.  Image result for game of thrones season 7 episode 3 dragons
  15. Ok, dragon, when our newcomers cross that bridge, just fly RIGHT above them and make them fall to the ground.
  16. Hoping we get more Tyrion again in tonight’s one.  More Tyrion is better, and some of us would stop watching this damn show IF he fell.  Image result for tyrion lannister game of thrones
  17. I know we are in between things on the NBA front, but are Melo and Kyrie hiding somewhere having drinks with umbrellas in them?  We went from media explosion to silence, and considering that both scenarios are so intriguing in their two very different ways, I would like some closure on where those two end up, because they both affect the overall landscape of the entire NBA playoff scenario for 2018.  Before just Melo bothered me, but now Kyrie bothers me too.  Not as equally, but still bothered.
  18. I think Kyrie goes to Phoenix and Melo ends up in Houston for the record.
  19. Kind of late in the summer for this advice, but grillers check this out.  Deadspin always has all KINDS of products and knowledge, both sports related and non sports related.
  20. There is the Seahawk way and Patriots way.  Both have won.  Fights have occurred in both during camp.  Well, before thinking there is strife within the camps, maybe they just practice in a way that makes them the most game ready when the season rolls around.  Not splitting the atom here, but it IS a violent sport and people do get pissed off.
  21. I know I was against TD getting into the HOF for a long time due to his short tenure.  During the weekend, I reread his stats and reflected.  Take what he did in a specific four seasons, and take the other players they are inducting these days, and I now think he is deserved.  Short?  Yes.  Accomplishing everything any RB sets out to do in a career in his short years?  Yes.  Image result for terrell davis migraine game
  22. Just watched the show on his migraine game.  Badass stuff.
  23. It is one thing for me to hear about Neymar’s transfer for weeks on end all over the wire.  Is this going to continue?  Stop.  I don’t care about his delayed start, I don’t care about his debut, and give the wire more wiggle room for a bit.  Cool?
  24. So, Pablo Sandoval last played for the Giants in Game 7 of the World Series, leaves a team that could be IN a Game 7 in the playoffs THIS year, and now heads to a team trying NOT to end up thirty SEVEN games out of their division lead.  Perfect.  Rock and roll, Panda.  Enjoy those meaningless games, and maybe YOU should be a Rockie so you can fight slimness with the D-Bar menu.  
  25. Hye, Greg Schiano, maybe the reason you are a DC as opposed to a head coach because of comments like THIS.  Pros are better, people.  Best of the best, no matter how much they do in league play.
  26. Players deal with fan BS every day.  When a player like Matt Joyce finally gives in to the slander and lashes out, you really want to steal a few minutes with him (he has time during his suspension) to ask WHAT was the final straw that made him implode since he has been playing in front of crowds his entire life?
  27. Two events you would be surprised I missed this weekend.  Well, not missed.  Just stayed away from.  Winger played at Herman’s Hideaway and the Phils were in town.  Let’s just say I balanced and analyzed everything and decided BOTH were at the same level of crap most likely where I wouldn’t lose any sleep.  I would have scared people anyway at Winger knowing every word of every single song while they were just sitting there waiting for Seventeen.  Image result for winger
  28. I LOVED Winger.  I even bought his solo albums after they disbanded (no pun intended).  Me and like three other people in the world have this album.  Image result for winger solo albums
  29. Funny.  Remember the years in Denver when we only cared WHO the Rockies were playing in case we wanted to go?  Things have changed.
  30. Jay Mohr comes to town next weekend.  I might go check him out.  Not sure yet.  Clone thing from Jim Rome.
  31. Ice cream last night.  Just bought a monster cookie on way home from lunch.  Not drinking these days has just IGNITED my sweet tooth.  Still having dreams of that cookie from House Rock Kitchen in Buena Vista.  Anyone heading to Buena Vista soon?  Let me know.  I will pay $10 for someone to bring home one of those cookies.  It’s not like going to Buena Vista sucks or anything.    
  32. That pic above is NOT from Google.  That is from my phone when I was there.
  33. Where did I get ice cream?  Frozen Matter.  First time I actually went there for ICE CREAM as it has a speakeasy behind the door that LOOKS like a ice cream freezer.  Didn’t know that?  Check it out.  Uptown Denver.  Image result for frozen matter uptown retrograde speakeasy
  34. Image result for retrograde denver co
  35. I get comments on the pics my phone takes.  Amazing that the thing is almost FOUR years in.  Not changing until something breaks.
