Win the crowd, Maximus.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Semi-on the clock.  20 minutes hard stop.  It IS the weekend, but I have a slip and slide party to go to in a Denver park, second edition.  The first one was awesome.

I feel the need…the need for speed.  Let’s turn and burn.

1)  Wow.  What a week it has been.  The balance of power in the National League has shifted dramatically and the Red Sox just became the 1998 Florida Marlins (the joke is about a fire sale, people.  They won it in 1997 and then gave everyone away.)  So, let’s back up and break this down.  The Red Sox has sobbing fans all throughout their cobblestone party squares because of letting Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Adrian Gonzalez go.  Let’s play a game.  One of them they are ecstatic about getting rid of, one they are sad about, and one they don’t know HOW they feel about (the answers are B,C,A by the way).  Crawford could be the worse pickup since Rashard Lewis in the NBA (not the Miami deal…the one BEFORE that), Adrian Gonzalez is a stud however you look at it, and Beckett confuses everyone…kind of like a richer Rick Ankiel (find THAT joke.  I don’t have time to explain).  What did they get?  Prospects.  They make my selling Phils look like a car salesmen.  Unbelievable.  On the flip side, the Giants lose Melky Cabrera and then the Dodgers ADD these pieces.  The NL West is now done, Cincy is nervous, and Washington suddenly is mulling over its Strasburg decision a LOT harder.

2)  I see that Sergio Garcia is on the leaderboard of the Barclays PGA event.  Dude is better than ANYONE at making a run at slightly important events that are NOT Majors.

3)  “Victim #1” from the Sandusky case is officially suing Penn State.  Break out the cliches.  Pandora’s Box, slippery slope, yada yada, yada…and yes, I am sure one of the victims WILL mention the lobster bisque.

4)  Adrian Beltre just hit for the cycle.  And I just felt the urge to break out some Outkast, Alicia Keys, and Nickelback CD’s.  Where you been, bro?

5)  I TRIED to read this story, but then just kept chuckling about the dude’s name.  Scott Diamond has been banned 6 games for throwing near the head of the Golden Boy, Josh Hamilton.  I bet Scott TRIED to play basketball, but baseball just kept pulling him back every time he signed his name.

5a)  Maybe after I am done with Nickelback, and speaking of Golden Boy, maybe I will break out a little The Natural.  That movie is solid.

6)  You know you work at an awesome company when it gets kegs and a 50 foot rock climbing wall for its anniversary party.

6a)  YES, there were keg stands done.  Amazingly, I was the timer, not the doer.  I am an endurance guy, not a chugger.  Guzzle something in 20 seconds?  Nope.  Be the last one standing after a long day?  Yup.

7)  A lot of baseball in this rant.  I love the summer, and Denver still has nice weather most of the time, so can football just START already?

8)  Seahawks QB Russell Wilson threw 2 TD’s in his latest glorified practice/ preseason game.  So they pay all this money to Matt Flynn and now might not START him?  Confused.  Moving on.

9)  I hear the Astros might consider starting Roger Clemens after his Skeeters start depending on how he does.  Great for the stadium pay day, and the conspiracy theory rolls on.  If he pitches ONE game, he waits another 5 years for his HOF vote, and therefore might get some new voters and Father Time healing.  Brilliant.

10)  Ready?  Here it is.  The Fillerbuster is THERE for you.  Joey Logano wins the Nationwide and Brad Kesolowski backs off cheating comments about the Hendricks team.  Do you feel updated on NASCAR?  Are you not entertained?  Win the crowd, Maximus.

10a)  Oh, and MacDonald’s crewman Ryan Hess has been banned indefinitely for performance enhancing drugs.  Those tires are REALLY heavy that they put on those cars evidently.

10b)  If you haven’t slowed down and gone frame by frame on the sword flip in Gladiator, then you haven’t lived.  Do it.  Amazing.

11)  CC Sabathia looks sharp in his return from the DL.  Sure, this is good for the Yankees pitching concerns, I am sure Michael Pineda is drinking in celebration and thinking about driving, and I was more impressed that Derek Jeter took a ball to the head and just went about his business.  It’s TOO easy.  No, no, no.  It’s TOO easy.

12)  We are REALLY stretching this Tebow thing.  Out of control.  In need of a story to make sure Tim made the headlines, Cam Newton has said he is a Tim Tebow fan.  Little known fact is that he was Tebow’s teammate briefly at Florida back in the day.

13)  Baltimore Orioles player Chris Davis hit THREE home runs yesterday.  WHO?

14)  This is just the Fillerbuster talking, and it IS my blog, but I think the 15 year old golfer/ new sensation Lydia Ko looks 50 already.

15)  I can tell you one person who is NOT going to the slip and slide today.  THIS guy.

16)  That is it.  20 minutes is up.  Lindsey might be mad if I am too late, althought God bless her for accepting me for who I am and understanding that blogging is my addiction.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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