Yes, I am familiar with this syndrome. She’s a two-face

two face-Capture

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock…kind of.  I am blogging in whatever time it takes to get to Cedar Rapids by air from Denver, or at least when we make our no electronics approach.  Old format because I am in tight quarters and can’t see what I am typing technically because the person in front of me has their seat back and I have long arms, so I am just going old school/ weekend/ random format.

Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Damon Lillard won Rookie of the Year unanimously.  Most people who barely have heard of Anthony Davis/ the unibrow are saying “Who?”  This was one fo the easiest ROY picks in recent memory and the dude has been balling above the par level for years.  In college, he played at Weber State University in Utah, a school most only paid attention to by locals, sports writers, and basketball junkies.  If they can bring in one more legitimate weapon to that squad, then you make that team with Lillard and Aldridge someone no one wants to play.

2)      I checked out Jason Collins ex-fiancee.  She is a two face.  What do I mean?  It means that in one picture she looks stunning and then another picture makes her look pretty rough.  Here is the link to the Seinfeld clip if you don’t remember who two face is.



One face-

Other face-

Collins ex Capture

3)      Houston beat OKC last night at OKC’s crib.  Russell Westbrook injury or not, I am SO glad I stopped betting.  I thought OKC was going to finish things last night.  Now they are one good shooting game from the Houston gunners from being in some serious shit.

4)      The Knicks showed up in funeral clothes before the game (seriously), and then got pummelled by Boston at MSG.I agree with Colin Cowherd from this morning’s radio show.  The funeral clothes thing was STUPID, and I would watch waking up THAT sleeping dog.  I LIKE the ROSTER of the Knicks talent-wise.  I just don’t like their mentality.  Oh, and the high passing system of Woodson that got a write up in ESPN Mag seems to be suddenly non existent.  They are running 27% isolation plays for this series.  Way too high, and everyone seems to want to win it themselves.  Oh, and JR Smith starting 0-10 didn’t help things, a day after he says to the media that the series would be over if he had played game 4.  You didn’t exactly walk the walk, buddy.  Finally, let’s remember that although Boston has no true point guard and is down to a 7 man rotation, they have a couple guys over their who KNOW this is their last run, have BEEN there, and WON’T go quietly into the night.  For those of you saying 3-0 comebacks have never happened, that is what I believe I was yelling at some Red Sox fan in 2004.

5)      Traveling and walking through airports makes me more certain I don’t want kids.  I have a hard enough time with my bags.

6)      The Cubs might be moved from Wrigley.  I think the threat is sincere by the owner.  I think it is much more complicated than just saying he is moving them.  I think the rooftop businesses will have something to say about that.  I think that the airport location is a dumb idea.  I finally think I might to go catch me my first game at Wrigley if this is for real.

7)      Texas A&M will be adding 20,000 seats to make it the biggest crowd in the SEC.  I guess you might as well ride this Jonny Manziel football thing while you guys are decent again and get all the votes for things you can.  Get those approvals for the seats and pray Johnny Football isn’t drunk and getting more Longhorn tattoos.

8)      I am sad about the Clippers injuries.  I know it is part of the battle, but I really would have liked to see these quality clubs go to seven games with the full rosters intact.

9)      It is a blessing for the Clippers in the long term that Blake’s X-Ray was clean today.

10)   I noticed the Penguins won last night 5-0 WITHOUT Crosby.  As I said yesterday, I think they have the goods to make the run without him.

11)   Someone tell RGIII to stop talking about the end of the season and playing hurt.  You are looking more the guilty guy by reminding everyone about it.

12)   Things are looking good this year for Pitino and things also happen in 3’s so I am told.  He won the championship, he is the Hall of Fame, and I think Goldencents will take the Derby.  I might even be crazy and go down the street and throw $10 on it.

13)   If I did the above, that would GUARANTEE Pitino wouldn’t win.  I can’t pick a horse to save my life.

14)   Jeers to the church who told Pack S Leroy Butler that he couldn’t speak at their church after he tweeted support for Jason Collins.  I don’t care what your religion says is right or wrong, if you don’t like homosexuality, then stay off the grid.

15)   I don’t play fantasy baseball, but if I did, I sure wouldn’t mind having Clay Buchholz on my team.

16)   Lakers Snowball will not to have shoulder surgery after all.  I didn’t think that was the injured part.  I thought it was between his ears.

17)   Sad.  A Kris Cross member died?  When is the commemorative day where everyone wears their clothes backwards?  I am in.

18)   I thought the most interesting guy in the world people have been slacking the last two commercials.  They were simply lying in wait.  The new one is awesome.  “When opportunity knocks and he is not home, opportunity waits.”  Classic.

19)   It is sad that Floyd Mayweather has matured slightly.  I miss all of his pre bout smartass remarks.  He is laying low. You will lose, Guerrero.  GREAT article in USA Today today about his comeback.  Yes, I said there was a great article in the trashy USA Today.  Anyway, Floyd was in for a misdemeanor, but still had 23 hours a day of full isolation.  That is PLENTY of time to fix yourself.

20)   Congrats to Rutgers basketball just because we haven’t been able to say that in like 10 years.They got their first recruit in the post Rice era.  Junior Etou, VA, 6’7”, 3 star prospect, PF.  Good work.  You have to start somewhere.

