“Another day, a whole ‘nother set of fresh possibilities … I’m a sucker for mornings.” – MacGyver

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Not an airplane rant.  Afternoon rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Here is the deal.  If I didn’t work as much as I do, if this was my only job, and if it wasn’t such a nice day outside, I would write more.  But those things all pertain, so the necessity to do one sentence and one sentence only hooks is what it is.
  2. This will be a mixture of personal stuff and sports, so sign off now if you don’t think my life is somewhat interesting.
  3. Actually, I will try and group things in sports and personal and maybe throw all of personal pics at the end.
  4. In the background, I managed to turn off Life of Pi, which sucks me in every time.  
  5. For the record, my cat’s name is Jackson, but Richard Parker WAS in the finalist running…at least from my side of the world.
  6. Watching the last 15 minutes of Breakdown right now, and it is one of the most intense underrated movies you will ever see that deals with an event that could happen to anyone.  
  7. Hey, Jimbo, examine the causation of the events, examine your kids, but you can’t punish the whole group and say NONE of them can go to bars.
  8. But welcome back from hunting in West Virginia.
  9. So, a QB got busted, a RB got busted, so here is hoping the tight ends and wide receivers are huddled around a Halo game right now at home being safe.  
  10. Of course, they CAN’T go to bars I guess now, can they?
  11. I MISS Jameis Winston being a college student.  
  12. Duke got Jayson Tatum today, and if you don’t who he is, just know he is #2 in his recruiting class, gives Duke ridiculous height finally at the 3 spot, and they still have hopes of getting the #1 and #5 guy.  
  13. So, sorry, Vince, and congrats, Logan.
  14. Whether he ends up with the Kings or not, Andrea Bargnani is going to be a hell of a bar trivia question someday regardless.  
  15. Tiger says St. Andrews is totally green and different.
  16. Tiger does a teen clinic amazingly.
  17. We don’t care as much about these things as we used to.  
  18. There is no point to that picture, but just thought how they both had their OWN downward spirals in a way.  
  19. Meanwhile, Jordan Spieth is shooting 61’s.
  20. Holy shit, the last 5 minutes of Breakdown is intense, and it fades into credits with not even happy resolution music.  
  21. I have decided to do a little Mission Impossible III since the new one is coming out, I don’t what number they ended on, maybe it will be a refresher, and I probably will blog more than look up at TV.  
  22. No, Lindsey just reminded me these is some Ghost one too.
  23. I wish the American Cornhole Championship X was being TELEVISED-that would make it easy.  
  24. Anyone else notice that SI.COM today had an outdated article about how the Clippers might try and sign and trade DJ to the Mavs?
  25. I once called a newspaper because the offensive rebounds and total rebounds didn’t jive in the box score.
  26. Pretty sure Matt Williams would rather have Max winning him games then in the ASG, as I am sure today’s Sunday start was advised but not a necessity.
  27. I( have been told the Minions play Van Halen on some guitar and therefore am a little more excited to see the movie.  
  28. I forgot to ask whether it was David Lee Roth or Van Hagar.  
  29. Can I just time my NASCAR racing for exactly when Danica rubs Earnhardt into a wall?
  30. As you know, the only thing I know about racing is “rubbin’s racing.”  
  31. I never thought I would see “NFL assistant coach,” “punching a boy,” and “beach chairs” ever in the same sentence.
  32. Seriously, I would have bet against THAT, but I might have taken a flier that it would be on Rex Ryan’s TEAM.  
  33. Someone asked me if I had kids the other night after I had a couple drinks, and my involuntary response was that I had a small cat that took a little responsibility in life.  j12Capture
  34. I have successfully not turned it back to Life of Pi.
  35. By the way, I am not dissing that movie, and you should see it, and I am just saying it is so good that it can ruin your day.
  36. This already takes a good amount of time, so I don’t need hyenas, zebra’s, orangutan’s, and tigers.  
  37. When is a good time to tell my fiancée that after this weekend of waking up early to watch tennis, that I need to wake up early NEXT week to watch golf.
  38. The Open, and I get weak just thinking about it…LOVE watching Majors more than most other mortals on earth.  
  39. For you newbies to golf, the US Open is the US Open and the British Open is just The Open.  
  40. Plus, if you are old enough to watch THIS meltdown, HOW can you ever NOT watch a British Open ever again?  
  41. Well, Sunday, as I forgot I am attending my first Frontier Days in Wyoming on Friday night and am seeing pretty much the only country singer I know, which is Blake Shelton.  
