Well, you know, I’ve been lying about my income for a few years; I figured I could afford a fake house in the Hamptons.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Just glad to be back at it, although this will still be a speed version until I am back into routine.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Not only did this year’s Boston Red Sox have the same kind of personality as that 2004 team, but AMAZING that old man David Ortiz took home the MVP with a stellar .688 average.  I admit it.  I thought the Cards were the better team.  The Red Sox did what they did back then and simply found a way.

2)      Congrats to Snowball for snagging 26 rebounds last night in his Houston debut.  If I see a TV screen with his face and a microphone next to it, I am muting the TV.  The thing is that Houston likes to hoist LOTS of shots, so there WILL be lots of rebounds to corral.  He is still beyond irritating though.

3)      I might be missing the boat still, but I am not only tired of this whole Redskins name debate, but quite confused about how it is suddenly spiking NOW.

4)      Dolphins OT Jonathan Martin left the team after a PRANK.  Must have been one hell of a prank.  I didn’t leave my fraternity while getting embarrassed every other day as a pledge.

5)      If you are looking for a hook on a particular subject, you might not find it.  Got to skip a lot to get back on track.

6)      I still lose my shit when new coworker next to me gets a phone call. Journey’s Separate Ways.  Nice.

7)      The Sixers beat the Heat last night and Michael Carter Williams had a VERY nice debut…almost getting a triple double.  Well, if there was one kid who has the prototype athletic build for a PG in the Association, it would be him.  He looks like he is 12 years old, but 6’6” will get you a lot of places.

8)      Interesting side note is that the Sixers now only need to win 16 more games to beat the 16.5 Vegas win prediction.

9)      I am just calling my new shower at home “home” for now, but I will think of a better name.  It has a full on seat in it, great water pressure, and our water bill is going to be VERY high each month.

10)   It has been enough days that I won’t comment on the Steeler game.  It was painful to watch.  Debt will be posted in the next week or so in my loss to my VP.  I will have to wear a Raiders jersey and post it in this blog and our CEO’s blog.  Good times.  I am picking Janikowski if given the option since he is old school Rant Squad.

11)   The Square Grouper has been open only since this past May in Aspen, and is now officially my favorite little place in the town.

12)   Leaving Aspen is very, very hard.

13)   Since Miguel Cabrera is actually going to have groin surgery, I guess the story was indeed real that he played the last series seriously hurt.  Unless this is the MLB version of George lying to Susan’s parents in Seinfeld about having a house in the Hamptons, and then driving them up to his not existing house hoping they wouldn’t call his bluff.

14)   The Knicks owner expects a title this year.  I know this guy is rich, but has he truly sat down and read the list of misfits he has on his team?

15)   Welcome back, NBA season.  Glad to have you again.

16)   Rolando McClain explained this week why he left the NFL.  He was angry.  I personally was sad because he was made to be a Rant Squad HOF’er.  He would have been money.

17)   Oklahoma has a defensive stud named Eric Striker.  Eric is so boring.  Too bad he wasn’t named Hans, Alonso, or Vladimir.

18)   In case someone questions Megatron not being the best receiver on the planet, I would say that 329 yards pretty much covers that doubt.

19)   Myself and every other NBA fan would love to see one freaking year where Danny Granger stays healthy.  He already is out with a calf injury.  Dude was a stud and All Star and is having Tracy McGrady kind of luck suddenly over the last couple years.  Paul George thanks him though.

20)   Speaking of people with bad luck, Seahawks Sidney Rice is out for the year.

21)   Bacon.  I don’t need to add anything on this picture.



22)   That Clay Matthews commercial is just downright weird.

23)   I had deviled eggs potato salad the other day.  Not sure why I haven’t tried that combo up to this point in life.

24)   We all aren’t sure the direction the Mavericks are going with an aging Dirk, but since their new GM already left after 3 months, I guess they don’t know either.

25)   In poker game in Aspen, I hereby admit that although I don’t claim I achieve my sober poker skills after a few pops, I DID get taken down fair and square by Lindsey’s mom.

26)   That is it.  Glad to be back.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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