21)   The Yankees got 3B Chris Nelson from the Rockies for cash/ a player to be named later.  I assume the Yankees minor leagues are not exactly lighting it up these days.  Take the cash, Rockies.

22)   I am not sure why, but I still chuckle during those Hopper commercials.  If I step outside the box, it doesn’t seem funny.  But it is what it is.  I chuckle.

23)   You know you are in good times when you are signing players from other sports.  The Niners signed an ex-Olympic discuss thrower who apparently did some damage at a super regional combine workout.  They have enough quality players on that squad that they might as well take a few flyers.

24)   The Raptors want Phil Jackson as their president.  I am confused.  I thought even Phil Jackson was saying he would come back for the right COACHING gig.  Isn’t that kind of wasting what he is a HOF’er for?

25)   The Nationals GM says that Strasburg is “ok.”  That is fine as far as health wise, but that look in his eye tells me this may be more than a simple arm problem.

26)   The Jets GM has told the media that all FIVE QB’s will vie for the starting job.  And although I already used it in a previous rant, I will say it again.  When hearing this news, Mark Sanchez threw his TV remote and missed the TV by 7 feet.  I think you get rid of Sanchez, have Garrard as your starter, with Smith and McElroy on the bench learning.

27)   I know they can’t show TOO passionate scenes on TV, but shouldn’t those Viagara people be in more of a rush if the took a pill?  I am just not buying all of that hand holding and slow kissing if they have a timeline.

28)   When you do a Google search you are embarrassed about, do you ever think that someone somewhere who works at Google might be watching and laughing?

29)   I hear that Geno Smith fired his agents.  Agents?    How many does he have?  Because if MULTIPLE people didn’t have a beat on this draft, then who would?  Maybe he is going over to one of the rapper guys’ agencies.  Go with 50 Cent, Geno.  I read an article on him and think he is on track.

30)   Are even hardcore hockey fans watching the playoff games?  It seems like a myth that they are going on, and then I pick up the sports page the next day and see scores.

31)   I know he bit someone in a game.  Not good.  But is anyone else tired as hell of hearing about this Suarez soccer character?  Something about penalties.  Something about his wife.  Something about the awards ceremony.  Stop.  You are clogging up stories of the hijinks of JR Smith and other idiots.

32)   I don’t have Geico insurance, and have no plans on getting it, but that smooth Allman Brothers song playing in the background sure makes me pay attention.  LOVE those guys.

33)   When I look at that funny picture my brother sent me of Tim Tebow 2013, I can’t help think of Rambo-First Blood, and Tebow just wandering the roads with a backpack looking for some place to eat.  I hope he finds an angry sheriff.


34)   I have not looked at my computer screen for about 30 minutes.  I hope it is still typing.

35)   I was reading the rest of the NFL Draft issue for ESPN Mag.  If you thought this draft was all over the board and screwy, than you should have read Kiper and McShay’s predictions a month before the draft.  WAY off.

36)   Greg Norman is against PED testing in golf.  I guess all of those therapy sessions after he blew those Majors worked and he has accepted that the people who beat him weren’t cheating, and that he just sucked.

37)   LT says the Chargers asked him to play in 2013.  LT, they have wasted talent for YEARS now.  They probably asked a LOT of people to play for them.  At least they can sell players their city, which is my favorite here in the states.

38)   In a sign of the apocalypse (stealing the title from SI), Pain and Gain was the #1 movie in America last week.  This is like the run of Adam Sandler and later Jim Carrey movies for a while.  They can pretty much sell anything, can’t they?

39)   The Big 10 got approval for realignment and plans to realign.  Thanks for the info, and please tell me that you have a different creative team than the loons who named it Legends and Leaders.

40)   Does Eric Decker have a reality show?  Is it just local in Denver?  How does THAT happen?  He DOES realize they LOST their last game of the season, and therefore that is not good and he should be training, right?

41)   When that committee recommended to keep the Kings in Sacramaneto, did they literally just show the Seattle higher ups a 1 minute synopsis of Demarcus Cousins’ life?

42)   It took THIS LONG for Biogenesis to suddenly deny they have a doping link?  Were they in South America getting more drugs?  Late to the party, guys.

43)   I might watch that new Rock show (Hero)  if someone dies.  I don’t root for that.  No.  But if they are trying all of this crazy shit, wouldn’t it stand to reason SOMEONE would make a mistake?  If they don’t then wouldn’t I just assume it is like a safety helped amusement park ride?

44)   I still get a little roll of the eyes like when I hear a race car driver is too injured to drive and hasn’t been cleared.  I know it is not easy, but anything you can smoke a cigarette while doing isn’t really an athletic sport.  It is fun to watch for some and Days of Thunder was a cool movie.  And Talladega Nights.

45)   One month, eight days until the Dr. J special is released.  Yay.

46)   I think tonight is a do or die game for Golden State.  They will not win back in Denver for a game 7.  They just need one more good shooting night at their crib and they can rest for a day or two before round 2.  I am mad I am going to the Central time zone.  930 for a game?  I am not USED to that.

47)   Dammit.  That tone means that the captain is going to have us shut down.  It has been fun and passes flight time for me personally like NOBODY’S business.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  I HAVE to fly back to Denver.  Peace.

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