  42. I listened to Charlie Daniels Band in grade school, and then Garth Brooks in college (because I was below the Mason Dixon Line of course).  
  43. Greatest song of all time possibly.
  44. I would have started blogging earlier, but I was looking underneath my bed for $19.9 million, as Allan Houston evidently needs some cash and is selling his home.  
  45. There have been many more of course, but he was one of the leaders in any sport of being the first to be HUGELY overpaid at his skill level.  
  46. Oh, THAT’S right…the whole rabbit’s foot thing…coming back to me.
  47. Sorry…Mission Impossible III.
  48. Aged gouda ice cream is the weirdest thing ever, because you bite down and expect sweet ice cream flavor but then it is just cheese.
  49. Lindsey got some at Beast and Bottle today, which is one of the most stellar restaurants in Denver, but that might be elevated since it is literally right across the street.  
  50. J.P., you are the man.
  51. Another Sweet Adeline, please.
  52. I woke up the other day and realized I need more, so I am working on what I am going to volunteer at as I have no excuse not to help someone do something on a regular basis.
  53. That was serious, by the way…leaning towards an animal shelter.
  54. How many trips to California will it take until I finally see a Redwood tree?  
  55. The Sixers are glad they have like 5000 PF’s and 1000 lottery tix, because that Embiid pick sure is looking like a miss.
  56. Those other players around that pick are not looking bad right about now.  embiid Capture
  57. I LOVE Cuban for allowing Matthews an out and more for dismissing Jordan’s apology.
  58. If you want good, light reading, either read Cuban’s narrative of that night, or for better stuff, JJ Redick’s take on Grantland.  http://grantland.com/the-triangle/the-lowe-post-podcast-j-j-redick-on-the-deandre-jordan-saga-emoji-free-agency-and-more/
  59. I still think Jason Bourne would whip the SHIT out of Mission Impossible Ethan.  
  60. #1 of course on my list that you can try to make fun of…
  61. Serena Williams should win the US Open and then retire-that would be the dopest exit of any athlete EVER.  serena tweet Capture
  62. Well, maybe except for Roberto Clemente dying on a plane at exactly 3000 hits.
  63. That wasn’t rude…it is what it is.
  64. My parents live by a lake and bought a paddleboat, and not only is the paddleboat dope, but the idea that my parents bought it is more dope.  paddle Capture
  65. paddle2Capture
  66. My parents live in a retirement community, and not only is a golf cart dope, but the idea that my parents bought it is more dope.  golfCapture
  67. Notice the blue Denver license plate, and know my mom in New Jersey drew (literally with paint) a Bronco on our garage outside wall when I was a kid.
  68. That is true, but DAD, upon editing, you didn’t get the license plate in your pic!
  69. Lindsey woke up, so I have now turned the TV on Sunday Snapped.  
  70. Upon editing, she turned it to Hunger Games…dammit, I get hooked into this movie.  
  71. Guards her from me finding Karate Kid I on the tube.  
  72. When refreshing our camping gear, I started talking compasses, knives, and other cool woodsy stuff, and realized I just turn into MacGyver/ Navy Seal when going out in the woods.  
  73. What an odd mix.
  74. Damn, I loved Airwolf and MacGyver.  
  75. I watched the entire final today at Wimbledon, Djokovic is SO good of returner, and I saw NO energy from either the crowd or Federer after the rain delay.  
  76. I previously thought Agassi was the best returner of all time, but I change my vote as of today.
  77. Federer didn’t even play BAD….wow.
  78. Went from epic possibly to a processional.
  79. The dead plants on the patio from hail have been replaced as of this weekend, they look pretty, and I still don’t understand why colorful leaves are important to anyone in this world.
  80. Bet this guy would agree with me, but we both have relationships to uphold.  
  81. She is cooking steaks tonight, but suddenly I need an Arby’s night soon.  
  82. But I play the game of pretending like I care about flowers.
  83. Conor McGregor is a smack talking badass, sad I missed the fight, but VERY happy he did as expected.  
  84. I missed it to see Drunken Hearts (Lindsey’s band) and Yarn, and not complaining.
  85. Yarn is 10 times better than expected (think Yonder, Petty, Buffet, Toby Keith, and Panic), and the guitarist from Drunken Hearts is one of the sickest ones I have seen in the last few years (guy in red bandana).  
