You only do this (at least get photographed) when you have a winning record, Chad.

Chad Henne

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some thing off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  I have too much to do, and just need to get a blog out since I will take the day off tomorrow to watch the Steelers.

Let’s turn and burn.

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1)  I read that the Giants players think that Sean Payton is talking to his Saints players coaches and getting messages to them.  First of all, I doubt it.  The penalties greatly outweigh the advantages.  He just wants them to get through this sub par year (making him look VERY good), and then jump in the mix for next year.  Second, did you hear WHO they got a quote from?  The Giants punter, Steve Weatherford.  Who really cares what the punter thinks?

2)  Apparently the Heat really get into fantasy football.  I bet you that losing to Washington was also a fantasy before a week ago.

3)  I love Saturdays and NCAA basketball.  In the “didn’t we used to be good” game of the day, Texas plays UCLA.  The winner gets the “I am LESS overrated” title.

4)  In our important hockey news of the day, nothing happened.  You could have slept from Thursday to tomorrow morning, and you would not miss one thing.

5)  In soccer news, Lionel Messi got hurt last week.  He comes back Sunday.  There.  You are updated in soccer.

6)  I am watching Duke/ Temple right now.  No team is better at winding down the clock when up substantially than Duke.  His rebounding is off the charts, his skills have improved, and I know he has worked hard on free throws, but I personally am not sold on Mason Plumlee’s new and improved foul shooting stroke.  Sure, his average is up, but the shot is flat.  I think that his stroke will make the percentage go down eventually.

7)  Former WR David Boston was sentenced to 6 months for hitting a woman last year.  Does anyone else remember when he came out of college, and he was a “possible” next big thing?  What a waste of talent he was.  Selected eighth overall in ’99, and had ONE Pro Bowl selection to show for it.

8)  The AVERAGE MLB salary is $3.2 million.  AVERAGE.  That includes the hundred guys you have NO idea of who they are because they rarely play.  That is INSANE.

9)  Speaking of free throws, Dwight Howard evidently turned down help at practice for HIS free throw problem.  Suck it up, Dwight, and let guys like Steve Nash help you.  You are hurting your team.  By the way, announcers are still looking for that term to describe intentionally fouling Howard.  Hack a Howard doesn’t flow.  Shaq is out of the league.  Here are my two cents.  What about “Strike a Dwight?”

10)  A Santa Claus in Canada at a mall got arrested for telling a 3 year old that the Maple Leafs suck when the kid was wearing a team jersey.  O Canada, how you make us laugh sometimes.  That is SOME serious hockey passion, and I guess the guy who was Santa NORMALLY would be at a game.  Geez, NHL.  You are even jacking up Canadian day to day life.

11)  I am going to make a CD of dumb, fun, happy songs.  Recruit #1?  That Chumbawamba song.

12)   The Texas-UCLA game just started.  I am very much looking forward to seeing Kyle Anderson play.  Yes, Shabazz is also on UCLA, but a 6’9″ POINT guard?  There is a reason we haven’t seen too many Magic Johnsons over the years.  And this kid Anderson has the game to be possibly the next.  Remember the name.

13)  Not even MY idea, Lindsey, myself, and two of her friends went to a local karaoke bar last night.  Lindsey as usual destroyed “I Will Survive.”  I was going to do my usual glam rock selections (Still of the Night, Sweet Child O Mine, etc.) when her friend JOKED about doing Thriller.  That is well within my wheelhouse.  I need zombies though when I go up.  Dibs to John and Tom for having just enough beer to join me up on stage as my zombies while I did my best Michael Jackson.

14)  Luckily, Lubbock, TX is not exactly on the top spots in America to go on vacation.  Because, I have a feeling that Tommy Tuberville should NEVER ever visit there again.  Talk about being blindsided, he surprised everyone (even at the school) by deciding he would like to go to an easier conference and coach Cincinnati.  Now, I talk about “parallel” coaching moves all the time.  This would be a “slightly less than parallel” move if you ask me.  Have a good time with your easier schedule, and way to burn your bridges.

