About the Fillerbuster

How this whole thing came about…

I was born in South Jersey in a town small enough that I have to progress in a hometown conversation from Bridgeton to Vineland to then Cherry Hill for anyone to know where I am talking about.  There are a LOT of corn fields are in my part of Jersey.  I swam and played tennis at Cumberland Regional High School, with basketball being a passion.  I attended the University of Virginia, where I decided that playing collegiate sports was too much of an addition to my Sigma Pi fraternity duties (because there were SO many duties).  I lived in Newport, RI, Gautier, MS, and VA Beach before coming out to Denver in 1997.  I worked on the movie set of Virus (horrible end result movie) to be able to make that move.  I worked in odd combinations of sales and bartending jobs until landing at Four Winds Interactive, where I still am today and extremely happy.  I work 60 plus hours a week sometimes, so know there is no team keeping this site up.  I will joke about interns but they don’t exist obviously.  I apologize ahead of time for any grammatical errors or statistical inaccuracies.  It is just me, folks.

The evolution of the blog began as a bad breakup, triggering a reaction of angry and sarcastic weekly emails to friends.  I told life stories, I complained about things, and I felt the need to tell anyone who would listen my thoughts.  90% random items, 10% sports.  The email morphed into a blog, and the blog morphed into my own website, and here we are.  The present version is about 90% sports, 10% random (some still sounding angry) items.  I don’t have time to create traffic, so please pass the link along to people if you enjoy.  I want to write this for millions of people, but would also keep on writing if not one person read it.  It is my addiction.

I live in Denver with my wife, Lindsey.  No kids, and just a demon cat (Jackson) and a Munchkin cat who is built like a linebacker (Charlee) until we have the logistical bandwidth for dogs, pigs, etc.  Moving probably in 2018 (hopefully in the exact neighborhood) and only necessity is a yard for multiple dogs.  You will sometimes read me reference myself as Two Cat Mark.  Long story, but just know it was me fighting the cat owning stereotype and embracing the situation.

I follow all major sports in detail along with some random ones also.  I try and not make this a homer blog, but my loyalty follows the following parameters:

Pittsburgh Steelers:  Born into an Eagles family, I am pretty sure I came into the world a Steelers fan.  Or maybe it was the black and gold gear my uncle sent me.  And then they won 4 out of 6 Super Bowls, so I stuck around.  Diehard and addict.

Virginia Cavaliers:  Alum and loyal

Philadelphia Phillies/ Flyers:  I kept my childhood hometown teams in these two sports.

NBA:  I seem to follow players rather than teams.  Sixers fan when I was a kid, followed Isiah Thomas and the Pistons until he retired, all of Iverson’s teams until he retired, and presently am lost without a true team or player.  I think at times that I might be a Sixers or Bucks fan these days.

Golf:  Steve Elkington and Tiger Woods were my guys.  Rickie Fowler is my guy these days.

I would love to hear from anyone on good and bad things in relation to my blog.  I am always open to criticism and feedback.  Thanks for the readership or maybe just for passing through, and I hope you enjoy my passion.

Me above at the Lazy Lizard (the greatest bar in the WORLD) at Caye Caulker in Belize.

Me with the same, tradeMARK pose at Maroon Bells in Aspen.

Me at St. John:

Don’t play me at pool unless you deal with defeat well.

Me with Little Jerry (Seinfeld fan GALORE):

Me giving back by shaving my head:

Me jamming on the keys:

Better to end the pics with a picture of me with my better half though:

And yes, big GOT fan.

Mark Filler