And they say the ghost of Lucius Clay gets up and he walks around…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock, but missed a day.  It is kind of like a happy medium for length.

Let’s turn and burn.

1)  Just like the Jamaican surge in track and field sprinting, what the hell is going on in South Korea with golf?  Jiyai Shin wins the women’s British Open and continues dominance from that part of the world.  What ever happened to ladies like Karrie Webb and Aniika Sorrenstam?  Since El Tigre sucks these days, are the promoters feverishly working on a match play one on one between Jiyai and Rory McIlroy?

2)  Hey, Louisville football fans.  Leaving a game feeling good is one thing.  Leaving a game right after halftime up at home 39-14 is a whole other thing.  You obviously didn’t watch the Houston-Buffalo playoff game back in the day, didn’t ever catch highlights of Reggie Miller scoring 8 points in 12 seconds in the playoffs, and missed your boys losing almost because you wanted to beat the traffic.

3)  Interesting fact.  I thought it would be MUCH more for all of the time they have been playing at the other “the university.” (sorry, UVA is THE university-we should have trademarked that shit)  At Ohio State this week, an opposing player had the longest play of all time from an opposing player.  Eighty one yards.  Sure, there are only 19 possible yards to get, but I thought SOMEONE would have pushed the envelope a little more than that over all of those years playing there.

4)  I missed the NUMBER of years, but here is an interesting “almost” fact.  Virginia Tech, as good as they have been in the last 15 years, has had one loss every year since _____. I don’t have time to look it up.  Just know that it makes sense, they seem to always run the table to confuse the BCS after their loss, and it was since 199-something.

4a)  By the way, Hokies, thanks.  I guess I have a thing for taking South Carolina and Va Tech minus the points in my consultation games.  You are favored by 10, and then get mulled by a Pitt team where the head coach was already fidgety in his lukewarm seat.

5)  I feel kind of weird.  It is necessary for quality time after I am done blogging, but Lindsey is sitting on my floor putting together a storage unit with tools and everything.  Glad she likes me for what I am NOT….a fixer upper or mechanically inclined in ANY way.

6)  I don’t know how to approach this hook.  I am not sure if it is grey area.  But, that is how I roll.  Is Lou Holtz’s speech impediment getting suddenly worse this year?  Is he….nevermind.  I should just stop right there.  Anyway, Lou, it is definitely entertaining listening to your analysis.  I sit in my living room and root for certain words to come up on the tele-prompter.  I will leave it at that.

7)  Well, the NHL lockout is upon us.  Kovalchuk has already said he is heading to Russia to play during the lockout.  His really quick exit stage left indicates to me that the sides are very far apart.  It is Kovalchuk, not a head case like JR Smith.  Therefore, I would have to say that I think they are done for the year.

8)  Penn State gets it first win.  It was over a service academy, and we don’t need to worry about them approaching BCS status any time soon, but it is a win, a first step in the healing for that university.  If anyone saw my Cavs play Georgia Tech, and knows that PSU lost to UVA by one, then they will have an idea of how NOT good PSU really is.

9)  Pitcher Ivan Nova returns for the Yanks.  As Bill Murray once said in What About Bob, it is baby steps.  And any baby steps back to healthy pitching to try and hold off the O’s and Rays is greatly appreciated in the Big Apple.  It is the Rangers and then a lot of question marks on the AL side.

10)  With USC going down at Stanford (beat down in an old school way), does anyone else think that aside from playing a tough SEC schedule, that it is Bama and then everyone else?  QB Wilson playing or not for the Hogs, they got literally WORKED by Bama.

11)  In case you care, because I know that I don’t, Jimmy Johnson has taken over the top spot in NASCAR.  Or, as you would say any year in the last 6 years except for last year, a copy and paste.  Also, in case you care, they replaced Eury from Danica’s Nationwide crew.  If you don’t feel up to date on the racing world now, then I don’t know what you are looking for.  They call me Fillerbuster aka NASCAR update guy.

12)  Real Madrid has now lost two straight in soccer.  I am being told that this is relatively important in the broad scope of things.  There, NASCAR and non World Cup/ EURO soccer…UPDATE COMPLETE.

13)  Very quietly.  Like that spider in my window pane that I am too lazy to clean even though I think it comes to my bed at night occasionally and bites my leg, NC State basketball pulled another big time recruit, very odd for their recent history.  They were a top 3 class in whatever source you looked in last year, and they pull Anthony Barbel, the #11 overall recruit and a solid PG for 2013.  Shhhhh.  I said that NC State would win the ACC this year, just like I said last year that the Washington Nationals would win the NL pennant THIS year.

14)  Whether Tim Tebow is involved or not, the wildcat will live on.  They lost, true.  But, I thought the Volunteers used the offense pretty cleverly early against Florida when they got a first down AND scored with their LB running the show.

15)  I hear a rumor that Clayton Kershaw might need surgery.  The NL is not as strong this year, the Phillies might not make the dance, and if this dude is out, I will just ship a red carpet to DC so the Nationals can parade themselves into the World Series to get smoked by the Rangers.