  86. I met a guy from New York at the show, experienced the normal “LOVE meeting someone from where I came from” for about 10 minutes, and then became really irritated with him which reminded me why I left the East Coast in the first place.
  87. Amazingly, the blue grass Yarn band IS from Brooklyn.
  88. The dude commented that Drunken Hearts were riding on Allman Brothers (just because they were playing dual guitars), and they VERY much thank you for the comment, jackass.
  89. I watched Allman Brothers at Woodstock 1994 in the pouring rain, and I don’t think anything can ever top that.  
  90. I danced twice last night, once spinning Lindsey clumsily during bluegrass, and the other showing everyone that razor sharp movements during a hippie song are very well allowed.
  91. I did it before in the daylight, but I wouldn’t walk solo at night to Cervante’s, as it has a nice feel of Five Points.
  92. I very rarely see something where I say “I need to have that,” (outside of a Porsche 911) but saw this and plan on owning it very, very soon.  
  93. 25 tools in a bracelet from 1992 that gets through airport security and solves every problem you encounter.
  94. Once again, MacGyver would have LOVED this thing.  
  95. Lindsey has turned on Penny Dreadful, meaning I can really truck through this thing.  
  96. I think Russ Smith is going to be a very, very good pro for some reason.  
  97. Mark Walberg, my #3 man crush, is in Men’s Fitness this month in a VERY good article.  
  98. That seriously is one good looking dude.
  99. If you happen to order mac and cheese at The Lobby in downtown Denver, tell them they use too small of pasta but the sauce is delicious.
  100. They need to do shells, and I AM a mac and cheese expert and you are just hoping you are.
  101. Why isn’t Velveeta used more at restaurants, as it is SOOOOOO good?  
  102. The ending of Godzilla and Troy were on at the same time on Friday night, and it made my life very very confusing for an hour.   
  103. Like Van Halen 5150, I know every single twitch, move, and blurb in that movie.
  104. I caught the end of the Illusionist (can you tell Lindsey was asleep and I was left unattended?) and need to watch that whole movie again, as It is very underrated.  
  105. I also have pinpointed that I should watch channel 517 or 522 on Direct TV between midnight and 130 on Friday or Saturday.
  106. Hey, I for some reason don’t own any pornos.
  107. I just said that word and thought of my #2 celebrity lady-amazing how that happens.  
  108. She should have won an Oscar for just portraying a Jersey chick.
  109. If you look at the Men’s Journal Gear Lab 2015, I would make sure you have some money in the bank account-otherwise you will be more depressed than I currently am.
  110. Speaking of depressed, Eight Below got me AGAIN last night upon return from the bar-gets me every time, and yes, I cried as I always do.  
  111. How convenient to cry during the week of the ESPY’s… 
  112. Avery, you are the SHIT.  avery-Capture
  113. Women of Westeros…doing this during final edit…promise.
  114. Nope.  Got tired again, and since it is out of season, it advances to the next massive list-sorry.  
  115. Latest pic of the black cat, and I suddenly want to listen to Pilgrims by Widespread Panic.  j123Capture
  116. The song… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sxQ33N2qbw
  117. …which is only the greatest song of all time besides any Chopin, Beethoven, or Liszt piece…oh, and Debussy’s Reverie.  
  118. Happy trails, Ken, and don’t be offended that Lindsey asked who Ken STAB-ler was.  
  119. What did I do when Lindsey was out for the night the other night was eat an entire plate of salami and cheese while watching NBA Summer League games.  
  120. I am trying this Draft Kings shit for the British Open, as I truly believe I can pick the best 10 golfers in ANY tourney better than anyone on this planet.  
  121. I think Damon Lillard is a great guy for staying in Portland, but I feel a depression episode coming on a couple years from now.
  122. NOT from the city, people…from the TEAM.  blazersCapture
  123. My favorite tweet of the week was this Nick Chub photo after Braxton Miller declared himself the best athlete in college football.  chubCapture
  124. When I hit the “back” button on my Droid on ESPN.com, my GREATEST pet peeve in life is that it takes me back to the top of the ESPN page…so FIX it, Droid.
