When the dogs begin to smell her… Will she smell alone?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant.  Speed version.  Not totally back in routine yet.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Whoa.  I am writing this while that crazy dude from the Hangover movies is being the anchor on ESPN.  How often does this happen?

2)      KU player and overall stud Andrew Wiggins announced he wants to win a championship and then go #1 in the draft.  He mentioned pulling a “Melo.”  First of all, Melo went third in the draft.  Second of all, you are a stud, but considering you are in the same conference as Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart (an easy top 3 pick), why don’t you just concentrate on proving you are the best player in the conference first?  Don’t put the cart before the horse.

3)      The fan who needed surgery from a mascot throwing a hot dog in the stands is suing the team.  That dude will be a half blind, have a crazy story for life, and be a VERY rich dude.

4)      Bad planning.  Somehow as luck would have it, Lindsey and I have 7 people on bye this week in fantasy.  I did some mad work on the waiver wire, and even though we are going in with one blank spot (can’t have too many QB’s on your roster), we are still projected for over 100 points.  Bring it.  That is good stuff.

5)      Not very often at all that an unbeaten top ten team is also a three touchdown underdog in a football game.  That would be your FSU-Miami game folks.  And the spread sounds just about right.

6)      No college picks this week again.  My work is killing me, and haven’t had time to pick pretend bets.

7)      Carmelo wants to retire a Knick he has announced.  The Knicks fan base has announced that they would also like for him A) to not be a black hole for his entire career B) to play a few possessions of defense at SOME point.

8)      Gordon Hayward and Eric Bledsoe were not offered desired contracts and will become restricted free agents next summer.  Sounds about right.  Neither is a max player, neither has proven themselves, and that draft just looks DUD-y right about now.  It is about time we are not paying Rashard Lewis contracts to every John Doe playing hoops.

9)      Derrick Rose had a weak game but hit the game winner last night.  Give them about 10 more wins because of his general skill AND those last second shots.  If he stays healthy, they are a thorn in Miami’s side.  If the Nets or Pacers aren’t the thorn first.

10)   No lob city, aye?  Chris Paul had a RIDICULOUS 42, 15, and 6 last night.  And there were plenty of lobs going around.

11)   Miami wins on a sack last night in overtime.  You don’t see that often.  Thanks for knocking the Bengals down a game as the Steelers are on a respirator and about to play New England.

12)     I haven’t had time to grab Deadspin links.  Just read the site.  It is hilarious.

13)   Some crew guy in NASCAR got penalized for throwing a hammer at someone.  I am surprised this doesn’t happen more often to be honest.  A bunch of southern guys running around with wrenches, hammers, and drills?

14)   Jacoby Ellsbury playing with that injury during the WS just reinforced that the dude is a stud.

15)   Kobe received a $24 million lump paycheck today.  In a related monetary note, I had to pay $50 for Eleanor again today because of some battery problem and slight stalling.  At least my new neighborhood mechanics are getting to know their way around her engine, right?

16)   Tony Gonzalez is happy that the trade talks are done with the deadline being passed.  We the fans are just trying to figure out the last monumental NFL trade that actually happened.

17)   Either Billy Donovan recruits really bad kids or his rules are really strict.  Three more suspensions.

18)   The Avs goalie is really good at stopping pucks and dragging his girlfriend around the house “by the hair.”  Ain’t no need for that, bro.  There are better ways to get  on my rant squad.  AND you will get special treatment as I have no hockey players.

19)   Hmmm.  No hockey players.  So, they are badasses AND law abiding for the most part.

20)   Someone is yelling at A-Rod about something…we hate A-Rod.  We don’t care.

21)   Brandon Meriweather is apologizing for his comments about ending people’s careers.  Sad it took an NFLPA meeting for him to realize it.  What did HE get on the Wonderlic?  Is that public knowledge?

22)   Mark Cuban says Snowball “was wrong” for going to the Rockets.  Sounds like he is just mad that he can’t figure out how his team is going to defend anyone this year.

23)   Welcome back, Aldon Smith.  Five game absence, two days after gun charges…you are a stellar human being I am sure.

24)   College basketball rankings were released (yay).  Kentucky nudged out Michigan State.  I disagree.  Invert these two teams…at least initially.

25)   Yay.  UVA basketball is ranked again.  It feels like the early 90’s.  Joe Harris is a STUD, people.  Let’s break out some Stone Temple Pilots and party.

26)   So, Indiana basketball was “back” a few years ago and now they are not even ranked.  THAT was a fast rebuilding project and then drop off.

27)   That is it.  I have to go continue to unpack my condo.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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