16)  Kanye West had 17 BET nominations.  I didn’t care about that, even though it sounded like a lot.  I am not hip, and have no idea what celebrities are banging other, but isn’t his date, Kim Kardashian, the chick who married Kris Humphries and then started shopping around?  I don’t know anything about her, but I don’t like her.  Kanye, you do what you need to do though.  Make your rounds.

17)  Five Olympic skating medalists are accusing their coach of abuse.  The Fillerbuster will wait to make a dry joke on this until things pan out, but after the whole Sandusky sentencing October 9th, I would bet that if he is guilty, he will go down hard.

18)  I promised my co-worker that I would not be derogatory towards his Michigan State team that went down hard to Notre Dame.  Craig, I won’t.  I will simply just report it this go around, but lose another one, and the Fillerbuster will have a field day.

19)  Awesome, and I imagine this will happen one or two other times.  A replacement ref for the NFL got pulled from the Saints game Sunday because…he was a Saints fan.  Complete with a house full of stuff and a facebook page proclaiming it.  I think I am more impressed that the older dude had a facebook page more than that he got busted at all.  I wish it would have happened ON the field as opposed to before.  It would have been classic, him being taken off the field live.

19a)  The replacement refs started pretty strong.  Now, reality is setting in with the law of talent, experience, and averages.  They are starting to look pretty bad ALL across the board.

20)  Lindsey just caught the MNF announcer calling the Broncos the Colts.  Understandable that it might happen, but it was pretty blatant.

21)  Dwight Howard “never wanted anyone to ever hate me.”  Stop talking, bro.  Get your back better, stop putting in full page ads in Orlando papers, and just fade away from the Orlando scene.

22)  The funniest thing I have heard in the last few weeks.  A crazy individual who is a friend of a friend, having a couple drinks, and then making me almost fall out of my chair with one simple statement.  Mom, and other authoritative figures, please advance to next hook right now.  This is not for you.  Do we have only my requested audience?  Everyone else move along?  Ok.  here it is.  “You know you like a chick when you start using condoms with the other girls.”  Boom.

23)  I hear that Joe Flacco and the Ravens are not talking about a long term deal.  I hate to be shallow, but all I can think about is “when is this new spread out, long pass offense going to FINALLY open up?”  It is my fault, and I got him last pick in both leagues, but once again, I have Anquan Boldin.  Throw that shit, Joe.

24)  John Isner has become the heart of Davis Cup US tennis.  That is NOT a good thing, people.  I don’t care if he has moved up to #11 or not.

25)  I don’t know why, but I am sad that Chavez, Jr. lost to Martinez this weekend.  Something about the father/ son thing just made me cheer for the lad.

26)  I don’t know if you read my blog about my favorite song that Lindsey introduced me too, but Imagine Dragons debuted at #2 (behind Matchbox 20???) with their new CD.  The song I posted was:  The new one Lindsey put on my mix CD is:

27)  I don’t care WHAT football etiquette is, and I love Jersey based guys, but Schiano was wrong in having a full fledged rush during kneel down time in the Carolina/ NY Giants game.  You have 60 minutes to win the game.  Sometimes the last few are eventful, and sometimes you need to just relinquish the game.

28)  When Tom Brady got the ball back after the Cardinals ran it three straight times up the middle with time remaining, I would have bet my rent that Tom Brady would have gotten a score.  Sure, the kicker missed the FG, but Brady should have gotten him closer, and I thought it was money.

29)  Congrats to Andrew Luck.  For anyone who thinks that if he goes 3-13, it is a bad draft pick, check out Peyton’s career stats.

30)  The Redskins are back!  The Redskins are back!  Well, until they lost Orakpo and Carriker, and assuming Griffining is now an actual verb, you might think so.  Too tough of losses, and losing them kills you.

31)  I think that MNF’s musical intro was incredible tonight.  Parody of Devil went Down to Georgia, arguably the greatest song of all time.  My memory of this song of course stems from my ownership of the 45 of it, but it goes much deeper.  I once entered a lip sync contest in college.  The judges were the basketball players.  My biggest competition was from the basketball players’ girlfriends.  They didn’t stand a chance.  They did a very practiced number that was very good.  I did Devil Went Down to Georgia with an actual fiddle that I had my pledges get, and then said the “only cowboy I know is from Bon Jovi and New Jersey.”  WITH an acoustic guitar and cowboy hat.  After a couple St. Ides 40’s ( I drank that on purpose in Virginia to be DIFFERENT), I air fiddled, air guitared, won $150, and then made my monumental mistake…announcing their was a 3 keg party at Sigma Pi that very week night (I did some quick math and figured that 3x $50 for Natural Light was $150).  By the way, as far as Charlie Daniels goes, Uneasy Rider and The Legend of Wooley Swamp are MUCH better songs.

32)  Not done my list, but Lindsey is done assembling the storage unit.  Got to go.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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