You ever fought a dinosaur, kid?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  20 minute work break/ sanity check.

Still bitter about losing all those hooks last night.  It wasn’t even the internet connection.  It was a WordPress admin glitch as it made me log back in.  Slackers.

Let’s turn and burn.

1)  The Giants worked the Cardinals last night to go to the World Series against the Tigers.  It has been a great ride for the Giants.  I just think they lack the firepower to get the next step done.  They will face hot, rested bats on the other side, solid pitching, and we might as well just say they are already down 2-0 for Verlander’s starts.  Tigers in 5.  6 tops.

2)  The Bears beat the Lions last night on MNF.  I didn’t get to watch much of it-I admit it.  Between me trying to care and watch the debates, blogging 32 hooks that are now lost in the wind, and concentrating on the baseball game, there wasn’t much left for football.  Thanks, Calvin Johnson, for making it exciting in my fantasy game.  Lindsey and I needed 2 points for our second most expensive player on the team.  We got THREE.  I don’t care how hot the Bears stay, I don’t think they have the goods to run this thing through the playoffs.  I got an idea.  Can we just set up the Falcons and Bears in the first round, so the pretenders/ yearly chokers can eliminate each other?

3)  The Steelers get their up close glimpse at RGIII this weekend.  I am not very excited about it.  Here we have a team with a defense that looks like a shadow of legendary squads of the past facing a young, athletic, fearless QB who is leading the league in completion percentage as a rookie.  A couple years ago, I would have said that the Steelers FEAST on rookie QB’s.  This game should be slightly nauseating for me and very exciting.  I would rather have boring and a blowout.

4)  They are moving Sandusky to the state prison.  Oh yeah.  And he thought he was having fun BEFORE today in confinement…

5)  Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been cleared to race.  The Fillerbuster has now updated you on racing.  Oh.  Here is another one.  Rivals think Danica Patrick drives like a maniac.  IF I were to jump on the stereotypical female driving joke that has been around forever,  doesn’t that just mean things are normal out there on the track?

6)  I am sure SOME of them were watching the game somewhere else or had something else in life to do, but I hate late arrivals to places showing football.  They sit down, start cheering loud suddenly when it is the fourth quarter, and I am bothered by it.

7)  I like the Red Sox picking up John Farrell as their new manager.  The team already tried the big name approach with Bobby Valentine.  Now, they need to do the up and comer/ new hot coaching prospect thing.

8)  Miami closer Heath Bell got traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks.  So, basically he left a team with limited save situations to go to another team with limited save situations.  Good luck with that.

9)  Don’t know who Shohei Otani is?  Neither did I.  Just tuck the name in a corner of your brain for next year.  He might become the first Japanese player to make the jump directly from high school to the Majors.  Tall, heat throwing pitcher.  At least he learned from Ichiro and didn’t waste time over there.  If Ichiro had come over a couple years earlier, we might be talking about him being one of the best hitters ever.

10)  Venus Williams won her 44th title this past weekend.  What does this tell us?  Not much.  She is healthy, and she is still playing.  I still would like to see her get one more run at a major next year.

11)  Terrell Suggs played over the weekend in the massacre that was the Ravens and Texans.  He looked great for about 2 quarters, which is about what you would expect someone not in football shape to last.  Ugly game.

12)  If you are wondering why sideline football reporter Samantha Steele has a bigger smile, it is because she is “pondering” spending more time with her main squeeze.  If you are wondering why Christian Ponder is not smiling as much, it is because he knows that he will need better games to beat teams like the Cardinals this past week, and now he has time with Steele to account for.  Go watch Rocky, Christian.  Women are bad for the legs, like Mickey said.  Wait until after the season.

12a)  I am just kidding, Christian.  Watch the movie, but do what you got to do.

12b)  Hey, I accidentally just quoted the OTHER trainer from Rocky IV.  That is funny.

13)  A judge is reopening the OJ Simpson case (the latest one, not the murder one).  I don’t care about following this story at all, but I am just happy he is back in the news.  Just like college football is better when Nebraska and Notre Dame are good, life is better with OJ being chased by the authorities.

13a)  Now that they stopped making Naked Guns, we need OJ in the spotlight SOMEHOW.

14)  Not even one week from being eliminated, the Yanks are looking into A-Rod trades.  It might be Miami.  It might be Texas.  It WILL be somewhere though.  Maybe they will get back to being a semi-dynasty again when he is gone.

14a)  I hear that the Yankees players were bothered by the home town booing.  You deserved it while getting swept, and if you want booing, try playing in Philly.  I learned that when I was 8 years old at an Eagles game.

15)  If you liked the original Karate Kid, and you haven’t seen the remake with Will Smith’s kid and Jackie Chan.  Check it out.  Expect equal amount of cheesiness with more hip terms and conversation.

16)  Talk about accidental brilliant planning.  Notre Dame hasn’t been this highly ranked in YEARS.  Oklahoma is always this highly ranked.  Lindsey chose a few games to go see live.  This weekend’s prime time one was one of her choices…like back in May.  Great place to be.

17)  Dwight Howard was “sad” he wasn’t Defensive Player of the Year last year.  Seriously, I know I overdo it a LITTLE bit, but does Dwight sit around, get lonely, and think of random stuff to say in a microphone?

18)  I wrote the long version of the Elitches story last night before it was deleted.  It is not the same telling it again.  Basically, I am money at amusement parks for the basketball game.  I promised Lindsey that she would have some irritating huge animal before going into the park.  I go in and spot the basketball game.  You have to make three in a row to win.  After getting a rag tag prize, I roll out the first 5 on the tinier rims, and then drain the last three.  One gorilla.  Later, we went back to get her roommate one.  Same thing.  Two gorillas.  A family saw me shooting and fronted money to the worker to have me shoot for her kids.  1 big beach ball and 1 more gorilla.  Three all day, and for my friends, the video is on my wall of the family winning set of shots.

19)  That is it for today.  Got to get back to it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a clown question, bro.  Hope you enjoyed.  Peace.

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