1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. Quickie again with no focus.  Let me explain again that I write when I have a window, and usually have plenty to say.  I work too much.  This is a window (for now, I try not to write long blogs when Lindsey is around to not ruin OUR time).  So, one sentence, and one sentence only, per hook.  Let’s move.
  3. Does anyone feel like Andrew Luck was ALREADY on the IR?
  4. I knew about and have talked about the SI cover from 2014 with the Astros as 2017 World Series champions, but I totally spaced they ALSO had Springer on the cover too…THAT is one serious prediction with the team AND MVP.
  5. The Angels have signed Justin Upton, and we don’t really care about that the day after a team just stopped a 50 year plus streak of not winning it all.
  6. The brother of Porzingis says that money might not keep his bro around, and of course teammates and coaches will influence that, but really I think it comes down to how much he loves NYC.
  7. Because you either hate the town, love the town, or just think it is different…not really any middle ground.
  8. What a seesaw 24 hours for Houston, as they can savor the WS title, but lose their new young stud, Deshaun Watson, to an ACL tear.
  9. We went to visit our business partner this morning, and the tour was great, but what REALLY makes the visits SO special are the founder’s LOVE of Spam…made biscuits, gravy, with Spam today…yum.
  10. I am supposed to catch up on Stranger Things tonight while Lindsey is out, and that action has not started as A) it is NFL Thursday and I have action on the game B) I am blogging and C) I can’t do this NetFlix thing of binge watching something I don’t NEED to binge watch.
  11. Well, I will break down sooner or later because people are discussing it at work on the floor and I seem rude whenever I tell them to shut the f up.
  12. The Cavs have 5 losses, the Warriors have 3, and I think the conspiracy theory would be to make the two contenders look beatable so maybe people will watch the regular season.
  13. The Timberwolves are starting to gel and the rest of the league should be very, very scared.
  14. I am not editing this but you already know that I assume (standard for one sentence per hook casts).
  15. Someday someone important in sports will read one of these things and say “he was ok but in SUCH a rush.”
  16. This headline alone is worth clicking on, as it is SO random.
  17. Stories like the Papa Murphy’s thing ALWAYS should be checked out on Deadspin.
  18. With Brock starting for the Broncos this week, I have to say that even I am interested in the home team.
  19. This place is going nuts with the QB issue, and I have to say that Brock sounds really good at pressers.
  20. The Thornton Walmart shooting was of course a horrible story and had tragic losses, but how do 100 cop cars handle one incident in a bad part of town and the rest of the town just knows to be good?
  21. I get it…post Vegas…but come on.
  22. Just like the Blues Brothers did, we are getting the band back together…the Four Winds Interactive band (Group By Band).
  23. The name of the band would take an entire blog to explain the meaning, but know that it is very clever inside FWI walls.
  24. As I watched the World Series game last night, I thought about how I had definitely missed my calling as a sports organist or jingle writer.
  25. Curry and Kerr say they would vote for Pop for President, and I would also, and I say let’s do this as it really can’t get worse.
  26. NBA titles (multiple) and US Presidency….LIKE it.
  27. Rick Neuheisel siting in the media, and I think he would fit at Oregon State just fine.
  28. Josh Gordon is reinstated conditionally so A) does he have anyone to throw to him B) can’t wait for him to do something wrong again and C) we are just happy he is back in SOME capacity.
  29. The rest of my fantasy team is horrible, but suddenly the Funchess pickup at least looks intelligent.
  30. Brian Hoyer will be one HELL of a trivia question someday.
  31. Duke is the AP #1 for now, and it doesn’t matter because the Nov 14th Champions Classic features FOUR of the top five teams anyway (go, Arizona and Michigan State).
  32. Hate him for motorcycles, alleged bar rapes, and more, but still a decent article on Big Ben.
  33. When people at work say “did you see my Skype,” isn’t it assumed they are talking bad stuff about someone?
  34. I think when you text someone in the past, just say “TEXT,” as the sound of the word already has the influence of the past tense.
  35. TextED…ugghhh.
  36. If I had that money under the mattress, of course I would have gone in my private jet, but I hope those people who paid $1800 for Game 7 tickets had an awful three hours and 37 minutes.
  37. Shaved above my lip the night of Halloween, and that is it for the month, and the stache will be horrible and ugly.
  38. I have lost weight and my wedding ring keeps falling off, and JUST as I started writing this hook, I looked at my ring finger and it was gone again (found it in my backpack).
  39. Working on a replacement, but I literally can point my finger at the floor straight and the thing can fall off.
  40. Amazing the 76ers are making progress and Okafor isn’t even a factor and Noel is out of there, so it is very beneficial for naming something The Process and being bad for a very long time.
  41. I assume they think they are the Astros II.
  42. Funny article about the athletes who dressed up for Halloween.
  43. Of all the things I did NOT expect, Clowney wore an inmate costume and said it was NOT because of his owner’s comments…weird.
  44. Halloween day at work was a push for me because the up side was free pizza, but the down side was little kids running around our desks in the afternoon.
  45. So, as I mull everything over following the Garoppollo trade, should I hope that now Kirk Cousins does NOT go to San Fran, Big Ben retires, and the Steelers sign Kirk?
  46. I think so, but it is so confusing.
  47. The NFL trade deadline went crazy in comparison to past years, yes, but if I had to bet on ONE player to get traded (who didn’t), I would have lost on my bet on Eric Ebron…thought he was OUT of Detroit.
  48. Luckily Deadspin was all over the Browns mess up.
  49. On The Voice, Esera (ex-NFL player) advances so all is good.
  50. Everyone relax, as putting UGA above Bama in the CFP poll just means that Nick Saban is now officially pissed off.
  51. Law & Order SVU is still ON?
  52. There was a guy on Shark Tank who left his job at Google to propose a guy’s shirt with hooks to hold baby stuff.
  53. Ajayi to the Eagles is interesting, so he should have NO complaints as he goes to the best record in the NFL, and I guess now we simply find out if he is just a dipshit and that is why a bad team like the Dolphins would trade their best young running back.
  54. I happened to be up later after one of the baseball games the other night, and caught my new favorite thing, Van Pelt’s Bad Beats (how a point spread amazingly was ruined in the last minute or so).
  55. The World Series.
  56. I had Astros in 6, so I was close.
  57. For those longing for a classic Game 7 to go along with the classic series, I hope you weren’t let down but I think most of us kind of expected that.
  58. Not hoped for, but were mentally prepared for it.
  59. McCullers does not throw ONE curve ball during warmups even though that is his money pitch.
  60. Young phenom Cody Bellinger struck out 17 times in the Series, a record.
  61. You knew it was going to be a long game for the Dodgers when their pitcher got an RBI with their slowest guy on 3rd base.
  62. First pitcher with an RBI since Pettite in 2009…tell your friends.
  63. Neither starting pitcher lasted 3 innings, a WS first also.
  64. If the Dodgers were going to play Kershaw for 3-4 innings, why didn’t they just START him, especially after Darvish’s debacle in Game 3?
  65. Correa proposed after the win, meaning any proposal method you guys pick will ALWAYS be trumped.
  66. I was going to give you a lot more tidbits and facts during the game, but I just started doing some work during the game once it went to 5-1.
  67. Got MY tidbit by taking the Astros money line.
  68. My colleague went the over, and he probably thought he was EASY money after the first couple of innings, but no.
  69. That’s it for tonight.  Going to watch the beginning of the Bills game and maybe some of the Warriors-Spurs game.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.


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