Yes. Right HERE, Mr. Deer. Do it.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Drowning in work, but I needed to vent a little as a work break.  The problem is that this is an evening rant, so I am REALLY drowning.  Anyway, let’s turn and burn.

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1)  And HERE they go…The new, “this year” dysfunctional UCLA basketball squad is starting to unravel.  Tyler Lamb is transferring because of playing time.  Josh Smith is released because of his perennial problem of obesity.  Who’s next? Losing to Cal Poly something at HOME.  Maybe they should just welcome back the King of Dysfunctionality, Reeves Nelson.

2)  The Eagles released their DE Jason Babin, and the Jaguars were able to pick him up because of their losing record, kind of like fantasy football.  I am not sure a few sacks are going to help that team, but we will give you an “A” for effort, Jacksonville.

3)  The PGA is banning “anchoring” the putter in your stroke.  Yet, the belly putter remains. I am confused of the difference and wish I had enough free time to look this up and explain it to myself.  Maybe someday when I can write about sports full time I will look up things like this, but unfortunately, there is this beast called SalesForce.

4)  A Purdue basketball team lacking any type of Big Three anymore beats Clemson soundly AT an improved Clemson team.  Not a good sign for Clemson.

5)  Every once in a while, you are reminded about something you grew up that was regional.  I sat around my Colorado office and listened to the inquiries about who the company was that might buy Hostess.  People were Googling it.  I just smiled.  Tastykake RULED, and my neighborhood pool trips weren’t complete without one of those three packs of cupcakes by Tastykake.  They owned my section of the east coast.

6)  Les Miles will stay at LSU after being offered a 7 year contract.  AND, common sense rolls back into play after people even THINKING he was going to Arkansas.  Sure, it was news, and sure he does some crazy stuff in rationale during games, but NO WAY he was going.

7)  Hey, parking ticket people.  I never get tickets.  But, you got me TWICE, and you people are RUTHLESS.  The day AFTER Thanksgiving and the day after my birthday?  Both, for parking for three hours in a two hour spot that is not metered?  The Monday one I am ok with.  The post Thanksgiving one is just mean.

8)  UVA basketball just went to the Kohl Center and beat Wisconsin last night.  I won’t break down the entire game for you.  I will say three things.  Watching these two teams might be painful to some, but I think efficiency and patience are kind of beautiful also.  Think the Spurs on painkiller medicine.  Two, UVA was just the 7th team out of 87 or so out of conference teams to take down the Badgers at home.  Three, if you don’t know who Joe Harris is, you will.  NBA body 6’6″ two guard, he can shoot the rock, he plays smart, and he has added a drive this year.  The only question when he goes to the next level is whether it will be first or second round.

9)  The Braves sign BJ Upton to 5 years/ $75 mil.  Good signing, solid player, and no idea how these second tier players are getting 15 mil per year.  I chose the wrong path.

10)  I hear Derek Fisher will be coming back to play.  He is a good pickup as a backup point guard for any decent team pretty much.  See?  He is no dumb person like Allen Iverson (sorry, bro, you know I love you).  He will ACCEPT he is over the hill, has lost a step, and will totally be fine with being a backup or role player.

11)  Here they come…The Fillerbuster is telling you to watch OUT for them in the west once they get all of their players back healthy.  Ricky Rubio is doing full contact practices, Love is already back, and the Minnesota Timberwolves will be dangerous.  Trust me.

12)  Colin Kaepernick has been named the starting QB for the 49ers.  That is fine.  The kid is really good.  But, EVERY youngster/ new starter has growing pains, and I think that Harbaugh is pretty much mailing in this year for those growing pains.  He has a ready to win NOW squad outside of the QB position.  I would have rolled the dice with Alex Smith.

13)  One of the Detroit Red Wings’ prospects is doing good things with all of this off time during the lockout.  Dude got busted for a DUI where he was behind the wheel in a Teletubby outfit.  Not only that, he qualified for Michigan’s “super drunk” lawbreaking code.  If he is proven super drunk, “deportation” is one of the possible penalties.  That is freaking hilarious.

14)  The Duke/ Ohio State basketball game was a great game, and a possible Elite 8 or Final 4 foreshadowing.  Ohio State is missing a post defender and a true third weapon.  At Cameron, down a good amount of points, and breaking down the matchups, you didn’t have to be Nostradamus to figure out that Duke would make a huge run.

14a)  Odd moment.  Ohio State was down 8 points with about 50 second left.  Jay and Brent were doing what announcers do when a game is done, and talking about backgrounds of players, upcoming games, etc.  What they failed to notice is that a couple missed free throws and a couple made shots later, and the game was 4 points with Ohio State having the ball…with about 25 second left.  They seemed to not even notice it.  They finally made it back, but kind of weak.  I personally was on the edge of my seat watching it intently…and I got paid nothing for hanging in there.