  125. Actually, it is probably a “me” problem.
  126. So, someone tell me HOW to fix it on my own…sorry Droid.
  127. I feel like the WSOP is less televised than it should be these days.  
  128. The Body Issue by ESPN was nice, and I really only thought two girls in there were really hot, so I guess they are achieving their goal of showing us the greatest ATHLETE’S bodies as opposed to just bodies.
  129. We were in a rush to get a coffee table, we ordered it, I amazingly put it together pretty quickly, but yet Lindsey has not put one thing on it…odd.  
  130. Why is my UVA diploma 3 feet by 2 feet?
  131. I feel it is one of those checks Adam Sandler was driving around in his car with during Happy Gilmore.  
  132. Since I left my glasses in Avon or elsewhere, and since I have not bought glasses since like 1999, I thought I would get myself a new bold look, and I am slightly excited about them.
  133. They are perfect and bold black (no pictures because they are putting my prescription in them still) and they oddly have the American Flag on a part of them people will not see unless they are off my head…kind of like the perfect Seinfeld jacket he buys with the pink inside that Elaine’s dad won’t let him wear down the rainy street.  
  134. I just realized that I have eaten at restaurants 5 times in the last week and had mac and cheese 4 of those times.
  135. This is serious, and someone PLEASE tell me how I Google what movies just came “out” like when they used to be released at Blockbuster.
  136. Be depressed about the Hardy diminished penalty, but my understanding is that it is because the chick wouldn’t testify so probably exaggerated things a bit.
  137. Zach Greinke could be that pitcher 20 years from now with some of the sickest overall stats recently but no chance at a HOF bid.  
  138. WHAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT? Enes Kanter averaged 18 and 10 at the end of last season?  
  139. Thunder will match, I remember that kid being on Rivals.com, and I wish the Mavs would have tried for him.
  140. Instead they got Zaza…ok.  
  141. I try in my life to have time to do midseason reports, but I get to hook #143 and I just want to post fun pics and get out of dodge.
  142. Carlos Martinez has NASTY stuff, and it kind of reminds me of when Francisco Rodriguez became a star years ago.  
  143. Someone just introduced someone in this damn show as “Ms. Pooh.”
  144. I laughed out loud.
  145. I am sure the Cowboys and Broncos might have been doing bad things with recruitment of Thomas and Bryant, but who is regulating players texting other players in all reality.
  146. Or, as she said in Enemy of the State, “who is monitoring the monitoring?”  
  147. If the Cavs land Joe Johnson, I will either be very impressed or just belittle Joe Johnson on being overpaid…still uncertain about my reaction.
  148. I read “Dolph Lundgren reflects on Rocky IV” and almost lost my shit.  
  149. Damn, I LOVE Rocky IV.
  150. Might be hard stopping that being the theme now…shoot…Airwolf will be mad.  
  151. Just lots of pics-look or don’t look-I don’t really care-it is for my mom.
  152. The greatest bar seat of all time…no seat behind me, wall on one side, bar on other, and one seat for my lady with view of the band.  me11-Capture
  153. The Dixon clan minus the dad about to sing with the orchestra.  dixon-Capture
  154. Yup, Vail is not a bad looking town.  vail-Capture
  155. vail2Capture
  156. The GORGEOUS venue at Vail.  vail amp-Capture
  157. Mom, I hope you get to meet Lindsey’s mom.  deb-Capture
  158. By the way, Mom and Matt, will a Mexico wedding work?  mexico-Capture
  159. I don’t think my brother reads this anymore.
  160. We have backed off the fancy wedding and want it accessible, but might go to Aruba for the honeymoon.  
  161. Or Grand Cayman, and the only reason I know about that place is because of The Firm movie.  
  162. I personally think Lindsey’s brother looks like a cartoon character here, but that is me.  drew-Capture
  163. Blurry good pic of Linds, her bro, and most importantly my hat.  linds-drew-Capture
  164. This is not a bad picture…you just don’t expect fireworks to be landing on the ground.
  165. avon fireworksCapture
  166. Dixon clan again.  diixon2Capture
  167. Just a sign I liked up there…trust me…we are skipping LOTS of pics.  sign-Capture
  168. And finally, the greatest video game of all time and a game I would NEVER bet me on, lost touch or not.  gtee11Capture
  169. That’s it. Going to go enjoy the rest of the beautiful afternoon (after I take some time to post a BUNCH of photos).  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.
  170. PS-It is going to be DOPE when Trout and Harper win the MVP vote this year, and we have a Bird-Johnson baseball version.
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