What do you think, darling? Should I hate him?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

NOT on the clock.  I have no plans, have hours of basketball on, and am going to simply clear my legal pad list.  When I am done, I will know it.

Let’s turn and burn.

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1)      Wow.  I just got done watching the Kansas-Oklahoma basketball game.  Not only does Kansas drop its 3rd straight for the first time since 2005, but Lon Kruger is making a case for OU to be in the tourney.  If they do go dancing, Lon Kruger would have taken his FIFTH different team to the tourney.  Talk about someone who can rebuild programs.

2)      I don’t get it.  UVA basketball sucks?  They put them on TV.  UVA basketball wins 3 straight?  I get screwed by Colorado TV today.  They play Maryland today, and I probably just put the kiss of death on them.  Sorry if it happens, guys.

3)      By the way, UVA got FOUR votes last week.  FOUR!  We are about 20 teams away from being RANKED.

4)      Miami is the only Big 6 school that is undefeated in its conference at this point.  They can score.  They can defend.  They have a solid PG with great genes.  They are physical.  If there is one surprise team this year, they might be it.  NC State was the preseason darling (yours truly included), but Miami is hogging the stage.  They SMOKED North Carolina today, making the usual Duke-UNC big showdown a little less big at this point.

5)      For you Denver people who are sitting there looking for something to do.  Here you go.  http://polls.westword.com/polls/den/bestof13/

6)      I love my Steelers.  I have a tattoo and am designing a second and final one.  That being said, even if those worlds ever collided (which they won’t, but there HAS to be a Seinfeld reference), this is taking it a little too far.  http://gamedayr.com/features/latest-articles/chiefs-fan-crazy-head-tattoo/

7)      With four of the top 5 teams losing this week, I think it might finally be time to put my closet college team, Gonzaga, into that top 3.  It seems like just yesterday when the Zags were “surprising” people in the tourney.  Now, they are legit and people know it.  Interesting that all four losing top 5 teams were on the road against unranked opponents.  Good stat.  Tell your friends.

8)      Sometimes it is sad having a daytime job.  Denver Pavilions is having a Diehard marathon on Wednesday.  ALL movies, all day.  It sounds lovely, and I would do it if not for that whole “job thing.”

9)      Either they don’t mess around in Division II basketball, or the less money the schools make are reflected in material architecture.  One way or the other, this guy is getting some action from the ladies very soon.  http://www.yardbarker.com/college_basketball/articles/msn/division_ii_player_breaks_backboard_on_dunk_game_is_rescheduled/12875905?refmod=msn_art_top&ref_art_id=12872629

10)   These poor people were just wanting a bus ride.  Soccer fans are supposed to kill each other in riots at games, not in ravines.  Sad, regardless, that a bus carrying fans in Chile killed 16 people when it drove into a deep ravine.

11)   Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels and his wife adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia this week.  With his salary, it is safe to say the girl won’t be aching for meals like her country’s people.

12)   USC football fired their offensive coordinator, Kennedy Polamalu.  A 7-6 season when being predicted to win it all (yours truly again included) will do that to you, and I am more curious how such a crazy last name got the first name “Kennedy.”

13)   Gentlemen.  This is a very, very nice possible cover for SI.  It makes you already want to light up a fire, lay on the couch, and read it.  Or LOOK at it.  Or whatever.  Moving on.  http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/02/09/kate-upton-s-second-si-cover-porn-appears-at-fashion-week.html

14)   Anquan Boldin will retire if released by the Ravens.  I am not following.  If you are in the gray area and they are making their decision, doesn’t this just make you sound like you are already over the grind?

15)   Storm Nemo is blitzing the northeast.  There is some person who has a really, really, cool and easy job.  SOMEONE has to be in charge of naming storms and Hurricanes, right?  I want THAT job.  Just like me already bringing back from the 80’s and 90’s, my first order of business would be to bring back 1992 and name something Zeke.

16)   I am sure you shoot VERY well, and it was probably just not your night, Mirza.  But three straight airballs in three possessions on the NBA level?  Come on.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/07/mirza-teletovic-airballs-video-nets-pistons-video_n_2638352.html

17)   Speaking of airballs and also of players the Fillerbuster does not like, check out JR Smith shorting it with no one in his face.  No WONDER those kids wouldn’t pass to you at halftime.  http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/j-r-smith-airballs-free-throw-plays-pickup-165338402–nba.html

18)   Rusty Wallace does his Hall of Fame speech for NASCAR.  You are now updated on racing.