15)  A-Rod apparently will be out until the All Star break with his surgery that for some reason will not occur until January.  I am confused.  Why is he waiting so long?  Confused, but don’t care about the guy near enough to look into this further.  I just worked for 3 hours on a Saturday.  I don’t have time for that overpaid, cheating choker.

16)  After picking suddenly Michigan in my Final Four selections, I needed to check them out again this morning when they played Arkansas.  I was impressed yet again.  Five guys in double figures, danger at every position, and Trey Burke is a freaking STUD.  By the way, I am impressed with John Beilein.  He coached a certain way at West Virginia.  A certain style.  Well, after watching a couple games this year, I think he realizes the athletes he has here that he didn’t have there, and has adapted his style to maximize that athleticism.  You can still see his patented offensive flow, but it has flexibility, if you will.

17)  A week after scoring 37 points (and winning), Georgetown basketball scored 46 today.  Offensive juggernaut.  I have watched them several times.  If their offensive flow ever catches up to their defense, you have an Elite 8 contender in DC.

18)  Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster turned down 2 years and $25 million from the Red Sox yesterday.  I had heard he really wants to stay in the midwestern U.S., but I didn’t think he was THAT serious.  Evidently, he is.  That is a lot of dough to turn down in a winning town.

19)  Once again, Dick Vitale announcing college basketball is the ultimate.  You just KNOW that he doesn’t have stat guys feeding him information.  You know he KNOWS all of the stats he is throwing out.  How I wish my entire life revolved around knowing everything there is to know about college basketball, and then announcing games to excite the masses.  Dibs to ESPN by the way.  I didn’t have to listen to his homer-ness on announcing the Duke game.  Good job.

20)  One other thing about me bringing back the ’90’s fashion of wearing collared shirts under sweatshirts and sweaters.  You don’t have to iron the shirts.  That is HUGE for me.

21)  LeBron says there is a “cloud” over the Heat right now.  Hey, LeBron.  We have something in common.  I SELL the cloud, and the Heat HAVE a cloud.  Yay.

22)  The Heisman is announced in a few hours.  Yes, I think that it would be great for Te’o to win it, and yes, he deserves awards.  But, I just look at Johnny Manziel’s stats and say “how can he NOT get it?”  I THINK it should be Manziel.  I think it WILL be Te’o.

23)  The Houston Texans will wear “letterman” jackets from here out.  I saw them.  They are very high school-ish, but stylish nevertheless.  If I was actually a fan of them, as a fan I would buy them also.  Good marketing strategy.

24)  Reuben Foster, the #1 linebacker in the 2013 football class and #2 overall, decommitted to Auburn.  His coach isn’t there anymore.  This kid is a stud.  Congrats to whoever gets him, because I know UVA has no shot.

25)  Ahhh.  Facebook.  Chad Henne got busted for wearing footie pajamas with his wife.  That can’t be good for the locker room.  Check it out.

26)  Colorado basketball had one loss and a hurt superstar.  True.  But, I watched most of the game, and they were outclassed at every position today at Kansas.  Bill Self doesn’t have down years, he just reloads.

27)  Busted.  I respect the HELL out of you Doug Gottlieb (analyst for ESPN).  However, I got you today.  Maryland played South Carolina State today in basketball.  He started talking about ex-Kansas State coach Frank Martin, and how he will get that SCS squad going.  Uhhh.  Doug?  Frank coaches for South Carolina, not South Carolina State.  Big difference, bro.  Glad you went to commercial break.  I am watching you guys.  Remember.  I am the same guy who called the Denver Post 10 years ago because the offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds didn’t match up to the total in a box score of a game between directional schools.

27a)  Not sure if this will work, but here is the first Cap Hill Monkey Dog video.  It says that I just post this and it will work.  Not sure.  <object width=”720″ height=”1280″><param name=”allowfullscreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”movie” value=”″></param><embed src=”″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”1″ width=”720″ height=”1280″></embed></object>

If not, here are some pics:

28)  That is it.  Finishing up work, having some drinks, and then going ice skating with Lindsey and her roommates.  I can’t stop when I skate, so you better look out, people.  Hope you enjoyed.  Thanks for reading.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

29)  That is just a tagline.  I am taking the day off.  Early Steelers game.  Talk to you Monday.

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