Yo, it’s about that time…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  This would be the airplane rant, and it is a long flight from Denver to Balitmore.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Don’t worry.  Although this is the airplane rant, I actually napped for the beginning of the flight, so we don’t need to worry about 110 plus hooks.  Let’s start with misery.  There are some sad fan bases out there right now that aren’t used to being sad.  Nebraska is definitely near the front of the line on this one as they head to yet another 9-4 season.    Who would take 9-4 at this point but had higher hopes?  Texas.  They lost again this weekend and have major problems on the defensive side of the ball…mainly against teams running the ball.  Note that both of these legendary schools also dropped their games at their own crib.  Wisconsin lost too this weekend.  Ohio State is looking pretty darn good over there in the Big Ten.  Teams that we thought might challenge them are going nowhere.

2)      Speaking of speed bumps, this was supposed to be the year that the Red River Shootout was supposed to mean something nationally.  Now?  It is just a waste of three hours for the Sooners.  But a nice trip to Dallas will be fun.  Way to suck, Texas.

3)      Also, did you HEAR about the crazy ending of the Wisconsin game?  QB was trying to down it for the winning FG, but didn’t put his knee all the way down.   He places the ball on the ground, utter confusion for a couple seconds, no one realizes the play clock is still going, and then time runs out.  Lost by 2 points.  Odd play to say the least.

4)      The NFL will increase its flagging on players for profanity.  There players have helmets and pads on and are hitting the daylights out of each other.  I say let them curse here and there.

5)      Wladimir Balentien hit his 56th and 57th HR to go past Sadaharu Oh for the single season mark.  For those of you who don’t recognize Oh, that would be like someone breaking Hank Aaron’s record over here…WITHOUT drugs, Barry.

6)      Ronaldo signed with Real Madrid.  I have nothing to add, but just like to keep Logan on his toes.

7)      Tim Tebow has been offered $1 million to play for a Russian football team.  Make that $1,000,020.  I will kick in $20 to have Mr. Tebow an ocean away.

8)      The Yankees lost to the Red Sox as Jon Lester dominated.  This was supposed to be them vying against each other for the division lead, but that ship has sailed.  Amazing that the Yankees are fourth in their division after paying a record luxury tax and the Oakland A’s are up in their division by 6.5 games with pretty much no payroll.

9)      Speaking of Moneyball, that story would be SO much better if the A’s actually would have won it one year.  When I was explaining it to someone when the movie came out, I believe the reply was “so they didn’t even end up WINNING???”

10)   I can’t believe how much Seattle owned the 49ers last night.  I mean, we are early into this season, but it has to be disturbing to Niners fans how badly Kaepernick plays JUST against the Seahawks.  Cryptonite so far in the small sample size we have.  I mean you can lose and spin it, but 29-3??  I know I personally didn’t see that one coming.

11)   OK.  What is the deal with that movie Insidius.  Am I supposed to go out and see it?  How come I hadn’t heard of it before now?  What is it about?  Why is it #1 at the box office?  Confused.

12)   Todd Helton will retire at the end of this season.  Good call.  It is kind of painful watching his skills slowly deteriorate as age catches up with him.  He was a really good ballplyayer who also was a good clean guy before the recent DUI.  I say “really good,” not great.  Colorado Hall of Fame?  Sure.  Cooperstown?  Count me as a no vote.  He was solid for a good span, but never great all of these years if you ask me, and we will never know how much hitting at altitude really helped him.  I say put Larry Walker in the HOF before Helton goes in.  Helton was just really good for a really long time.

13)   LeBron James got married this weekend.  Every player who wished him their best MIGHT have been happy for HIM.  I don’t think so.  I say their happiness is derived from the fact that marriage and then kids MIGHT slow him down and bring him back to everyone else’s level.

14)   Great.  UCONN gets rid of Jim Calhoun, have paid most of their penalty, and is ready to move things forward with their basketball program.  While that is going on, Tyler Olander, a player there, goes out and gets a DUI.  Bad timing bro, if there ever were different levels or timing for getting a DUI in general.

15)   Is it within bounds to tell the guy next to me he has mad skills when it comes to snoring?  Dude needs to be in a NyQuil commercial or something.

