You know what you have to do. Now do it. DO it.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version.  I am tired of staring at this laptop since 6am this morning, and would like to enjoy my Friday night to keep sane.

Let’s turn and burn.

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1)  First of all, let’s take a step back.  I am not eloquent enough to say something you haven’t heard about the Connecticut school shooting again, but my thoughts go out to all of the kids, families, teachers, etc.  This is downright scary.  Because of the randomness and lack of being able to predict the events, the solution to stop any of these would have to be nationwide and would be too ominous for kids going to school every day trying to just fit in and do their homework, but the fact that is happening at all sickens me to the core.  K-4?  Ugly, ugly, ugly.

2)  Raptors Andrea Bargnani says his Raptors are the worst team in the league.  How about this, Andrea?  Why don’t you show more than potential on the court and THEN get behind a microphone?  16 and 4 might cut it for a guy on a great team.  16 and 4 on a subpar team is horrible considering you were the #1 pick in 2006.  I will BUY you a microphone when you are at 20-10.

3)  ESPN has suspended Rob Parker for his “blackness” and “brother” comments about RGIII.  How does this happen still?  What is the thought process where you suddenly don’t remember you are on the air in front of a diverse national audience?  Confused at saying them in general, and very confused at saying them on the air.

4)  The top Google searches for 2012 have been released (not sure why you do that with a good 15 plus days to go, but whatever).  The top five was Whitney Houston, Hurricane Sandy, Election, Hunger Games, and Jeremy Lin.  I was glad to see Tebow didn’t make it, but that list literally portrays society in America today.  I WANT to care and that is why I looked for coverage on the election and a natural disaster, but I really don’t so I searched Whitney Houston and Hunger Games.  Not sure how Jeremy Lin fits in, except that I am sure it correlates to why he is in the mix for an NBA All Star berth in a struggling season thus far.

5)  Sources say that RA Dickey could be traded soon.  So…we know EXACTLY as much as we knew two weeks ago.  Thanks for the info.

6)  The sky is blue, the grass is green, and the Yankees got hit with a $18.7 million luxury tax.  They are going out celebrating, because although I haven’t crunched the numbers, the Angels HAVE to be close to getting THAT crown in the next few years.

7)  The NHLPA is thinking about disbanding/ dissolving.  When you figure out how exactly that affects whether we are playing hockey or not this year, please let me know.  I never said I was the sharpest knife in the drawer.

8)  My stats today.  Four stalls, no cell phone die out (but I didn’t open a browser, so that could be off), and the car is in the shop.  The guy drove it for an hour, and it won’t stall even ONCE.  Eleanor.  I rooted for you to stall before.  You are now far away.  Now, I WANT you to stall.  Like the trainer in Rocky IV said to Rocky, you know what you have to do.  Now, do it.  DO it.

9)  I want to be a bar owner someday.  I always have.  Not only do I have 14 years of bar experience behind me, but I am fair.  I also remember who are friends, who are staff, and who are people just giving me money.  I was a damn good bartender, and I would make my staff also check their shit at the door like I used to do.  I love the omnipotent owners, which I happen to have in my neighborhood.  They get tunnel vision, and just know that the buck stops with them.  They lose focus of why their bar is different, and why people are there in the first place.  In my bar, I would make sure the game people are not isolated, there is always a drink special of some kind, and everyone would have a say in the music when they entered.  When entering my bar, you automatically get a credit for two songs.  On busy nights, those people would stay and buy more just to hear their songs.  It is a trivial, yet clever, plan.

10)  Ryan Dempster is apparently close to a deal with the Red Sox.  Ahhh.  The Benjamins.  He gives this great story about wanting to stay in the Midwest, and then all of a sudden perks his ears when a big city, East Coast powerhouse flashes their checkbook.

11)  The Philadelphia-Cincinnati was one of the more painful NFL games to watch I have seen this year.  I am not even going to comment on it.  Damn.  I fell for that, and technically DID write a comment about it.  Sucker.

12)  Did anyone else check out Wozniacki’s imitation of Serena Williams?  It said in the article that they are friends.  I sure as hell HOPE so.

13)  And here we go with the constant updates of the Jonathan Vilma defamation suit against Goodell.  That Tagliabue decision, although right, is going to make Brett Favre coming back media coverage look like a mosquito.