14b)  If you watched the game, do YOU want room on the bandwagon I am amazingly forming since I freaking hate Duke?  The Rasheed Sulaimon train still has room.  Come aboard.  The kid can ball.

15)  THAT is why Fox Sports is silly (and why I go to the site to pull headlines from).  They had an article about why Jay Cutler should be in the conversation for MVP.  Silly, Fox Sports people.

16)  YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   He is officially on my Rant Squad wish list at two charges within two weeks, AND he is married to nutcase soccer player Hope Solo as a bonus.  Just read, my friends.  This is right after he got put on probation for domestic violence a day before him and Ms. Solo’s wedding day.  Classic.

17)  Kris Humphries and that Kardashian chick are going to trial over their super quick marriage.  A day after this story breaks out, Kris Humphries gets in a brawl with Kevin Garnett.  Dude is having a tough week.  For the record, Rajon Rondo (who pushed Kris after the push), Garnett has done that push for about 10 years or so.

18)  Michael Jordan was banned from a golf course this week for wrong attire on the course.  This just seems weird to me.  Cargo shorts/pants, Michael?  THAT is what you got busted for?  See?  We have ONE thing in common, MJ.  Did you wear sandals, too?  That would be TWO things.

19)  I love that Jimmy V’s organization puts 100% of the money towards cancer….not a percentage.  He would be proud if still alive today.

20)  I just saw a spider that was large enough for me to get energized.  It was classic.  I one handed my couch, pushed it at an angle, and killed the spider.  It doesn’t seem as exciting writing it, but it was pretty tight.  Trust me.

21)  I think that if I would have won the Powerball yesterday, I still would have written this blog.  I love ranting.

22)  The Wizards win! The Wizards win!  Now, what do you all want to do?  What’s that?  Oh yeah.  You want to start another losing streak.  Good plan.  As Dennis Leary once said, you gotta have goals.

23)  Really?  One rant after me telling you about how good Creighton can be and they do WHAT?  They lose…at HOME…to Boise State.  Way to get everyone off YOUR radar.  I am talking about BASKETBALL, too.

24)  I read after Syracuse got another top recruit next year that Syracuse was “Kentucky North” as far as recruiting.  Easy, media person.  I BELIEVE that Boeheim is legit…and honest….and not a cheater.

25)  Miami beat Michigan State in basketball?  Hey, Tom Izzo.  You DO do this on purpose.  You refuse to win at the beginning of the season.  You want to just jack up everyone’s bracket being a 6 seed in your region.  I see you working.  I am on to you.

26)  I hear the Honey Badger will enter the NFL draft.  Looking at the history of players NOT playing for an extended period of time, I just don’t see it happening.  Add the history, add the off field problems, and you will live the rest of your life knowing you could have been a really, really rich millionaire playing the game you love.  Now, you are just fighting to play the game you love.

27)  I just watched Notre Dame whip Kentucky. Experienced consistency vs. talented youngsters.  Yes, you UK folks say we do this every year with our youngsters.  I don’t see it.  I see you making the tourney.  I see you making the Sweet Sixteen possibly.  But, I don’t see you making a run or maturing that fast.  Actually, you might MATURE, but the talent is not the same.

28)  You are a large man, you are fast, you catch pretty well, you break tackles, and you are a great receiver.  But you hit chicks, and evidently like to talk about this, Brandon Marshall.

29)  I have no joke for this.  I am not going there.  This is too funny.  During Macho Comacho’s wake, there were chicks FIGHTING?  Awesome.

30)  Amare Stoudemire is “ok” with coming off the bench.  Keep asking him that same question.  This won’t stay pretty, and I can’t wait for a couple of losses to have the bickering begin.  The Fillerbuster LOVES teams bickering.  Yes, YOU New York Jets.  Hey.  You guys are in the same city.  You all can go out and bicker TOGETHER.

31)  I bet you are wondering about the theme, and have been waiting anxiously for my hook on it.  Well, there is no hook because the awesomeness of this link is too awesome to make MORE jokes on or expand on.  It just can exist.  It just can be.  It is SCARY that people are out there of this intelligence.  Thanks to my buddy/ colleague Brian for providing.

32)  That is it.  Gotta go work and meet the parents of my deceased buddy that was stabbed a half block from my watering hole.  Ryan Haldeman’s parents flew in from Virginia and wanted to come to the Pub and sit in the exact seat Ryan used to sit and meet all of the great people who have been talking about him.  Very cool.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Lindsey is in Vegas for the weekend, so I have a Friday night blog I can do since I never seem to have plans.  Peace.

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