16)   If I am a Skins fan, I am losing my head right now.  Is Griffin healthy?  If he is, then how do they look THAT bad?   Maybe it is just a tough schedule.  Yeah.  One way or the other, they are 0-2.  Their defense allowed for Aaron Rodgers to be on pace to throw 600 plus in yards for the game at one point.  Not good.

17)   Keyshawn Johnson will be the football representative for Dancing with the Stars.  Being his fantasy football owner a couple times, I think he will perform awesomely.  Why?  He won’t fall a lot, as he never got any touchdowns for me when I started him.

18)   How have I lived in Cap Hill for all these years and not made it to Racines.  Lindsey and I went there Sunday.  It was delicious, down to the last bacon bloody mary last drop.  I of course had the crab benedict as I almost always do when an establishment has it.  I ran out of hollaindaise as I usually do, but the taste of everything was fantastic.  The “worst” part of the experience was just Lindsey’s jealousy over my food as she planned on ordering the same thing.

19)   I have no idea what is in it, but I am pretty sure I could eat hollandaise sauce on everything.

20)   I just was climbing on the Andrew Luck bandwagon when he plays like he did yesterday and loses at home.  Dude.  Make up your mind.  Be elite or don’t be elite.  I don’t straddle the fence and neither should you.

21)   I, like everyone else in the world, am SO mad I wasn’t able to watch that exciting looking 14-6 game between Baltimore and Cleveland.  It must have as riveting as that Raiders-Jaguars game (stole that one from you, Ben-thanks).

22)   Awesome that the Jags fans actually got an apology from the affiliate for showing their team’s game.  I think the affiliates in Denver should do the same thing about the Rockies.

23)   What leg do I have to stand on with this though.  I am a Phillies fan.  We suck this year.

24)   I think the Houston Texans have that Russian trainer dude ion their sidelines each game.  It is like they do nothing, the guy yells, and then they are actually allowed to play some football and score at the end of the game.  You KNOW the guy I am talking about.  He is the one that when he yells, Ivan Drago is allowed to start throwing punches.

25)   Lots of good early games on Sunday.  Not sure where the Houston-Tennessee ending was on my tube, but great games overall across the board.  Come on, Denver TV.

26)   Peyton won against his little brother.  Since they won’t meet again until 2017 (have NO idea how we already know that), I guess Peyton will go down as the regular season king of the family.  The postseason?  Well, let’s just say that if we were playing Hearts, Eli always has the queen of spades.

27)   Seriously, how many “Eli’s” do you personally know?  I know three.  Eli Manning, a guy from NYC from a bar a year ago, and the guy who invented the cotton gin.

28)   It might still be raining in Colorado, but at least I don’t have to deal with it this week.  Tired of rain.  SO tired of rain.  I was about to load up Singles I so felt like I was from that city.

29)   Yes, I checked Baltimore’s weather forecast.  No rain.

30)   OK.  The fight. Actually, I don’t have a lot of notes on it as I normally do since I was staring at the screen the whole time.  Bottom line.  Experience helped.  Intelligence helped.  CJ Ross TRIED to help.  Canelo couldn’t truly hit Floyd.  Floyd might be older and less quick these days, but his one lost step still keeps him about ten steps ahead of everyone else.  It was methodical.  It was typical.  It was the “easier said than done” thing about HOW to beat him. Who is next?  With no one in the heavyweight ranks of worth, Floyd is personally keeping boxing afloat.  He can talk ALL the shit he wants, because he backs it up.  He doubled Canelo up on shots landed AND percentage.  Master of the sweet science.  It was the mid 2000’s Patriots.  It was the odd yeared Spurs.  Some might say it was boring.  I say it was absolutely beautiful.

31)   I know, I know.  CJ Ross just totals each round and then doesn’t even know what her score was.  But seriously, how did she have Canelo winning round 8?  Someone get her some better glasses or stop serving her adult beverages while she is on the clock.  114-114 my ass.

32)   Dexter was solid last night.  Solid.  I am still not sure how this thing resolves itself in one last episode, but I can’t wait.

33)   Philly lost in experiment #2 for Chip Kelly, but Michael Vick IS turning out to be a nice fantasy pickup.  I drank the Kool Aid, and it is going pretty well for me at the moment.

