Your family, your religion, and the Green Bay Packers…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant, but there is Jimmy V college basketball on.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)  The Giants are bipolar.  When I expect them to win, they lose.  When I am convinced they might not be as good as I thought, they make a run and win a Super Bowl or two.  They lost a tight one last night in DC.  Griffin was the main reason of course, and he shows me more each week.  Forget the flashy plays.  Forget the athleticism.  I look at that same amazing stat I mentioned earlier this year as what I am impressed by.  He is a rookie and is completing 67.1% of his passes.  That is incredible.  Not that I am saying that he is outperforming Andrew Luck (I am definitely not), but Luck is throwing at a 55% clip, more normal for a rookie still learning a new system.

1a)  Scoring 16 points HAS to bother Coughlin.  You can’t go to that “win on the road in the playoffs” card TOO many times.

2)  The Heisman finalists have been announced.  Basically, they were the 3 players everyone has been discussing since the Bama/ Texas A&M game.  No surprises.  Te’o, Manziel, and Klein.  I think you could just flip a coin between Te’o and Manziel and be right whatever way the coin ended up.

3)  Kentucky basketball dropped out of the polls from #8, a historic fall.  It is better for them.  Let those youngsters get hungry again, have nothing to lose, and mature.

4) Nick Foles will keep the starting QB job for the rest of the year. Hey, Andy Reid has to at least SOUND like he made a decision ONCE a year, right?  Way to be firm, Andy.  We will talk to you next week after he throws three INT’s, and there is another controversy.

5)  So the Chiefs knew about Jovan Belcher.  Great.  They were counseling him and his girlfriend already.  This will get uglier most likely before it gets better.

6)  I hear R.A. Dickey is being pursued by SEVEN teams.  Actually, that’s IT?  I think everyone and their mother should be chasing that guy.  You, too, small spenders.  he was born in Nashville.  Maybe he HATES big cities.  You never know.

7)  Big week for the Red Sox.  They score Shane Victorino and Mike Napoli.  Victorino is already a big name from his winning days with the Phillies (traded to the Dodgers over the summer).  Napoli might not be a big name to most, but he is the odd mix of being both a first baseman and catcher.  The Red Sox now can go a little leaner behind the plate knowing he can play there.

8)  Can Ndamukong Suh just have ONE freaking week of laying low?  Between kicking QB’s in the junk and dancing around players he just injured, I can’t even tell how he is doing as a football player.  Stay in those trenches, bro, and give us a break from your antics.

9)  Bob Costas calls for gun control in the NFL during the telecast the day after the Jovan Belcher tragedy.  I hear he has already called it a mistake, and glad you did.  You should stay on your turf, and go down as one of the most knowledgeable people EVER in sports.  Don’t cross that line.  Your legacy will regret it.

10)  Fox Sports reports that Derek Jeter is getting fat and should be called Derek “Eater.”  That is a clever name play, Fox Sports.  So, because it was reported on Fox, him being fat is about 25% probable.  He has the rings, and had a banner season last year.  I am sure he will be just fine for spring training.

11)  I hear that Charles Barkley hit the gym with Manny Pacquiao.  Maybe it was just for fun.  Maybe it was for a cause.  I think it was Charles doing his part as a celebrity who probably wants it to get some time to figure out why Manny hasn’t gotten in the ring with Mayweather yet.  Let me know, Chuck.  I am sure as hell curious.

12)  A-Rod is going to need another hip surgery.  A-Rod SO wishes he wouldn’t have gotten busted for using PED’s, because I bet they fought off a lot of injuries in the day.  In case you are curious, the Yankees are smart.  His $114 million remaining left on his contract is what?  Yes.  Insured.  Very nice.

13)  In San Fran, they seem to have a QB controversy.  You should have listened to me, Harbaugh.  I am not saying that Colin will not be a solid QB, but if you want to make a run, you are a fool to think he is your best chance THIS year.  Worry about that next year in camp.  A game manager with a badass defense will work just fine out there in the NFC.

14)  South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier got a two year extension.  Makes sense.  He likes it there, they are at a level where they were nowhere even close to before he arrived, recruiting is doing fantastic, and a few lucky breaks one of these years will give them a legitimate shot at a championship.

15)  Talk about parallel moves in my opinion.  Bret Bielema leaves Wisconsin to go to Arkansas.  So.  He goes from a top tier team in a decent Big 6 league to go to a weaker team in a better conference?  It makes no sense.  I even looked up where he grew up.  He grew up in Illinois.  He went to Iowa.  No southern roots.  He has Wisconsin on the cusp every single year.  #23 recruiting class, and Arkansas is not rated.  I don’t get this move at all unless it was just all about the dollars.

16)  Lindsey made my favorite meal, crabcake eggs benedict, last night for dinner.  Yes, I can eat breakfast ANY time of day, and yes, they were fantastic.

17)  Check THIS out.  Talk about angry soccer fans/players.  This is downright scary.  A Dutch man was a linesman at his SON’S soccer match in the 15-16 year league.  He was beaten by three of the players after the game.  He died at the hospital.  True story.

18)  BIG time move in my opinion.  Sure, Dan Haren had a sub par year last year, but he was a star prospect back in the day and still has the arm and talent.  He is also a veteran now.  The Nationals signed him to a contract.  Maybe my prediction a year and a half ago about them taking it in two years was right on.  Love that squad.  And, of course, my boy Bryce is on there.

19)  Auburn gets Arkansas St. coach Gus Malzahn to take over their head coaching position.  Don’t know him?  Sure you do, and he is a good hire.  He was the offensive coordinator for them when they took the national championship a couple years ago.

20)  I live in Denver.  There are not a lot of big time basketball prospects that come out of here in relation to other big cities.  That will evidently change in a couple years.  I actually hadn’t heard about this kid ( hasn’t gone back to 2016 recruits yet…because they haven’t PLAYED yet).  Anyway, he plays his first game this week, and remember the name.  De’Ron Davis.  6’8″, 220 lbs, and has already been given an OFFER from Indiana.  That is impressive.  It wouldn’t have been impressive a couple years ago when Indiana was begging players to come there, but it is impressive now that they are back to being Indiana.

21)  Speaking of basketball recruiting, Kentucky got another top recruit.  Previously in the 2015 class at #1, and then graduating a year early to fall into #3 in the 2014 class, and he goes and joins Cheater Calipari in Lexington.

22)  The talk of the town around here besides the Broncos is who will be the new CU coach.  They have already offered Butch Jones out of Cincinnati the job.  It will be interesting.  The sudden Wisconsin vacancy might shake things up a little.  For now, Butch is just sticking with “I am still the head coach at Cincinnati” (and making sure no more phone calls come in about other jobs).

23)  Texas basketball just got smoked in the first Jimmy V game…against a better than expected GTown squad.  What do they DO with all of those top tier recruiting classes in football AND basketball at that school?  Might be time for some new coaches.  They haven’t dropped to the level of Tennessee yet, but they are getting there.

24)  Gotta go.  They are about to replay the Jimmy V speech.  If you haven’t seen it, the anecdote about the Green Bay Packers/ Rutgers basketball is awesome and the entire speech is incredible.  Love ya, Jimmy V.

24a)  Everyone who was watching his championship game wanted to jump in the TV and hug that guy.  Classic and genuine.

25)  That is it.  I have things to do, and work to finish up.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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