19)   LeBron scored 30 points last night…on ELEVEN shot attempts.  Amazing.  Check out the stats.  Not only is he on a phenomenal run over the last five games for shooting percentage, but he has gone up EVERY year he has been in the league.  At this point, he will just be making everything when he is 35.  By the way, LeBron, that was very adorable of you to play catch with that fan.  I suppose now that “villain phase” is fading away, now you want to be the Jimmy Connors of basketball.

20)   By the way, Miami beat the heck out of the Los Angeles Clippers.  What was odd was this.  Miami was MISSING Ray Allen and Chris Bosh.  The Clippers RETURNED Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.  Kind of weird that it ended up being an ass-whipping the other way that you might conjecture.

21)   I forgot to tell you a funny story regarding my Tony Parker-like, basketball legend, Scott.  We played Hoop It Up in Virginia Beach one year.  Scott, myself, and our fraternity brother, Jeff.  We are all…pale guys.  Anyway, I was given the job of naming our team.   We were warming up, and these guys asked us to stop shooting around because they were waiting for their opponent to arrive (evidently not giving us ANY chance at being that team).  Our reply was “but we ARE Deez Nuts.”  You are the man, Dr. Dre.

22)   When football players have free time, they do funny stuff like this.  Pretty tight, actually.  http://espn.go.com/espn/photos/gallery/_/id/8915270/image/1/trent-richardson-lamarr-woodley-marshawn-lynch-trent-richardson-lamarr-woodley-marshawn-lynch-re-create-run-dmc-iconic-album-cover-espn-magazine-music-issue

23)   Since Lance Armstrong cheated, do I need to educate people on the rider I followed when I was growing up, since I guess he is back to #1 as America’s best rider?  Greg LeMond.  Here is the Wiki for it so you can impress your friends…IF you and your friends are in some random conversation about bicyclists for some odd reason.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_LeMond

24)   I am sad, but am giving props to the company Everlast.  You are sure making a run of “ever,” because I got my first tear in my boxing gloves…that my parents bought my back in high school.  That is about 25 years, people.  Good product.

25)   Aaron Hill of the Diamondbacks just got signed for 3 years and $35 million.  The second baseman is solid, .301 is good, but when players in baseball that most people have to Google are making more than $11 million, then you are in a very good profession.

26)   A shout out to my coworker, Ben.  He works remotely and comes into town every once in a while for a week.  We happened to have a team happy hour for work, and neither of us really know what went on in other conversation.  We were too busy naming our top college basketball players, top NBA players, top NFL skill positions, etc.  I am kind of glad you ARE remote, Ben.  I would never get anything done.  I think the college teams were you, the NBA team was me, and probably a push on the NFL skill positions.

27)   A shout out to my other coworker, Brian, who was involved initially in the college basketball player draft.  He is a Minnesota guy through and through.  For his shooting guard, he chose Voshon Leonard.  We then kicked him out of the game before he chose Kevin McHale.

28)   Holy SMOKES!  Jamaal Tinsley is back in the NBA.  With the Jazz?  I guess if one star PG who can’t shoot goes down for the year (Rondo), you have to replace him in the league.  Where is Jacque Vaughn?  Quick.  Tell me.

29)   Get by the badass car, the awesome crib, and the hot wife.  The best is at the end.  http://www.cseed.tv/design/movie.html

30)   Antawn Jamison says that MJ could still average double figures right now as he approaches his 50th birthday.  He probably could, but kind of weird coming from a less than 50 year old who is averaging 8.1 points per game.  So, you are saying he would still be better than you in your prime?

31)   Even with all of these top five losses, I still like the same Final Four as I did before.  Toss Michigan out.  Put Gonzaga in?  No.  Give me Indiana, Kansas, Louisville, and Creighton.  Ok.  I am lying.  I don’t have a definitive pick after this confusing week.  Let’s just say I really, really want to put Gonzaga and Miami in there from what I have seen.

32)   I must love my blog.  Lindsey is with a friend at a happy hour playing pool.  I love Saturdays.  I love pool.  I love happy hours.  I am odd in that blogging and watching Pittsburgh-Cincinnati seems more happy at this point.

33)    I was watching the Bulls game last night.  In all honestly, the announcer, with this latest trade talk, thought the fans were booing him.  Come on.  “boo-zer.”  How did you get on TV talking about basketball?

34)   I don’t wear a lot of cologne, which is proven by the fact that I still use a few drops here and there of a bottle of Obsession my mother gave me about 15 years ago.  I hope there is no expiration on those things.

35)   Seriously.  It is the WEEKEND.  You have TIME.  READ this.  The facebook-NFL QB thing.  Here you go again.  http://profootballmock.com/nfl-qbs-on-facebook-finally-elite/

36)   Apparently, Joe Flacco will give no home team discount for his contract.  He is “Raven for life,” but likes to watch Jerry McGuire in his free time.  I can’t decide if I really like how much of an asshole he is, or if I hate him.  I have decided.  He is a Raven-I hate him.

