Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Late afternoon rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me on New Year’s Eve Day. Volunteer weekly, buy a keyboard and start playing it, getting a new Jeep, and getting 1000 followers in Twitter are just some of my 2014 resolutions.  I might volunteer for something helping dogs rather than humans, but it will still be volunteering.

2)      Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin is one of my new favorite people in the world.  He has come out and said he will turn down even interviewing any NFL jobs that are available.  Nothing is foolproof in this day and age, but someone who tells recruits that he is going to be there for the long haul and then not going to flirt with other jobs is very refreshing.  No flirting.  No teasing.  Just staying put.  Classy.  There is a difference between testing the waters a little and talking to everyone and their mother about leaving to see what deals are on the board.

3)      Thanks, Ben Tate.  Making sure you beat ESPN to any stories about him, the Houston RB took to Twitter to give the bad news that he is on his way out.  As Texans fans still look at their roster and try to solve like Matt Damon how things went so totally wrong, at least you are making it easier.  I myself admit to jumping on the bandwagon and predicting them to be in the Super Bowl.  I was not alone.  And some of those people are lead writers on major sports websites, ok?

3a)  And yes, I know I make a LOT of Good Will Hunting jokes.  The movie is dope, and LOTS of references come up about higher mathematics.  Plus, it is my blog.

4)      The second half between UVA and Tennessee basketball just got uglier last night after I signed off.  To say UVA is offensively deficient is an understatement.  Having that great defense is one thing.  Not being able to catch up when a team gets a little hot is another thing.  Tony Bennett is a great coach in my eyes, but there is something to be said for having a great system, but then scaring away all of the initial recruits first thing, not pulling any big names in a couple of years, and not getting too many sniffs at the tourney.  And he is making this guy’s stock go down.

4a)  I guess I am posting a lot of photos today as my work day is complete.

4b)  Plus, Lindsey thinks Joe Harris is good looking.  I am fine with that.  I still have my numero uno if taken in their prime.

Or, presently.

5)      And we are all ready for another year of having UVA have a par record in conference play and then talking about how they beat NO one on the road when selection time comes around.  NO one of note.  NIT here we come.

6)      Oregon did the pleasure of saying goodbye from everyone to Mack Brown.  To those who think he might coach again, I doubt it.  Think about it.  He was already AT the top of the totem pole in coaching.  He got one title from the richest pipeline in the country.  He got lazy though.  Jameis Winston came out and said that he wasn’t even recruited by Mack Brown, would have listened, and quite possibly would have gone there if he had been asked.

7)      Speaking of Texas, so the AD forces Mack to resign, and then he technically faces the choice of who to bring on.  But, instead of interviewing people, he forms this committee with like a 100 people to network and do the searching for him.  Just because they made a fun bracket on CNNSI and it IS one of the pinnacles of coaching doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing more.  I guess if the guy fails, you can blame the committee, right?  MASTER plan.  It is like a heist.

7a)  And that is the most underrated heist movie ever.  The Score.  WATCH it.  Three generations of top tier actors, and I still have no idea how it didn’t make it HUGE.

8)      Questions posed by my brother today that apparently was posed to him.  Who are the best five dunkers all time in the NBA.  I haven’t sat down and thought this out, by my initial reaction is easy.  In relative order, MJ, Vince, Dr. J, LeBron, and Dominique.

9)      Whatever the cause for concern with the Tony Parker photos, I am sure he is not like that.

10)   Mike Tomlin is looking for a solution to make sure a ref mess up doesn’t happen again like in the Chargers-Chiefs game, but he better not be in a situation next year where we need three other things to happen to get IN the playoffs either.

11)   Wes Welker is set for the title run health wise.  That is all good and all, but that is before he takes the first couple hits to the noggin.  We will see, and Denver will hope.  They don’t need him to win a game, but they need him for the entire run.

12)   Forgot to share that our bartender over the weekend was pretty darn close to the Amazon woman who chases down George after he professes his wishes to Jerry of having sex with a really, really tall woman.



13)   It is a lose-lose scenario for people like me.  I might join in with the lovers of Tim Tebow to laugh at how bad he is on TV, and therefore I will be improving ratings.  Damn.

14)   It looks like Manziel and Evans will go pro, as they should.  Stock can’t go much higher for either, as even if Evans stays, he will be getting tosses from a new guy finding his groove.  Next year, at least photos like these won’t make us wonder where he got the money.

15)   I would think blackout for a playoff game would not only be embarrassing, unfathomable, and a story.  Having THREE of them in danger, with one of them being the loyal Green Bay fans, is just crazy.

16)   I will admit it.  Between working 65 hours a week and carrying on a life, I can’t keep track of all of these bowls.  There are too many to start with, but look on ESPN.com if you want moment by moment breakdowns of each bowl.  I am overworked and don’t have an intern.

