Why kill you now, Prince of Troy, with no one here to see you fall?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant, but after today’s 12 hour hectic day, I would like to be away from this laptop for 12-15 hours or so and do normal person stuff.

I feel the need…the need for speed.


1)  I hate to start with the Broncos, but it is what it is.  They look solid on all fronts.  They might not have the best player at any position or group of positions, but they really don’t have any obvious weaknesses, and I guarantee no one wants to mess with Peyton and the boys come playoff time.  They won their 8th straight.  It wasn’t over the top dominance, but it was “always in control” dominance.  Knowshon Moreno is actually looking like he deserved to be a first round draft pick.  Peyton is healthy. Sure, they played against a team that had ONE drive of over 5 minutes going into this game, but a win is a win, and they can only beat who is on the other side of the ball.  Here is my only problem.  I am not saying he WILL, but IF Peyton gets hurt, do YOU know who their back up QB is?  Do you?  Caleb Hanie.  Who is he, you ask?  He is the same backup QB that lost all of the ending games when Jay Cutler went down for the Bears last year, and left them out of the playoffs.  Scary to say when he is only one out of eleven players, but if Peyton gets hurt, it is over for them.  With him, they are as dangerous as any team out there.

2)  It is weird saying this about a player who MIGHT have two more years left in his arm that can confuse batters, but where R.A. Dickey goes could change the balance of power in any decision.  I am excited to see where he ends up.  Some team is getting about 10 more wins than whoever they were planning on starting in that spot.  Those ten wins are a big number.

3)  No.  Go ahead.  You won’t drown anything out if you make noise…because once again it was silence on the NHL talks front.

4)  It is crazy how much I love writing this.  Five minutes ago, I was staring at my legal pad and about to just post that I would just rant tomorrow.  Now, I can’t stop, and am typing about twenty words per minute faster than any email at work.  “Laptop Adrenaline.”

5)  Minnesota WR Percy Harvin is going on the injured reserve.  Might as well.  Maybe, if you are lucky, maybe Percy can go be a third wheel with Christian Ponder and Samantha Steele having date night watching chick flicks when he should be watching film of his upcoming opponent.  It is so cute, those two.

6)  Floyd Mayweather announced he will fight twice in 2013.  He never mentioned whether the two tentative dates will be in a ring or in his home, but at least we know he is going to fight someone.

7)  I was hoping that this whole “no kickoff” thing being talked about for the NFL was just a rubbish Fox Sports story.  Then, I saw it on ESPN, and Josh Cribbs rebuttal.  I wasn’t alive when they invented the key in the NBA due to Wilt the Stilt, but that is not even close to as revolutionary as if they eliminate kickoffs.  Yes.  I heard the proposed punt/ 4th and 15 thing, and yes, I get that there are injuries.  But don’t tell me that a kickoff didn’t look dangerous back in the day BEFORE all of our technology.  Dangerous.  Yes.  Part of the game.  Damn right.

8)  I didn’t have time today.  I will work on the Monkey Dog video being made public tomorrow after I am done working out and working.  It is pretty fun.

9)  This guy who fixed my car today was MUCH nicer, and I wanted to believe he had solved the problem, but as I was pulling out of work at 545pm today, Eleanor, my Jeep, stalled again.  If anyone reading this thinks they know what the problem is, please let me know.  I believe the laundry list of fixed things thus far is the fuel pump, ignition coil, crankshaft sensor, spark plugs, distributor, and some air control motor thing.  You would think that I would look into a new car, but I have invested enough in the last 5 weeks to BE more stubborn and ride this thing out.  If Nostradamus was my friend, he could have just told me on the first “preventive maintenance” trip that Eleanor was seeing bright lights and that the end was near.  I also could have made fun of my friend about his blue suit alien invasion in 1999.

10)  The Knicks housed Miami the other night…without Carmelo.  I think this creates more puzzles than solutions.  Are we supposed to believe that the Knicks are all that and a bag of chicks, or that Miami is in a championship hangover?  Put the Fillerbuster firmly in the corner of the latter until further notice.

