Yeah. You LOOK harmless enough…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

On the clock.  Super busy today.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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The Masters begin today, at least the fun stuff.  The Par 3 contest is today, and I wish I was laying on my couch watching youngsters, Nicklaus, Palmer, and others battle for closest to the pin when nothing counts.  My picks for the pool are submitted.  You get 3 top 15, 3 15-30, 3 plus 31, and one amateur.  Here is what I went with:

TOP 15

Woods 89

Westwood 51

Scott 1



Fowler 71

D. Johnson 20

S. Garcia 79



Day 38

Stenson 28

Harrington 66



Guan 88


What a perfect storm for The Masters, although that event really doesn’t need it.  Tiger back at #1 and the Final Four in Atlanta?  Badges were going for $7k earlier this week.  Dibs to Rory, who says evenness is kind of needed to be a “rival” with Tiger.  I concur, and way to stay away from that question.  Keep staying humble, keep trying to play well, stop storming off golf courses, and things will come to you in time.


And….there they go.  I hope you all enjoyed this past NCAA basketball season, because here is the present big name list already of what we lose to the next level.  Russ Smith, McLemore, Oladipo, Zeller.  The last two surprise me.  You know that now that you have rebuilt that program, that you didn’t WIN anything, right?  Stay one more year and you guys at Indiana would be #1 preseason again AND more seasoned.


Nice storm, weather people.  77 degrees one day, the lightest snow on warm ground for about a day plus, and a total accumulation of about 1 inch.  Irritating.  Ugghhh.  Pansy blizzard.


ALERT.  ALERT.  This is not a BAD thing.  Metta World Peace played last night…TWELVE days after knee surgery.  Amazing for both medicine and his physical state.  Yes, Metta, I actually said something positive about you.  You only had 4 points last night, but your +/- was +12.  Nice work in 15 minutes after surgery.


The Following was solid again last night, although I feel like they are planning on only one season.  Either they have CRAZY plans for next season, or this thing is coming to a head MUCH earlier than I expected before the season.


13.  Kevin Kolb has he wants a Super Bowl.  PERIOD.  He said this at a Bills introduction news conference.  Yes, people, the Bills.  Those Bills.  The Bills who have a 13 consecutive season streak of not being in the playoffs.  When he said that opening line, everyone just heard “yada yada yada you are the only team that will start me in the NFL.”


“National Spelling Bee contestants now must know definitions.”  This is like a kids’ version of a Bud Light commercial.  Here we go…


Two pronged.  I am not sure that Angels Jered Weaver’s injury kills their chances in their division, but a fractured elbow and missing four weeks doesn’t HELP…especially after a down year with optimal talent LAST year.  Also, Phils Halladay getting roughed up that bad his last start is getting me slightly nervous.  Hell, he is the ONE thing we should be able to count on.


This is off a funny email that I will post in full over the weekend.


There are two things to CAREFULLY watch me when I am around that I purposely don’t buy at the store.  Pringles and Easy Cheese.  I can destroy both in about 3 minutes total if left unchaperoned.  Here is a photo of the other enemy.


Metro State, Colorado’s claim to fame for basketball in Division II, lost by one point the other day.  Sucks, as this town is kind of used to them just winning all the time.

That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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