37)   That hook just reminded me of the Tombstone scene.  That movie has more quotable lines than possibly Top Gun.  WATCH this.  AWESOME scene.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUPaigOxAi8

38)   Thanks to Lindsey for giving me another reason to have the food flexibility of a 12 year old.  http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/001126.htm

39)   I am halfway through the Bill Walsh article in ESPN Mag.  It is literally incredible.  http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/8865286/former-49ers-head-coach-bill-walsh-first-book-lives-super-bowl-road-map-espn-magazine

40)   The Yanks are “quiet” about A-Rod’s rehab location.  Am I missing something?  Do we even care?

41)   His ERA is a little high at 3.74, but good signing by the Detroit Tigers, signing Max Scherzer to a one year contract for 6.7 million.

42)   I initially started drinking vodka ice tea a year ago because although my drink is bourbon and water, I prefer Jack or Makers, and well vodka is cheaper.  I have actually grown to like it.  Unsweetened, if you decide to make the plunge.  I HATE sweetened ice tea, which also describes my love for the bland bourbon and water.  According to drinking experts, and flow charting my drink preferences, and being I am 40, I am right on pace to be drinking scotch straight up in about 5.5 years.

43)   The Eastern Conference in the NBA is all about one thing.  You can just add this sentence to any prediction you are talking about.  “depending on if Derrick Rose comes back THIS year.”

44)   Even hockey ANNOUNCERS are tough.  John Giannone got clocked by a puck, and then continued to give analysis while bleeding all over his face.  http://www.latimes.com/sports/sportsnow/la-sp-sn-john-giannone-hit-by-puck-20130208,0,1494645.story

45)   What is the future of Ray Lewis?  He says he doesn’t want to coach.  Does that mean TV?  I don’t know, but I am scared to have someone on air continually saying God made him fumble or score a touchdown.

46)   I have said this SO many times before.  I am tired of it.  ESPN News is becoming MTV.  You can’t see a freaking video EVER on MTV, and I turned on ESPN News to get updated last night and found WHAT?  The Santa Clara basketball game.  Live.  It is an UPDATE station,  I still have no idea where ESPN 3 is, but at least give me my 30 minute cycle station.

47)   No one is sure whether this is SUPPOSED to be funny or serious, but it actually has some pretty darn good ideas.  Redneck style.

(The pictures suddenly weren’t showing in my email.  Dave, send me the link, please.)

48)   The Lakers top the Bobcats.  Wow.  The wire is really reaching or the Lakers are that much in trouble.  The BOBCATS?

49)   King Felix is skipping the WBC to iron out things on his contract.  That WBC thing is still going on?  And who WOULDN’T iron out deals on a $135 million-5 year contract?

50)   The Brooklyn Nets are exploring a trade with Kris Humphries and Ben Gordon.  I get that spacing and outside shooting is a problem with the Nets, but you want to lose someone on the interior for another guard?  I would hesitate on this.  Oh, and this must just show you how weak the Heat are inside.  Oh, but Ben is undersized as it is.  Forget it.  This makes no sense.  It must be nice to be in the Eastern Conference.  The Nuggets should move to make this interesting.  Or Indiana should bring back Reggie Miller.

51)   Mavericks Shawn Marion says he won’t show up if traded to a bad team.  He sites being too old to play with a developing team.  We don’t want you to either.  I don’t want young guys trying to imitate your shooting stroke.  It works for you, but that would be like Jim Furyk teaching a teenager his golf swing.  Not good.  I watch both, and am confused how both work.

52)   Paterno’s widow defends Joe in a letter to former players.  I would comment on this, but don’t we all just want to pretend that this story never even happened?

53)   I am watching the Cincy-Pitt bball game.  I think Pittsburgh lost its identity for a couple years.  They are back to the tough nosed, physical team that Jamie Dixon teams are known for.  They will be a very dangerous 6 seed in the tourney.

54)   A HA!!!!!!!!!!  Sure you are friends.  Sure you want to get married to Elin again.  Any way you cut it, El Tigre, sending a jet to pick up Lindsey Vonn is sketchy.  The Perkins waitress is mad you never sent HER a jet.

55)   Lindsey Vonn has angry eyes if you ask me.  She looks a little crazy.  Ski?  Yes.  Date?  No.

56)   Apparently the Ole Miss football coaches were acting when being excited on camera when their players announced their letter of intent.  Why pick on THEM?  It is a SHOW, except for a few players.  EVERYONE is acting.  Come on.

57)   The Saints hired Rob Ryan as their DC this week.  Rob, the 30 days you were out of work was WAY more than the five minutes you promised, but hopefully, you can not allow 7,000 yards of offense against you next season.

