About the Fillerbuster

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How this whole thing came about…

I was born in South Jersey in a town small enough that I have to progress in a hometown conversation from Bridgeton to Vineland to then Cherry Hill for anyone to know where I am talking about.  There are a LOT of corn fields are in my part of Jersey.  I swam and played tennis at Cumberland Regional High School, with basketball being a passion.  I attended the University of Virginia, where I decided that playing collegiate sports was too much of an addition to my Sigma Pi fraternity duties (because there were SO many duties).  I lived in Newport, RI, Gautier, MS, and VA Beach before coming out to Denver in 1997.  I worked on the movie set of Virus (horrible end result movie) to be able to make that move.  I worked in odd combinations of sales and bartending jobs until landing at Four Winds Interactive, where I still am today and extremely happy.  I work 60 plus hours a week sometimes, so know there is no team keeping this site up.  I will joke about interns but they don’t exist obviously.  I apologize ahead of time for any grammatical errors or statistical inaccuracies.  It is just me, folks.

The evolution of the blog began as a bad breakup, triggering a reaction of angry and sarcastic weekly emails to friends.  I told life stories, I complained about things, and I felt the need to tell anyone who would listen my thoughts.  90% random items, 10% sports.  The email morphed into a blog, and the blog morphed into my own website, and here we are.  The present version is about 90% sports, 10% random items.  I don’t have time to create traffic, so please pass the link along to people if you enjoy.  I want to write this for millions of people, but would also keep on writing if not one person read it.  It is my addiction.

I live in Denver with my wife, Lindsey.  No kids, and just a demon cat (Jackson) until we have the logistical bandwidth for dogs.

I follow all major sports in detail along with some random ones also.  I try and not make this a homer blog, but my loyalty follows the following parameters:

Pittsburgh Steelers:  Born into an Eagles family, I am pretty sure I came into the world a Steelers fan.  Or maybe it was the black and gold gear my uncle sent me.  And then they won 4 out of 6 Super Bowls, so I stuck around.  Diehard and addict.

Virginia Cavaliers:  Alum and loyal

Philadelphia Phillies/ Flyers:  I kept my childhood hometown teams in these two sports.

NBA:  I seem to follow players rather than teams.  Sixers fan when I was a kid, followed Isiah Thomas and the Pistons until he retired, all of Iverson’s teams until he retired, and presently am lost without a true team.

Golf:  Rickie Fowler and Jason Day are my guys.

I would love to hear from anyone on good and bad things in relation to my blog.  I am always open to criticism and feedback.  Thanks for the readership or maybe just for passing through, and I hope you enjoy my passion.

Mark Filler