Women and Children First…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock and then some.  Quick sanity check break from work.  20 minutes.  QUICK hooks.  Let’s turn and burn.

1)  Nationals Adam LaRoche and Sean Burnett both opted out of their contracts option years.  In case we didn’t think that it is all about the Benjamins…it is.  Instead of riding out their present contracts with an organization on the verge of something special, they are seeking greener grass.

2)  The State of Rhode Island is suing Curt Schilling over his failed side project company.  I didn’t read much of the article.  Does this mean he decided to not sell his bloody sock?  Did the HOF maybe not give it to him?  Confused.

3)  Did I blink, or do Miami and Virginia Tech suddenly suck at football?  They met the other night, with Miami determining for the time being that they suck less.  You would THINK this is the year that UVA could take advantage of Tech’s lowliness.  BUT.  My boys are breaking even their own barrier in sucking.

4)  Jason Whitlock and Shaq are jawing at each other through the media.  Let’s do this.  Let’s get them some gloves and a ring.  I will watch.  Whitlock is one of the most inconsistent writers out there.  In one article he is spot on, and in another one, it sounds like he drank all night and then wrote his column.  Maybe a few hard hits in the head would even his keel, because the good ones…are really good.

5)  Yes.  U.S. soccer.  You BETTER kiss and make up with Landon Donovan.  That dude looks at our depth in the states in the sport and pretty much knows he could do whatever he wants and still get asked to play.

6)  Cowboys Tyron Smith apparently is being pressured by family members to give them money.  I read the story and got sad for him.  No, that is not true.  I actually read the story and got sad that I am not in that position to GET pressured.

7)  Michael Jordan has said that he is in with the Bobcats “for the long haul.”  So, if you had heard that Charlotte has nice golf courses, it is now confirmed that they indeed do.

8)  Panther update.  I ALMOST finished it.  I am about 4 pages from the climatic final showdown.  It is kind of like watching the Bourne Ultimatum so far.  We already KNOW the main character is a badass, and he hasn’t done much to solidify that in this particular read.  Not needed to prove it.  Which means two things.  The fact that I am enjoying it so much with little action means that DeMille is a brilliant storyteller.  It also means that things are about to go haywire very quickly.  Sixty pages left, which I will read tomorrow.  Mom, I should have it in the mail to you early next week.

9)  Kobe has told his critics to “shut up” when they were badgering him about the Lakers slow start.  Seriously, I agree with him.  Reference the Heat a couple years ago and move on.  Get’em, Kobe.

10)  Justin Tuck has said the Steelers “hold a lot.”  That kid has never met a microphone he didn’t like, and way to make sure the refs are on the lookout.  Ugghhh.

11)  The Steelers have to travel on game day due to Hurricane Sandy problems.  I am worried about routine, but I am not too worried overall about it.  It is a short flight, and a mid day game.  All will be good.  It certainly doesn’t HELP though.

12)  The Pats quietly picked up CB Aqib Talib the other day.  Nice pick up.

13)  The Penn State President is now officially charged with felony counts for the whole Sandusky thing.  And the plot hits ANOTHER level…

14)  I deserve it.  With Armstrong getting his Tour de France titles taken away, I thought we were in for a break on cycling stories.  Not so fast.  Now, I get MORE of them.  If you care, and you shouldn’t, the UCI is now initiating a new probe, and the IOC is looking at his Olympic medals.  In the words of Van Halen, “everyone wants some…I want some too.”

14a)  Just writing those words makes me want to go home and listen to that album.  In a Simple Rhyme.  One of the better Van Halen songs you have never heard.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2euKIcljqMk

15)  I like Cedar Rapids Airport (or officially the Eastern Iowa Airport I believe).  Fast, free WIFI, and no chance at missing a flight since the security line is about 2 people going to 6 gates all within about 50 feet of each other.

16)  James Harden had 37 pts in his Rockets debut.  This is the second most amount of points for a player switching teams and not NEAR the last time he will have 37 or so points.  In the words of Maximus, unleash hell.

17)  Richard Dent has come out and said that Mike Ditka turning to Flutie instead of Steve Fuller or Mike Tomczak cost them a 2nd Super Bowl.  Did he just pull a Rip Van Winkle and pretty much skip 20 plus years?  Are you lonely, Richard?  Did you lose your SB MVP trophy?  What gives?

18)  You KNOW the NBA overpays when DeMar DeRozan just got 4 years and $40 mil…

19)  That is it.  Speed version.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.


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