11)  I hear the Manti Te’o won a couple of awards last night.  He will pretend to care, but he doesn’t.  He only wants what I would want in that situation.  The Heisman.

12)  We are on UFC 157.  I watched the first one in college with Gracie, and that “157” number makes me feel old.  NO.  It DOESN’T.  They are having too many of those things. Yeah.  NOW I feel better.  Good paradigm shift.

13)  Hey, guess what?  It is now December.  There are THREE givens in December that you can bet your rent on.  Christmas will be here on the 25th, Tony Romo will be doubted as a starting QB in the NFL, and last but not least…Norv Turner will be on the hot seat.

14)  In our “who’d of thunk” hook, I hear that Dennis Rodman is being ordered to pay 500k in child support.  Analyze that sentence.  The grass is green, the sky is blue, and every word in that first sentence just makes sense.

15)  Speaking of making sense, Pacman Jones has said to the media that “he was horrible in Dallas” in his time there.  Grass.  Sky.  We know, bro.  I didn’t think you were doing all that hot right now, aye?

16)  The Seattle Mariners are “serious” about picking up Josh Hamilton.  This is their every three year anniversary of pretending like they would like to be good again someday.  Ichiro got tricked for a LONG time before HE got the hell out of Dodge.

17)  Maybe it is because I was the guy behind my Italian friends in Jersey wondering what the hell we (they) were fighting about, but I am surprised THIS doesn’t happen ALL the time.  http://timesleader.com/stories/Caddies-fight-at-Australian-Open-practice-area,238100

18)  I wore a sweatshirt over a collared shirt yesterday at work.  After me saying I thought that could be my new “look,”  Lindsey calmly thanked me for trying to bring back the 1990’s.  That stung.  I never said I had ANY fashion sense.  I don’t.

19)  Some New York “madam” might expose athletes she has pleased on her Dr. Phil interview.  Can’t wait.  Since I get a shock to my spine whenever I accidentally even FLIP on the station Dr. Phil is on, someone out there let me know what happens with this.

20)  Not that anyone would be surprised, but I am VERY interested in this new Papa Murphy’s pizza.  It is called the “bacon bacon bacon pizza.”  Good name.  Whoever named that one for you guys is a SERIOUS keeper to your organization.  You had me at hello.

21)  For the younger readers, make sure you check out this ESPN special coming called “You don’t know Bo.”  Bo Jackson would be in the same sentence as Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky had he remained healthy.  And Barry Sanders would be moved down to THREE on my RB list.  Wow.

22)  Tennessee hires Cincy’s Butch Jones.  I would have gone to Wisconsin, Butch, but be your own person and know you have a shoulder to cry on when even Kentucky and Arkansas are whipping up on you for the next few years.  No one trusts you, bro, after the last few weeks.  You are like Bobby Petrino reinvented.

23)  Kobe and his Lakers went to see Lincoln the other night together.  Kobe made a funny when he said some of his team was surprised that Lincoln dies at the end of the movie.  That is good stuff, you hotel woman sex it up guy.  The only parallel I have is that I sat in the movie theater explaining to my girlfriend at the time that the reason I was was seeing Troy for the third time in the theater was because it was THAT good, and the only bad thing about the movie was that we knew the ending.  She said “we do?”  Needless to say, that was the beginning of the end of that relationship.

24)  Jerry Sandusky wants a “less restrictive” prison setting.  Enjoying those showers, and mad that they are older men, Jerry?  I should stop this hook right NOW.

25)  The West Virginia mascot is using his musket to kill animals actually hunting.  I was never a hunter, but that does not stop me one BIT from wanting to have a beer or ten with that guy.

26)  Even when the Jets aren’t in the news, they are these days.  Ex-jets OL Jason Fabini’s house was raided today.  He says it was not a raid on him, but the Fillerbuster is just glad the Jets are in the news.  Yay.  And it is not Tebow.  That entire hook was sarcastic for new readers.  I HATE Jets news.

27)  Contribution from my colleague, Tim, and a very cool story.  http://collegebasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/12/07/43-year-old-brian-rice/related/

28)  That is it.  Going over Lindsey’s for her always finely cooked food.  I hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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