14)  Nah.  You’re right.  The Favre coverage can never be surpassed.

15)  This Zero Dark Thirty movie is going to be moving, and fancy.  Can’t wait.

16)  There are no words to describe this.  Not only is the Cheetah tied with the wolf as my favorite animal, but this is SOOOOO cool.

17)  So, the seven Catholic schools have decided they want to leave the Big East.  This is huge, people.  I never saw this coming at all, and neither did you.  Will they go to the Atlantic 10?  Will they form their own league?  All of the switching teams bored me to death and made me carry a notepad.  THIS has my attention.  Five years from now, we will be by the water cooler remembering the good old days of the Big East.  Crazy.

18)  Ok.  Carmelo.  Just so you know.  Maybe in a few months, it will be big.  But, presently, beating the Lakers is just like being one of the crowd.  By the way, the Lakers are 1-11 when Kobe scores more than 30 this year.  Tell your friends.  This is like championship caliber Iverson parallels.

19)  Yes.  I just cracked on my boy, Allen.  Sorry, Allen.  Facts are facts.

20)  Ichiro came back to the Yankees for less money.  Very noble, and enjoy the ramen, bro.  What a guy you are.

21)  Skip Holtz will take the Louisiana Tech football gig.  Umm.  Besides the whole Mayan thing, is this the year of the “parallel coaching change?”  Doesn’t anyone realize it when they are going sideways instead of up?

22)  I am excited for Lindsey to see Ted this weekend.  She is bigger on Family Guy than I am, and the movie has it all.  Rude humor, a stuffed bear, an actual storyline that closes appropriately, and a scene where I couldn’t believe I had to fight the single tear that was itching to come out.  I fought it off, but the fact that a Family Guy related movie could make me think I was watching Eight Below for a split second is insane.

23)  Bode Miller.  Yes, THAT Bode Miller.  He likes golf, but evidently is worse than me.  He did THIS to his wife while playing.  Ouch.

24)  Rex Ryan has announced that Tim Tebow is hurt enough that there will be NO wildcat.  I am confused.  When he was HEALTHY, I didn’t see any wildcat.  Confused again.

25)  There is a Bonds appeal hearing coming up.  If you can tell me what THIS hearing is for, I will buy you dinner.  I personally can’t keep track.  Give me a freaking FLOW CHART.

26)  A-Rod owns a rat infested apartment complex.  Dammit.  I HAD a joke today, but didn’t write it down (reminds me of Seinfeld with the cleaning crew at the hotel).  Anyway, I am SURE it would have been funny.

27)  Randy Moss praises Bill Belichick for teaching him real football.  He must have been drunk.  No more drunk interviews, media.  You guys are tricky.

28)  The Detroit Tigers signed Anibal Sanchez today for 5 years and EIGHTY million dollars.  Yes, THAT Anibal.  The one that is 48-51 lifetime and has a career ERA of 3.75.  Geez.  Do I NEED to comment?

29)  I am going out for beers with Minnesota’s Jared Allen tonight.  He also thinks that adding NFL playoff games is “stupid.”  Ridiculous.  Stupid.  Jared, you say tomato, I say tomahto.

30)  Manny Pacquiao’s wife wants him to quit fighting after watching him get clocked in the 6th round of the Marquez fight.  Good acting.  I am SURE he wanted you to go to the media.  Actually.  HOLD ON.  This is BRILLIANT.  Instead of quitting on his own, he can say that the love for his life is stronger.  It will be sweet.  It will be a movie.  Manny’s got game.  Someone make him go watch ALL the Rocky’s right NOW.

31)  Maurice Clarett is now talking about his womanizing, his drugs, and his scandal.  You might as well, bro.  You play in the UFL or something to that effect, and you might as well get some money SOMEHOW.  I like your plan.  I would personally lend you an ear.  Give me a call.  I want to hear how you were making more money at Ohio State than you are now in a professional league.  Seriously.  By the way, HIS words, not mine.

32)  That is it.  My, I rant a while when I don’t have time and don’t have much to say.  Anyway, it DOES make me feel better after a long 12.5 hour work day.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Hope you enjoyed.  Peace.

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