What about a channel, brook, or LAGOON?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock big time.  Busy day.  Day rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       I didn’t even know there was a front office job in hockey called “Defensive Development Consultant,” but the Avs now have a new one in Adam Foote.  Continuing their reunion of the squad from the last time they actually were any good, they hired yet another former player from it.  Paging Claude Lemieux.

2)      I did NOT know two of my Rant Squad members were making a show together.  I just read that in an article where you can tell the Lakers were sad Ron Artest did NOT opt out of his $7.7 million contract for next year.  Owens and Artest?  Paging streams from Ghostbusters.

3)      Too quiet.  Whose turn is it?  Serena or Maria?  Keep up, ladies.  Paging a cat fight.

4)      I noticed one of our departments has Wimbledon on our internal communication digital screens.  Where is the love in this corner?  THREE of the four people over here care about tennis.

5)      Copy and paste.  “Serena rolls.”  The slow clay was actually a MIDDLEGROUND for others playing Serena.  Good LUCK on this fast grass.

6)      If anyone cares, I was $.69 off my travel request total on my actual total to St. Louis.  That is locked ON.

7)      Nyjah Huston is injured and will miss the rest of the X Games.  Why am I reporting this?  Because I just spent the other night about 15 minutes reading this whole article about his background and how he is a rising star.  Basically, the only guy I know is now done.

8)      The Nuggets hire Brian Shaw.  You really couldn’t go wrong on their three contestants.  You turn down a guy who jotted down everything Pop said for years and someone who got their team to the conference finals and got FIRED, and you get a guy who jotted down everything the Zenmaster said for years.

9)      You might be a star and have lots of money, but you made this car UGLY, Justin Bieber.


10)   Two days until the NBA draft.  Yay.

11)   Someone somewhere in Boston got up to go get some more snacks at the end of the game before the Cup ceremony to come back into the TV room VERY surprised.  SEVENTEEN seconds, which slices more than a 2/3 off the old record of a game tying and game winning goal to win the Cup.  That was sick.  Boston is having a bad year.

12)   Going to see Blues Brothers at Red Rocks tonight.  Looking at a blank screen or stage is still cool at beautiful Red Rocks, and haven’t seen the flick in a while after being saturated with it through college.  Should be a great time even for a school night when my witching hour is typically like 9pm.  I will still be first to work.

13)   The Rays winning streak finally ended, and it took 3 straight homers to do so.  That kid, Wil Myers, was in that group in the same week he kicked OFF his career with a grand slam.

14)   I love how before the hockey game, Bergeron’s injury was a “body injury.”  LOVE hockey’s vagueness.  If Ron Artest played hockey, I am pretty sure the other players would know it was a “head injury.”

15)   The Heat evidently want Ray Allen back.  I think he has lost a step or two at least, is fighting father time without a doubt, and should think HOW he could ride off into the sunset any better than hitting the defining shot in the NBA Finals?

16)   In what they are searching by Aaron Hernandez’s house, I have seen pond, stream, and lake.  Must be a very ambiguous body of water.  When they find the murder weapon, I want photos of this confusing H20.

17)   Antoine Walker tweeted SEVERAL times that he wanted to be Boston’s head coach.  It is JUST a coach, Antoine.  It is not a PLAYER coach, where you can play yourself all the time and keep gunning random shots from all areas on the court at all times.

18)   Sad that the series is over, but the handshake ceremony in the Stanley Cup is still one of the coolest traditions ever in sports.

19)   I just caught that Nik Wallenda crazy crossing the Grand Canyon stunt.  That is nuts.  I love a rush.  I draw the line before doing what he did.  And boom goes the dynamite.

20)   Sad that a Bama fan who attended 781 STRAIGHT home and away Tide games died this week.  Did he have a job?  Family wealth?  I will be happy to go to every Steelers game for the rest of my life, but not sure who is paying me to do that.

21)   That is it.  Gotta go.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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