  36. Usain Bolt to his “rivalry” guy, Justin Gatlin, in his final 100m race.  Listen, this is not a hit on his record.  Athletes would ALL like to go out like John Elway on top of the world.  It mostly doesn’t work out that way.  Just the way it is.  Anyway, this tarnishes NOTHING about his resume.  He OWNED the 100 and 200 for his entire time, and the little ding at the end will be forgotten except for a good trivia question 20 years from now.  Odd to see him lose.  Sad to see him lose.  But, he still was the best.  Maybe it helps Gatlin get some sleep finally at night too.
  37. Ditched the movie to see Dunkirk to eat somewhere close and watch a movie at home.  Shot Caller.  Watch it.  SOLID flick that stays real and gets sad at the same time.  Hidden treasure.  Main character?  Jaime Lannister from GOT.  I admit to not even recognizing him until they showed a flashback 20 minutes into the movie.  Think of the movie as American History X in reverse in a way.  Kind of.  Not quite the quality of it, but still a nice attempt.  Image result for shot caller movie
  38. Image result for shot caller movie
  39. Image result for shot caller movie
  40. Torchy’s is not the best run operation in Denver, but I get their diablo sauce in bulk when I order and put it on everything over the weekend.  Highly recommend.
  41. Not sure if it will work out, but if I am a Mariners fan, I am beyond happy the Mariners made a move on Alonso being just outside of the playoff picture.  It would give me hope they cared about winning again.
  42. This cookie I purchased on way home from lunch is incredible.  Not BV quality, but awesome regardless.  I think I might get a milkshake later tonight.  Tomorrow is a two a day workout day.  I can work it off tomorrow.
  43. So, Team World played Team Africa in basketball the other day.  What gives?  This makes no sense to me.  I get the exposure for Africa, but don’t we want to make it fair?  In golf, you have everyone face a team that produces the most good players.  In hockey, you might have the world vs. Canada.  Maybe you have the world against the Dominican in baseball.  But, in basketball, you are not going to have the world against a lineup that will be a bunch of defensive stoppers for their careers.  Just saying.  Image result for team world vs team africa 2017 basketball
  44. Not you, Bol Bol.  I know you are going to be an offensive stud too.  Image result for basketball bol bol
  45. Went to a wedding the other night, and dancing sober is TOUGH.  But, the extra Fillerbuster moves I THINK I am good at but actually aren’t at least are eliminated.  People were probably happy about that.  I will spare you by pulling up one of those photos.
  46. Honored to play piano for an upcoming wedding.  I am playing the actual wedding song along with pre-wedding atmosphere music.  I used to do that all the time as a teenager, so it is just finding those old skills.  I am using the event as an excuse to sharpen my chops and relearn a BUNCH of songs I used to play.
  47. For you Uptown Denver people, Los Delicias has re-opened.  Just keeping you in the loop.  They have non diner tables, a patio, and MORE.  I didn’t try the food, but took a picture of it when I was having dinner at the D-Bar last night.  
  48. We are not splitting the atom when we say the Dodgers, now with Darvish, are downright SCARY this year.  And, when you have the best 50 game record since before 1920 (1912 I believe but not looking it up again), that is saying a LOT about what you are doing.  That is bypassing the freaking Yanks of the 20’s and 30’s.  43-7 in baseball is pretty incredible.
  49. Falcons CB Jalen Collins is so revved up for a Super Bowl redo that he got suspended 10 games for the season to prep for it.  Dude really likes drugs.  28-3, bro.  Live it up.
  50. The Little League girls team did an injustice by flashing their finger on social media to the hometown team they just beat.  That being said, they just need a scolding by coaches and parents.  That is it.  DQ’ing them from the championships game was just downright WRONG in my opinion.  Teach the kids the right way of course.  Let them try and still win it ON the field WHILE you are teaching that lesson.
  51. Pics from the wedding on Friday in case you care (or maybe I want to show you pics since I wasn’t even officially a “photographer”).  
  52. It is like they were posing FOR me-lol.  And my phone camera is so awesome.  
  53. And of course…line dancing.  I just did the electric slide.  Didn’t know this one as much.  
  54. And THIS guy was in several of my line dancing pics facing the wrong way.  Bucking the trend, beating the system.  
  55. That’s it for today.  I have to go finish my cookie, work for a bit, and watch GOT and Ballers.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro (.326, 28, 81, .422).  Peace.
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