58)   John Harbaugh said on Letterman that he hasn’t spoken to his brother since the Super Bowl.  Come on.  You guys probably talked when you thought you lost the Lombardi Trophy that night.  What a cool brotherly prank THAT would have been.

59)   The Alex Collins saga is over.  After mom tore up the paperwork after driving to his high school, the FATHER signs it.  The kid can go to Arkansas next year, and I would HATE to see that domestic situation at home after this.

60)   The Islanders get Tim Thomas in a trade.  I guess being 4-5-1, but still being in the usual last place in the division DOES promote change.  Hey, Tim.  New York is fun.  I like Boston better, but maybe you can incorporate the Statue of Liberty into your goaltending legacy.

61)   The Giants cut Ahmad Bradshaw and Chris Canty.  Not sure why you are cutting a running back with all of the injuries they sustain league wide, but how DARE you cut a UVA grad.  I am officially a hater now.

62)   Thoughts and prayers to Delanie Walker, whose aunt and uncle were killed by a drunken driver.  Sad, sad, sad.  I have spent $50 in logistics on a $20 drinking night just to make sure I didn’t do it.  DON’T do it, people.  Walk, cab, friend it, crash on the sofa.

63)   I hope Appling is not going to have injury problems for the rest of the year.  Things are MUCH more fun when Michigan State wrecks everyone’s bracket as a 4 seed.

64)   I am so confused which is funnier.  Tosh.0 or Soup.  This is like an unmade episode of Star Wars, where Luke and Yoda look the same and are just as powerful.

65)   Speaking of Tosh, I think people should plan this night on the same night they decide to cut their hair at their crib, as I am assuming it would be a major cleanup in both cases.  http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/eating-corn-on-the-cob-in-10-seconds/1jrky1o9e?q=Daniel+Tosh&cpkey=19ec8c2e-ca72-41d9-a940-6e4a78ec88dd%257cDaniel%2BTosh%257c%257c%257c

66)   So, you are telling me that the ex-LA cop that killed the Fullerton head basketball coach has killed 4 MORE people?  What is WRONG with people?

67)   And am I hearing he has an RPG?  That is hear-say.  I haven’t researched that.  A friend mentioned it.  This rant is not ALL fact, or based on anything.

68)   I chuckle every time I see a Warm Bodies commercial.  Not as hard as when I hear “tape a cheetah to her back,” but I DO chuckle.

69)   I played Defender last night.  I am pretty much convinced that Defender could be the TOUGHEST 80’s game to reclaim your expertise in.  I am also behind the 8-ball, as that game my brother used to kick my ass at.  I had Frogger and Combat (I could fly the plane totally within the cloud).

70)   Hey, Chris and Mark.  I drove by my favorite place on earth today and noticed the new sign.  CLASSY.  I still don’t think you have a website, but if anyone is local, check it out.  The best two bar owners you could ever ask for.  They are funny too.  One is comical. The other is grumpy funny.  The Olde Towne Tavern in Littleton, CO.  2310 Main Street.  The new sign might inspire me and Lindsey to make a trip down to my old stomping ground very soon.  Much love.

71)   Michigan went into Wisconsin never beating them at Wisconsin in this century.  Thanks to a regulation half courter, and then a last second shot, that trend continues.  Bo Ryan even raised his hands at one point in jubilation.  That is funny because Bo NEVER show emotion.  Nice win, Wisconsin.  Can we at least RANK them next week, voters?

72)   I went to do my taxes early today because I am lazy and won’t do it myself (and ALWAYS want a professional to do it since there is NO way I am ever going to prison on tax evasion).  I drove to Littleton.  I had an EZ form and ONE other form.  It was supposed to be free if it was EZ.  Because the guy had to type in ONE number, not only was it not free, not only did I only get $16 back, but I was charged $150 plus for the visit.  You suck, H&R Block.  You are lucky I am scared of prison.

73)   Valentine’s Day is coming up.  Although I am poor and although Lindsey said she bought me 10 gifts, I am confident that my two gifts will match hers.  Thoughtful, touching, and creative.

74)   For those of you who have noticed me saying “Boom goes the dynamite” a LOT lately, here is the clip that I am bringing back among my small circle of friends.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W45DRy7M1no

75)   My Jeep stalls, but it never stalls in front of anyone else.  I took it to another guy today.  It ran perfectly.  Damn you, Eleanor.  I love you, but can you stall ONE time in front of someone else?

76)   That is it.  76 hooks.  That is enough until Monday I would think.  Thanks to all of you who made it to the end.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

77)   Just a tagline.  I am off tomorrow.  Talk to you on Monday.

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