You’ve NEVER heard of Bozo the Clown????

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

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I feel the need…the need for speed.

(wow, that photo could apply to Seinfeld, Bryce Harper, my closing…you name it)


1)  The Nets made a move today, it was a good one, and totally once again changed the entire Dwight Howard saga…as if we needed it.  Actually, this twist was kind of a fun one.  The Nets got a solid All Star player who everyone is waiting to make that jump at some point, and they shed some players with expiring contracts.  I assume by the time this rant is done, we will hear about Deron Williams signing with the Nets, as there is NO way they would jump at Hawks SG Joe Johnson unless they had some type of verbal Williams would sign with them.  All this being said, these moves pretty much solidify that the “one team” that Dwight Howard said he is looking at is no longer a probable scenario.  I can tell you that Mark Cuban is back on the phones right about now though.

2)  It is always nice to see tennis players break their monotony and talk with the fans a little (we wouldn’t want Metta World Peace to ever do it again in his sport, but these tennis players look nice and they are all prettied up in white outfits).  During Djokovic’s methodical decimation of Viktor Troicki today, Troicki had a little back and forth with a fan that was amusing.  The fan yells during a silent time to go at his backhand, and Viktor offers the racket to the fan, intimating “YOU try.”  Anyway, the next serve goes at his backhand, Djokovic misses, and Viktor acknowledges him.  Very cool.  Very Jimmy Connoresque.

3)  I like Michael Phelps’ style.  Not being too greedy, checking out the schedule, and acknowledging his swimming age is getting a little higher, he drops an event to “concentrate” on 8 events.  Seriously though, the schedule breaks down that he has a complete day off after the exhausting 400IM.  I will say this though.  Picking his “weak” event must have been more with the other competition and not what he was least good at. Dude is just flat out good when he jumps in the pool.

4)  The Bucs make some nice moves in the offseason, and evidently one of their on field talents doesn’t believe in my system that if you drink and make more than $1 million, just hire someone for $50k yearly to pick you up when needed.  CB Eric Wright just got busted for a DUI.  What is up with that division racking up off the field problems.  Must be an inside bet.

5)  I am stubborn.  I am not one to try new TV shows because of my absolute Seinfeld snobbery, but I tried a new one and just want to pass along that although I have seen only 1 episode, it was solid.  Men At Work, the new show about 4 dudes on TBS was edgy, clever, and the characters seemed to work really well.  Check it out.

6)  I am TIRED of All-Star balloting in the NBA and MLB.  Both have flawed systems and they need to just fix them.  This is NOT as tough as fixing the BCS, trust me.  The NBA starts the season with their All-Star ballot already pre-made.  Yes, Joel Anthony from the Heat is just one example of a bad choice on the NBA preseason ballot.  MLB?  If you are wondering why AL BA leader Mike Trout was NOT in the starting lineup and had to get put on after fan vote, you have to know this.  Dude wasn’t even on the ballot.  Deal with any problems that arise, but let fans vote for whoever.  That rookie is from Millville, NJ, worked out at my brother’s gym, and deserves everything that is coming to him.  At press time, he was tied for the AL lead with a .336 average, but batted .372 this past month.

7)  Editor’s note.  In my review of Ted, I said that the “bad” guy was played by Tosh.0.  I mixed up funny show hosts that I liked.  It was the Soup guy.  Regardless, he was funny.

8)  I am not saying it is the apocalypse or anything.  I am not.  But, we all know there is a shortage of quality 7’0″ players in the NBA.  And now this.  Sure, this kid has “upside,” but he is just really tall and just got paid by the Rockets 3 years, $25 million.  Who is it?  Household name.  Omer Asik.  Tell your friends.  And go get a driver for $50k, bro.

9)  It is kind of exciting around Denver with Missy Franklin quickly becoming the US swimming team’s darling, and her being local.

10)  This is NOT a repeat hook.  I am NOT making this up.  And yes, I had to read the article VERY slowly to make sure I wasn’t missing something.  However, it is true.  Yohan Bolt beat Usain Bolt AGAIN, this time in the 200m.  Crazy shit going on in the Caribbean.

11)  Erin Andrews moved from ESPN to Fox Sports.  I am pretty sure I just had an idle 1 minute of my life, didn’t mean to read that headline, and don’t really think that she is of the status to put on the wire with that story.  Just have her APPEAR at a sporting event, and let people watching it argue about it and be confused.

12)  The grass is green, the sky is blue, and Scott Brooks and the OKC Thunder agreed on a contract.  I don’t even know how he had any leverage.  I would question his SANITY if he left that squad right now.

13)  I am a big Jeremy Lin fan.  That being said, I am AMAZED that the month, maybe two, of stardom has us being given CONSTANT updates on his free agent status.  I like the guy, but just let me know when it is over.  He hasn’t done THAT much yet.

14)  I am watching the Family Guy where they do a Rocky III parody.  VERY amusing.  Clever making Lois Rocky.  Check it out right after watching Rocky III.  The scenes are locked on.

15)  What is that SONG in the background of the Savages commercial?  It is tight.

16)  We are supposed to find out if Nash accepts that Toronto Raptors offer tonight or tomorrow.  I know everything I am reading says he will take it, but I am not buying it.  I truly believe his will to win a championship will win out over playing with some youngsters in his home country.

17)  I wish they would stop telling me about Tiger passing Jack on the total win list.  Jack doesn’t care.  Tiger doesn’t care.  I don’t care.  Sure, it will be cool when Tiger gets Sam Snead in another couple years, but it is ALL about the number 18.  End of story.

18)  Martin Brodeur is coming back for two years to the Devils.  I hate the Devils.  I am not a fan of Brodeur outside of obvious respect and of course have a little of irritation of him jacking my Flyers.  That being said, you can’t tell me it isn’t cool when a player goes start to finish in a long career with the same team.  Very cool.  Go have a celebration brewsky with Gwynn and Ripken.

19)  Deep thoughts, as this came up personally at work the last few days.  Seinfeld covered a lot of adjective/noun people in its run, but how come there was never a desk tapper (self explanatory) or long talker (someone who doesn’t get to the point).

20)  Been a closet fan for her entire career, and sad to see Kim Clijsters exit stage left in her goodbye tour.  Also, I am not surprised Sharapova lost after her extended French Open run, but I AM surprised WHO she lost to.  I thought she had the goods until she faced someone a little more significant.

20a)  Watch the chick who beat her goes on to win the whole thing since I just pretty much called her insignificant.  Actually, I have watched a couple of Lisicki’s matches in the last year.  She does have game.  I was thinking/ hoping the loss would come in an awesome match with Williams or Na or someone like that.

21)  I am going to Waterworld this weekend for someone celebrating their birthday.  This is my first trip this year.  I said this in my blog last year, and I will say it again.  There is NO one within twenty years either way of me who gets MORE excited about a water park than me.  It is not even close.  I am not saying I will knock over kids like Costanza leaving a birthday party, but I have thought about it if it saves me 10 minutes in a long cool water slide ride.

21a) Well, I brought it up.  You might as well watch the clip.

22)  That is it.  My calendar is kind of busy tomorrow, so tomorrow might be a short one as I have to write this during the work day tomorrow, but know this.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro (Mike Trout, find a line and stick to it.  I have faith in you).  Peace.

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