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Let’s turn and burn.


Today is the day.  I have a to do list that has listed all of things I am not accomplishing in life.  As of today, all things with no timeline get automatically moved until April 9th.  Conference tourneys are in full on mode, so therefore the Madness has become.  No crazy upsets in main conferences up to today, but here is where the real fun starts.  Any bubble team can improve its resume with a couple quality neutral court wins, or guarantee themselves a dance card by running their conference table.  Minnesota lost today to Illinois, but I still think their strength of schedule and the Indiana win gets them in.  Iowa State made my five number more correct of Big 12 teams by beating Oklahoma today.  Fun is happening right now, and I will admit my workout tonight will be pushups in front of the TV most likely.


Reggie Bush goes to Detroit.  Mendenhall goes to the Cards.  Welker goes to the Broncos.  Amendola goes to the Pats.  Shonn Greene leaves the Jets.  Teams are terrified of the new salary cap rules.  Reggie Bush left a pretty good situation after the Wallace signing, maybe Mendenhall will make their perennial sub par QB lineup look decent, Welker signs oddly for the same damn money that the Pats signed Amendola signed for (with less years, but one is proven and the other is “potential”), and Greene must be smarter than I thought for leaving that sinking ship.  So Tom Brady gets pub for taking less money to free it up for other signings, and they DON’T sign Welker?


No one in sports.  I know it has big name actors in it, but I have not found ONE second of previews of that Wonderstone movie that has been funny.


Dentist visit went well.  Teeth good, and thanks to mom and dad for spending the money on that embarrassing expensive gear for straight teeth.  They taught me well.  On the way home, one of my trivial dreams occurred.  Busy stoplight, cars next to and behind me, and that Rush song came on at the perfect time from the Volkswagen commercial.  Yes, I went off.  Here is the commercial if you forget.

These are the things that entertain me.  Last thing.  I think the reason Lindsey and I like Rules of Engagement so much is because Jeff and Audrey’s relationship has a LOT of similarities to us.


Hey, Fox.  Your abbreviation for college basketball is irritating.  “CBK” sounds like another attempt by you all to sound hip.  Stop it.  Nevermind.  Don’t.  You give me plenty of reasons to smile each day.


“Redskins QB Kirk Cousins drug tested at grandmother’s house.”


Fast pace isn’t supposed to work in the playoffs.  Right (see Phoenix Suns)?  Well, if you watch the Knicks-Nuggets game last night, you would believe it might.  Google “destroy.”  I assume dismantle, pummel, kick the shit out of, etc. is on there.  Anyway, that is what they did.  The Knicks looked like they were playing in a totally different, SLOWER gear than the Nugs.  The Nuggets share the ball ridiculously.  Everyone has the capability to be the go to guy if needed.  They rebound hard.  A possible fast break is like a shark smelling blood ten miles away.  They have shooters.  Their bench is solid.  Corey Brewer is just getting better, and he is already good.  They have quality depth and a different type of style of PG.  They walk into the gym at The Can and assume they are going to win.  Karl doesn’t call set plays, making them fun to watch.  They kicked the hell out of a team who has their previous star.  Bill Simmons Ewing Theory?  Hell, yes.

If a team looks like it is tanking in the last game of the year, it will be because they have NO interest in playing Denver.  Boom goes the dynamite.

(wow.  That sounded like I am becoming an actual fan.  What is going ON?)


The Heat are the fourth team to win 20 straight.  Great, but it is more fun looking at the other teams that have done it.  Plus, they still need 13 more for all time status.  Anyway, one of these things is not like the other.  1971 Bucks, 1972 Lakers, 2008 Rockets.  Ummmm.  Hmmmm.  Oscar Robertson and Lew Alcindor.  Check.  Elgin Baylor and Wilt Chamberlain.  Check.  Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady??  Que?


How in this topsy turvy world are the Steelers and Ravens suddenly BOTH rebuilding?  It is like the Florida Marlins after their first World Series win meeting the Florida Marlins after their second World Series win.

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