34)   I hate checking bags.  Hate it.  I am also an incredibly thorough packer.  That being said, I hope I am as successful standing on my suitcase and closing it I was this morning.  Lot to get into one suitcase.  I had to sit on the bag to get it to zip up.

35)   Jack Nicholson was at the fight.  I love the fact that he is SUCH a huge sports fan.  I do.  I am just trying to figure out WHEN the hell he makes any movies.

36)   I was flipping between football and Role Models last night.  That movie is SO hilarious.

37)   I love it when the kid says “Suck it, Reindeer Games.”

38)   The prelim fights on Satuday were some of the better ones overall than I have seen in a while.  All three of them went the distance, and all were pretty good quality.  It also allowed me to get my second look at Danny Garcia, who will be in the conversation when it comes to talking about who Floyd will fight next.  Garcia is really, really good.  He had to make his trainers nervous at the end of the fight Saturday when he was throwing punches at the very end with nothing really to gain as he had already won the fight via points.  Also, glad to know that he kept the Philly stereotype alive with that very subpar interview.

39)   So, not only has South Carolina football not performed, but they might lose Clowney to foot surgery as well?  He still of course will go #1 in the draft, but his Heisman campaign barely got off the ground.

40)   I asked a guy on the Mallride on 16th Street what kind of dog he had.  I was asking because it looked exactly like my puppy when I was a kid.  The guy said to me “you don’t need to be concerned with that.”  Weird.

41)   Wait.  They are not supposed to have dogs on the Mallride.

42)   I remember spending weeks as a little kid deciding what my new puppy would be named.  Pulling from names of Gods, leaders, and other lofty names, I still somehow got “Pepsi.”

43)   The Kansas City Chiefs are 2-0.  I just wanted to write that.  Looks weird.

44)   That Bears/ Vikings game was a good one, unless you are like me and have a huge hatred of Jay Cutler so it WASN’T a good game.  Dude just irritates me.

45)   Will the real Phillip Rivers please stand up?  For years, he is a mystery wrapped into a puzzle (enigma…riddle…I am so bad with clichés) and no one knows who the hell he is, or when he plans on showing up.

46)   Poor guy.  Danny Amedola gets the weirdest injuries.  Collarbone last year, and now a “muscle tear in his hip.”  Came THIS close to picking him up in fantasy.  GREAT call to walk away from THAT one.

47)   When I land in Baltimore, I am going to work and then go out.  What is the celebration?  It is the “100 yard Running Game by a running back” event that occurs every three years for the Green Bay Packers.

48)   I still think we just started to say the word “concussed” like 10 years ago.  Not buying it has been around forever.

49)   Great performance or not, AJ McCarron still has the hot woman, an ublemished record, and the inside track to get another championship.  You irritate me, Johnny Manziel, so take THAT.

50)   But DAMN Johnny Football is good.

51)   I have said this before and will say it again, how does EVERY freaking referee have a southern accent?  I want ONE guy reffing a game who has a Jersey, New York, or Boston accent.

52)   Disgusted that one of my gay friends was waiting for a cab and then got assaulted by two guys when my friend didn’t respond to their gay taunts.  Joey is ok, but what a horrible world it is when he can’t wait for a taxi without being bothered.  Much love, Joey.  Get better.

53)   Ok then.  You ARE still around.  In case we thought that the returning era of Devin Hester was over, he reminded us all with a cool 249 yards in the game yesterday.  Guy can be magical on those returns.  When you give your buddies an average starting spot of the 37.5 yard line, you are more than doing your part.

54)   I have no idea about which celebrities are married to who.  NO idea.

55)   Hey, Brie.  When is that Drunk History party?  When I even TELL someone about the idea, they drool.  I still don’t know what event I am going to do, but know my wheels are turning.

56)   I can’t laugh at the Don Jon commercials where he is jamming out to Marky Mark.  I do that, or DID that, all the time.  Did he at one point make en entire living off of ONE song and one naked shot in a movie?

57)   Patrick Peterson became the first player to throw a pass, catch a pass, and make a tackle.  Tell your friends.

58)   Ok.  Gotta run as we are landing in Philly, and then hopping on another one to get to Baltimore.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog again tomorrow?   That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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