Welcome. Do you know R2D2, or maybe the chick one from Rocky IV?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version, with no chance of the length of Wednesday’s evening rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       I am confused that Ravens S Ed Reed would already announce he is coming back next season.  Leaving on a high note like George Costanza is one of the toughest things in sports.  Why wouldn’t you wait another two weeks and announce AFTER you know whether you have that luxury?  Dude.  You and Ray could go out together.  It would be classic.  You could ride through Baltimore the next day on horses late in the afternoon.


2)      I have written on my blog list “Miami-Duke” fallout.  There probably WOULD have been more fallout, but everyone probably looked at Duke’s schedule, looked at NC State’s Wake Forest loss, and decided to hold off on judgement.

3)      Why the hell is Word spell checking “judgement” as a wrong spelling?  (I just looked-evidently you can spell it with or without an “e”)

4)      The Jets might shop Revis.  Why not?  First of all, he is pretty much your ONLY good player on the whole team.  You might as well get some stuff for him.  Second of all, maybe they are looking at someone who plays above average offense as a trade.  Third, you have to keep your dysfunctional nature up to snuff every day now since you set the bar pretty damn high DURING the season.

5)      Sloane Stephens loses to Azarenka to end the Cinderella story in the Aussie Open.  We will see you very soon, kid, I am SURE.  Keep it up.  The men’s tennis side has nothing coming for the U.S., so it is good to see the women have a little hope.

6)      Thanks for the sore ankle tweets, Serena.  It would have been more noble for us to just “hear” about it and respect you for not saying that you were injured in your loss.

7)      Stephen Curry had 31 with a signature win over OKC.  This is kind of like a “we can TOO beat the big boys” win.

8)      Atlanta 2, Rest of league 0.  That would be the number of Upton brothers now that the trade has been completed for Justin.  It must be SUPER cool to grow up with a dream, and end up playing in the SAME outfield with your own brother, who was dreaming the same thing.

9)      As strong as the Big Ten is this year, do you realize that this conference has exactly ONE title in the last 23 years?  One.  That will end this year with Michigan taking it.  Michigan State with Mateen Cleaves was the last one.

10)   Nice triple double the other night, LeBron.  Some of the glimmer is taken away when I found out it was Toronto and it was in OT, but still…a triple double is ALWAYS fancy.

11)   Peyton Manning hopes players PLAY at this year’s Pro Bowl.  That is nice and all, but do you expect them to try THAT much harder than last year’s pushing debacle with all of this concussion stuff at the forefront?

12)   I hear Sammy Sosa wants to be the Dominican President.  He must think there are PED’s for common sense and smarts.

13)   Someone in Los Angeles is having graffiti fun with Lance Armstrong.  Thanks to one of my favorite guys and colleagues, Bob, for passing this along.

14)   Te’o’s fake girlfriend had a man’s voice.  What is that?  What do you mean?  That IS the joke.  Read it aloud.  You will chuckle.

15)   I would like to thank Sloane Stephens and Maria Sharapova for losing in the Aussie semifinals.  Not that Li Na and Azarenka aren’t solid players (which they are), but of the four remaining ladies, it would have taken Stephens or Sharapova to be playing for me to jack up my sleep schedule at like 2am Mountain to watch it over the weekend.  Not going to happen. You are welcome, Lindsey.

16)   Les Miles will get a raise for coming close a lot.  The Mad Hatter is like the Isiah Thomas of college football.  He snuck in a championship before Jordan started taking over everything.  Saban would be Jordan in this simile.  Maybe Saban will take two years off of coaching football and go try baseball.

17)   Congrats to Tim Duncan for making the NBA All Star reserves.  How Dwight Howard got voted as a starter over him this year is beyond me.  Remember it is not PF and C in voting.  It is “frontcourt players.”  By the way, thank you to the Man above for excluding JR Smith, and please send an explanation how Stephen Curry didn’t make it.

18)   I am the biggest Tiger fan I know, and I even laughed at everyone going crazy with him shooting a 68 in his opening round.  He was not even winning the tournament.  That being said, I AM going crazy after his mild 7 under today.  Two rounds of an entire year is PLENTY of time for me to say THIS is the year he comes back and rules.  Boom goes the dynamite.

19)   Sorry.  I got a little excited there.  It IS true that I now have hope for this year though with Tiger.

20)   The Rams hire Rob Ryan as their coordinator.  95% football coordinator brains, with about 5% of unpredictable Ryan blood in the mix.

21)   Cam Cameron says that his midseason firing was brilliant, that it made players and coaches look in the mirror, and that he harbors no ill will towards the club.  THAT sounds like a classy guy who wants a good job next year.

22)   I am not personally a Tom Brady hater.  That being said, if YOU are one, here is another reason to dislike him.  A useless, not practical moat.

23)   I watched a little of the UCLA-Arizona game last night.  I was SO lucky to get my favorite announcer of all time.  Well, as you know Hubie Brown is my favorite.  Bill Walton is also my favorite because he is SO painful to listen to, it is funny.  It is kind of like watching a CSI: Miami episode.

24)   I would like to welcome the international robots now hitting my blog regularly.  If international people aren’t yet reading it, maybe the robots will pass the link along.  Join in, boys.  We can go watch the Return of the Dragon and Star Wars together.

25)   Andy Murray beat Roger Federer in five sets to advance to the finals in the Aussie Open.  If you don’t think him winning a Slam last year changed him forever, you would be wrong.  He has been to the promised land, and now is just one of the boys.  You won’t be pushing him around anytime in the next couple years.

26)   I don’t follow racing much, but didn’t Danica just get divorced?  She is already back at it, dating some race car guy I don’t really know named Ricky Stenhouse.

27)   That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  PEACE.

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