Well if you’re thinking of getting a place there don’t bother. There’s really nothing available.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Quick work break/ sanity check.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       The NHL is officially back.  I noticed a couple teams had instances of back to back home games on consecutive days.  This is a pretty physical sport to compress a schedule.  They don’t have to announce specific injuries in hockey, and there are going to be a lot of injuries to hide.

2)      Hawaii 5.0 will allow viewers to “choose their own ending.  Yeah.  I am sure THAT voting won’t be rigged.

3)      Brian Kelly has announced he will stay at Notre Dame.  He shouldn’t have been even looking.  I still would be hesitant if I was an incoming recruit.  It is like going out with someone with wandering eyes.

4)      Broncos Trindon Holliday was the first NFL player with both a punt return and kickoff return for a touchdown in a postseason game.  And the Broncos STILL found a way to lose that game.

5)      That commercial with the guy dreaming about Serena and Venus Williams playing Ping Pong against him is just downright WEIRD.

6)      Anyone else notice the ref roll the ball when doing a 1st down measurement during the Broncos game?  The system is traditional, but logistically flawed enough anyway.  Rolling the ball kind of takes away from any “exactness.”

7)      As much as I make fun of his narrative monopoly, he IS good.  I sat there watching African Cats last night and was wishing Morgan was the one talking.

8)      Illinois got SMOKED by Wisconsin in basketball.  Not only is it really hard to get beat by a large margin by the slow paced Badger basketball team, but the demise of Illinois is now full on.  I think they are still a year or two away.

9)      Bill Cowher has said that coaching is not in his plans at this point.  That is not exactly resounding.  Him and Phil Jackson must be masters of not quite convincing people they are done.  Phil said he had “no intention” of returning.

10)  UCONN beat #17 Notre Dame over the weekend.  Kevin Ollie might be in line for coach of the year if he keeps this up.  It can’t be easy motivating kids who have no March Madness in their future.

11)  I still like the AT&T commercials.  I chuckle every time.  Even though I am a cheetah fan, I like the doing two things at once one.  Lindsey is the one who likes the “tape a cheetah to her back” one.

12)  I thought it was a dive.  It ended up being more of a Vegas like place.  If you haven’t been to the Punch Bowl in Denver on Broadway, you are missing out.  Bowling alleys, ping pong, foosball, dance floor, shuffleboard (both bar and real version), etc.  The place is HUGE.

13)  UVA basketball is downright PAINFUL to watch.  Over the last 15 years, we seem to always have ONE player who is really good.  They get in foul trouble or get a rest…and the others look absolutely lost.  It is Joe Harris these days.  I remember when it was Sean Singletary.  There is NO offense on the floor when they aren’t out there.  Ugghhh.

14)  Joe Flacco made a couple dumb time management mistakes…and STILL got away with it.

15)  On Friday, this town was saying “Peyton might take us to the promised land in his first year with us!!”  Today, the mood is more like “he will be 37 next year???”

16)  Rahim Moore must be the loneliest guy today.  I don’t get it.  In a situation like that, I have seen safeties literally camp out near the end zone rather than chance THAT happening.

17)  It might have been fun to be AT that ridiculously long football game, but I was quite happy in single digit weather on my couch in my warm apartment.

18)  Champ Bailey should retire or move to safety…pronto.  Just like in Independence Day when they figured out how to kill the aliens, suddenly it is common knowledge to throw AT him as opposed to AWAY from him.

19)  Who was that REF in the Broncos game?  He was lost.  First the mic didn’t work, then he admitted to us on the mic that he gets “pages.”  Then, at the end of regulation, he approaches the captains for the coin toss and says randomly “Excellent job so far.”  Hey, thanks, Mr. Ref.  Now hurry up and toss this thing.

20)  The new Corvette looks fancy.  It looks like the “I like the OLD school one” guy is finally getting heard at Chevy.

21)  I like the commercial that has the “I’m only human” song.  Classic 80’s song, and funny stuff going on during the commercial.

22)  Lindsey and I were eating at a bar when a fight almost broke out next to us.  The only thing funnier than an almost fight is listening to the guy tell the story after one of them is told to leave.

23)  I am glad I am a retired bettor. I would have lost my shirt on the Packers-Niners game.  I would have taken the Packers in a heartbeat.

24)  Next week’s NFL games will be fun.  Something tells me that one will be solid, and the other might be a runaway.  If Baltimore was playing at their crib, I would give them a shot, but they are not.  The Niners-Falcons game I believe will come down the very last play.

25)  Yes, Michigan lost.  Yes, I still think Michigan is a solid Final Four team.  I actually think with the youth they have on that squad, that this loss will be really, really good for them.  It is not like Ohio State is a bunch of chumps either.

26)  P Brian Wilson works out with the Mets.  I don’t know if that is such a good idea.  Forget the baseball analysis on this topic.  I am worried about unleashing THAT crazy man in a city that has all of the trouble available that you could want.

27)  Hold the phone.  The Flyers just made a trade FOR Brian Boucher???  Can we just pick an opinion and STICK with it?  This is his third time In Philly.  You know you are hurting at the goalie position over the years when you are this indecisive over a player that is not exactly a savior.

28)  Good job, Tim Tebow’s brother.  Your tweet not only makes you unwanted in Denver, but REALLY makes it look like you are lonely for attention.  Notice I am not writing your name, bro.  You are just “Tim Tebow’s brother” to me.

29)  FINALLY, a game I have played with myself for years finally was won.  For years, if Italy comes up in casual conversation, I make a joke about getting a house in Tuscany.  Usually, people are confused, I explain it is Seinfeld, and then awkwardness occurs.  Well, dibs to Sal, who is a friend of Lindsey.  He was talking about how his family was from Sicily.  I asked him if they might help me find a house in Tuscany.  Without missing a beat, he replied that there was nothing available and that I shouldn’t look for one.  After continuing the scene relatively, we gave each other a pound.  FINALLY, someone got it and was automatically always in a Seinfeld frame of mind.


30)  That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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