Because I spend all my time chasing guys like you around the block. That’s my life.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock as it is beautiful outside.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)      Enjoy your Memorial Day, and try to take a moment during the day in between burgers to remember what we are celebrating.

2)      So, I guess we have to wait another few days to see if Heat C Chris Andersen actually misses a shot.  Not saying he is hoisting up 3’s making it tough, but his perfect efficiency thus far has really helped the Heat and demands respect.  Blinn College is pretty darn proud today.  Him and old school Udonis Haslem are truly doing their part in this series.  I agree that Miami is in MORE control of the series and that it is NOT good that the Pacers gave back the home court advantage, but I am not sure why everyone has suddenly given up hope on the Pacers.  We are back on track for 7 games, and you don’t get extra points for beating a team decisively.  You get 1 game whether it is an OT game or a 40 point blowout.  I think the Pacers adjust and win Game 4.  By the way, the reason the Heat won last night outside of transition baskets is because LeBron decided he was going to score in the paint.  He had 12 inside last night after having 5 total in the first two games.  By the way, tell your friends.  The Heat are oddly 49-5 with Chris Andersen in the lineup.  Weird.

3)      I don’t have the answer, but I never want to see a big car race end on a caution.  There has to be a better solution.  Yesterday sucked.

4)      Sad that Venus Williams lost at the French already.  She only really has a chance in the grass events these days because of her power, and I think it is time for her to chill out on the sideline and root for her younger sister.  Or keep raking up those doubles titles.

5)      I am supposed to be hiking beautiful Waterton Canyon right now.  I woke up last night for water from the fridge and stubbed my toe pretty badly.  That is SUCH a painful couple seconds after doing that.  Anyway, I am limping.  Jacked up my plans.  Therefore, I blog and stay close walking distance with everything.

6)      Nadal got a scare today at the French Open.  Everyone settle down.  He has been woken, and now will cruise.  I feel HORRIBLE for whoever he plays next.  They are going to get WORKED.

7)      I was sitting next to my buddy, Gordon, as we tried to remember why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland.  We solved the problem with that whole internet thing, but then oddly a five song Huey Lewis set soon followed.

8)      Adrian Peterson says “I’m not with that” regarding gay marriage.  I don’t get it.  If you are NOT down with it, either don’t say anything or say it in a more respectable manner.

9)      I have realized that Lindsey is not only my girlfriend but also my social guide.  I have not done much this long weekend.  Apparently, per her FB status updates, Barcelona people go OUT at 1am and come HOME at 6-7am.

10)   The Spurs are excited about tonight’s game versus the Griz because they can sweep and get much needed rest while hoping for a Pacers resurrection.  Viewers are excited about tonight’s game for more Pop interviews.  “Turnovers.”  “Turnovers.”  Those were separate questions so you have context.

11)   Geez.  First Take just came on the tube.  I would turn it to find some Memorial Day movie marathon (crossing fingers for Rocky IV to be on later), but I figure my pure hatred of Skip Bayless might make the rest of my hooks more angry and sarcastic.

11a)  That was funny.  They just said they are going to ask Ozzie Guillen what he thinks about the Don Mattingly situation.  She asked Skip what he might say.  Skip said “Umm.  I don’t know.”  Who ever knows what Ozzie is going to say?  That might be the funniest thing you have ever said, Skip.  I now have .0005% respect for you, Skip.

11b) I accidentally hit a button with my foot on the remote last night.  My TV is now in 1976 style color.  I guess I am waiting until Lindsey comes home to fix it and will just pretend I am 4 years old again.

12)   I still well up during Remember the Titans.  I don’t care if you all know.  Dog movies and Remember the Titans are gimmies to get me choked up.

13)   There are two convenience stores in my area that don’t carry newspapers.  It becomes very irritating when I need a sports page.

14)   A shout out to my new hangout-The Cantina.  Outdoor bar that makes you feel like you are I Vegas, reasonable drink prices, great staff, and it is at 11th and Lincoln, northwest corner, for you locals.  The bartender let it out that they had never seen the movie Heat.  I immediately went to my apartment and got the movie for a loaner.  NO one should go through life without seeing that movie.

14a) Plus, besides this and Batman, it is one of the last times we respected Val Kilmer.

15)   The Sharks knotted things up last night against the Kings.  I am NOT altering my prediction.  The Sharks WILL win Game 7, and then win the next series to lose to the Pens.

16)   I missed the pregame for Game 3 last night of the Pacers and Heat because the Star Wars where Yoda fights was on.  I remember being in the theater and almost falling off my chair.  I also wish I would have spent more of my life talking like Yoda in normal conversation.  “order a beer, I will.”

17)   The top ranked CB of 2014 chose Michigan over Penn State.  With all that went down at Penn State, it is going to be SO hard to win out on these top ranked guys.  So hard.

18)   I am tired of the “I ate the bones” commercial.  Stick a fork in it.  Play more of the AT&T kid commercials.

19)   This whole Rutgers AD thing is a mess.  So, Julie not only doesn’t recall being AT a wedding where there is video evidence, but she also doesn’t remember catching the freaking bouquet?  We should all stop what we are doing and go drink with HER.  She evidently is a lush with no memory.  I agree with Stephen A Smith about people making mistakes and this did happen a long time ago, but if she is LYING about if it happened in the first place, then I DO have a problem.

20)   Good for Robbie Rogers, who became the first male gay member in a team sport to play a game in North America (that sounded like a Bill Walton statement-old school readers will laugh at that comment).  Good for you, man, and I hope anyone who boos you checks themselves at some point in their life.

21)   I had a productive 2 hours of prepping for moving today.  I wasn’t able to throw away my Rambo and Whitesnake posters, but I went through two closets, and DID toss ALL of my cassette tapes including Frehley’s Comet and Trixter.  I tossed the Seinfeld VHS tapes.  Mom, the JVC boom box you guys got me in 1991 before going to college got retired today.  It still worked in limited capacity actually.  A good 22 years.  JVC, call me.  I will be in an ad.  The homeless guys were very happy to see me as I threw away box after box, although they were sad to see the sad things I was throwing away.  I don’t own much.  Some guy DID keep the cassette tapes (he should have waited until I threw away the boom box so he had something to play them on).  Anyway, I threw away the last remains of The Debacle today.  I admit that I did run out to the dumpster and take one single picture for when I am 90 years old and reflecting on my life.  It was nice to see my two retired Steelers hats again (out of 4-not bad-one in a ditch, and one in the Atlantic Ocean (it really wanted to go jet-skiing), along with the 50 hats my mom has bought me during the 4 times I have lost my hat and almost lost my mind.  Mom, I DID keep all VHS and tapes of me playing piano as a lad.  Thanks for saving those and sending.

22)   If the Spurs win the title this year, it will generate a mild debate.  No one can EVER touch the Celtics from the 60’s (Bill Russell needs another finger for his rings), but who are the next best couple teams of all time?  Off the top of my head, IF they win, I would go 90’s Bulls, 80’s Lakers AND Celtics (they would have one three more each if the other team didn’t exist), the 2000’s Spurs, and then late 80’s Pistons.

23)   That is it.  I have to go help Rutgers with their background check program.  Thanks for reading.  I love writing it, and truly appreciate your readership.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question (.287, 12, 23, .386), bro.  Peace.

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