17)   We are about here at conference play for basketball teams.  Arizona has looked solid, Colorado, Oregon, UCLA and a couple other teams could give them runs, but the Pac-12 overall doesn’t seem to present much of a problem.  I expect an upset from one of those three if it happens.  THIS guy is a stud in case you live in a bubble.

18)   I didn’t have time to pull Deadspin articles in the last 24 hours.  Just read the site for today and pick your own favorites and then tell your friends and random people like I do.

19)   Justin Bieber will “retire?”  Is this like the pop version of Tracy Austin or Barry Sanders?

20)   The show Men at Work is coming back.  Trust me.  It is high quality and funny as hell.  If you missed the first go around, tune in for this one.  Great chemistry and writing going on.

21)   Jimbo Fisher signed a new Florida State contract to keep him as coach for another 5 years.  In a day and age of coaches moving without being finished with their present contracts, I am not sure this means more than “he is staying for now.”  If I was him, I wouldn’t go anywhere.  Even when they were down a little for a couple years, their recruiting pipeline stayed top 5 or 10.  Hotbed of football, Florida is down right now, and Miami is bipolar.  He plays in the weak ACC and is about to win a championship with a QB who can’t go anywhere.  Excuse me, but is there a downside to staying?  Grass is greener and all that crap, but I would make it a lifer there.  If he moves “up,” he is still going to be following in the footsteps of SOMEONE, right?

22)   The Jaguars, probably bitter they don’t have the first pick will let Maurice Jones-Drew test free agency.  I guess they are trying to get worse.  I know it is about the money, but at least make an attempt at making the fan base think you are trying.  Lock SOMEONE up…besides Blaine Gabbert.

23)    That being said, the 3.4 yards per carry is why I guess there are guys making that decision and not me.  Maybe we can get Tim Tebow’s thoughts on it as a sidebar to his first gig next year.  I bet you he is excited.

24)   The Jets will eye QB’s even though Geno Smith showed improvement.  Hey, they got him in the second round.  Why NOT?  Plus, after examining their depth chart until late last night, I don’t see too many positions they are NOT looking at.

25)   John Harbaugh is confident that Ray Rice will rebound next year from his slumping year.  I get that, and the kid is young.  But, if defenses are already slowing down a big up the middle RB NOW, what are they going to do as he ages?

26)   Glad to hear that Michael Schumacher has improved.  Thoughts and prayers.

27)   I played on some bad basketball teams when I was a kid, but I don’t ever remember anything close to 44-0.  Southern had that lead over Champion Baptist College to start out a game this week.  The slackers evidently let up in the second half and missed the points won by record.  They only won by 104.  Come on.  Lock it up.

28)   The fact that Seattle is at home, is the best team, has the toughest crowd, and MIGHT get Percy Harvin back is pretty scary.  I will say this though.  The team overall shoulders the load, because you can check Russell Wilson’s last five games or so, and he has NOT been consistent.

29)   And that is why I think the 49ers are coming out of the NFC.

30)   The Family Guy where Meg turns 18 and Quagmire tries to get her in bed is still quite the laugher to me.  I watched it last night.

31)   Lindsey brought home spaghetti cheese sauce.  I am still consistent with the Bacon Provolone Prego.  So, what is the resolution (no pun intended on today’s rant)?  Mix them.  Shredded cheese, cheese sauce, spaghetti, and bacon-provolone.  I am in spaghetti love.

32)   Here is my adapted digital sign for tonight’s New Year’s gig.



33)   NFL predictions.  I truly believe home field advantage is staggering in comparison in the NFL to other sports…so if I am ambiguous on a matchup, I will take the home team.  So, give me the two home teams except for the 49ers and Saints.  Even the Packers FANS evidently think THAT is going to happen since they are not buying tickets.  I think Indy will play like we think they will against a team in KC that softened up once it got to the meat of their schedule.  I think the Bengals are more consistent than the Chargers, and it has nothing to do with me being mad at the Chargers.  I think the 49ers will surprisingly beat the Packers by 10-14 points at their crib.  And I think the Saints will win away.  Even though the team looks like a drunk Tom Hanks (hypothetically) in Cast Away when they don’t play at their fancy Superdome, I think the fact that Payton and Brees have already been there, done that will get it done.  Good job, Chip Kelly, on getting your team to the playoffs with a pretty loaded roster in your high octane offense.  Now meet two guys who have already won it all on their level, which should be news to you, as you didn’t even win on the freaking college level with a couple loaded teams.

34)   That is it.  Gotta go figure out what my social director has planned for tonight, and verifying that the farthest place we are going is down the street to catch some fireworks.  Otherwise, I am down for the plan of staying out of site and mind with the new school.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least better informed.  Happy freaking New Year.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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